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Damon Delcoro


May 6, 2014


Types of Camera Security Systems

security system installation services in Lake WorthSo, you’re looking for a new security system and the cameras have caught your eye. Cameras are a very popular security tool because of their ease of use, affordability and reliability. When you are looking for affordable security system installation services in Lake Worth, choosing camera installations is a good option.

If you are a little overwhelmed about the type of camera options, don’t worry, you aren’t alone! There are a lot of options available for residential and businesses. Here are a few camera options to help you narrow down you choices:

Analog Cameras: Analog cameras use sensors to digitize images. The images are then converted back to analog so the images can be transmitted. These type of cameras do not include IP functions. This is good news for tech newbies who aren’t familiar or comfortable with handling cameras that transmit data over the internet. These are fairly basic cameras but offer sufficient protection for smaller businesses and homeowners who want to keep tabs on their property.

IP Cameras:  
IP Cameras allow for images to be transmitted via the internet. The data from IP cameras can be stored online or on a hard drive of a computer. These cameras provide more options from managing and viewing your security from a separate location, including your cell phone or tablet. Images and data can be sent and received by IP cameras. These cameras do require more maintenance than analog. You should consider professional security system installation services in Lake Worth, Florida when you chose an IP camera to ensure your camera is set up properly.

Infrared Cameras: Infrared cameras detect heat signatures and convert them to images. Infrared cameras can also detect room temperatures and alert security to significant changes correlating with a person’s presence. These types of cameras are a great tool for monitoring property at night or when there is little light. Because the camera can see in the dark, they offer a reliable addition to your regular monitoring products. At TechPro we offer the best Palm Beach County security system installation services, including the installation of infrared cameras.

Covert Cameras: 
Sometimes you want to keep your security monitoring on the sly. If you want to record activity without showing off, you should consider purchasing a covert camera. Covert cameras are easily disguised to blend into surroundings so that those you are monitoring won’t even know they are being filmed. You can purchase small cameras that actually fit on your license plate. If you need assistance with covert security system installation services in Palm Beach County, Florida call TechPro first. We can help you ensure your covert security stays a secret.

PTZ Cameras: A pan-tilt-zoom camera is a high-grade camera that allows the user or an automated program to change camera directions. This feature makes it possible to monitor more of your property with less camera. You may see these type of cameras in museums or other locations that need a large area covered. This type of camera can record a full-view shot with high quality images. These are perfect for businesses or large estate properties. You can get help with security system installation services in Lake Worth, Florida by contacting our technicians to schedule an appointment. Our techs are around to answer any questions you have about your security system.

Lake Worth security system installation servicesVandal Resistant Cameras:  If you are tired of spending money on new cameras, only to have them destroyed the next time your neighborhood hooligan comes to visit, you should consider investing in a vandal resistant camera. These cameras are made from stronger material to resist breaking, cracking or denting from vandals. The dome cameras are a little harder to reach and much more difficult for vandals to remove. These discreet cameras can blend in with your building to help discourage damage as well. Making sure you have the best Lake Worth security system installation services will guarantee that your product is installed properly and that it’s safe from the reach of baseball bats and tempers.

Once you have decided which camera system is best for your security needs, you will need Palm Beach County security system installation services to make sure your security system is installed correctly. We want you to feel safe. You can feel safe and secure knowing that we have you covered with our professional installation technicians. For more information, contact a customer service representative.
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