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Security Access Control Systems


Damon Delcoro


January 19, 2018


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Security Access Control Systems | Introduction

Security Access Control Systems

The desire to let people to and from secure locations without a key is common among most businesses. Since employing a traditional security agency can be costly, electronic access control has grown in popularity. It even applies to private residences. That is why there has been a sharp increase in utilizing security access control systems throughout the country. These systems are used for a variety of reasons in numerous types of locations. Continue reading to find out some of the benefits of incorporating an access control system into your security setup. Visit our website to find out more about who we are by clicking the link provided here: TechPro Security.

Security Access Control Systems | A Brief History

The practice of access control has been in use for centuries. Any type of gate that limited access to and from a specific place incorporated this practice into their security plan. That means everything from castles to the Great Wall of China embraced this idea. However, the main difference between access control then and access control now is modern systems utilize electronic access control setups.

Electronic access control allows users to gain access to and from a secure facility or location with a physical item, a password, biometrics, or through remote monitoring. These systems are often used in addition to an alarm system setup, supplementing modern security features used to protect properties. Alarm systems, in general, have seen a vast number of improvements in key features. They are more intuitive than ever, and both systems are capable of sending unique alerts to whoever is in control of the system.

Security Access Control Systems | Operating Options

To access the locations protected by security access control systems, there are a few different options to choose from. Each option is better suited for specific conditions and there are a few things to consider before choosing which option is best for you. Below you can read about the three different options to choose from, along with some information about what types of situations this option was designed for.

Personal User Information:

The first option relies on the user to input personal information to gain access to the secured location. This authentication method relies on the person inputting specific information shared with him. Some user information examples include PIN numbers, passwords, passphrases, etc. The personal user information authentication method is most popular in large locations that have frequent visitors coming and going. Something like a gated community or apartment complex has visitors constantly coming and going. With personal user information, the owner can share a code for a delivery service to open up the gates or entrance door. Or, in a work environment, a 4 digit PIN can be put on the outside of a door so only employees that know the code can gain access to the building.

One of the reasons this method is popular is because the user information that has been shared can be changed fairly easily, making it less of a concern once handed out. Many buildings change the passwords or PIN numbers monthly to eliminate anyone attempting to abuse the trust given to them once the information was shared. It is also helpful if a business decides to no longer allow access to a building after letting an employee go.

Physical Devices

Security Access Control Systems

The second authentication method uses physical devices to allow access to and from secure locations. Examples of these physical devices would be electronic access cards and key fobs. The physical object goes over a specific part of the system, allowing the door to be unlocked or the gate to open.

Using physical objects is often more ideal for locations that need a higher level of security. Though passcodes can easily be passed out or even seen and overheard, physical objects are less likely to be duplicated or copied. The physical objects can also be modified to open every area, or only certain doors, making them useful for large facilities to prevent every employee from entering the network room, for example.

Biometric Information

Using biometric information to allow access to places protected with security access control systems is the most secure authentication method. These rely on something that is nearly impossible to duplicate. Examples of biometric information include fingerprints, facial recognition, and retinal scans. These are more popular in extremely secure buildings, such as a government facility in need of maximum security protection.

Security Access Control Systems | Alarm Systems

Security Access Control Systems

Modern alarm systems are more advanced than ever. The features for these setups has grown exponentially over the past decade and is capable of things once only seen in futuristic films. In addition to adding security access control systems, some of the features you can incorporate into your modern alarm system include:

  • Entry Sensors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Panic Buttons
  • Remote Control
  • Mobile Access
  • Missing Object Detection

All of these are possible options that any competent alarm system installation company will know about. Simple store-bought systems are often faulty and impossible to hardwire yourself. This is important because wireless alarm systems are much less secure overall. Be sure to reach out to such an alarm installation company if you are ready to install or upgrade your current security alarm system.

Security Access Control Systems | About Us

TechPro Security is a professional installation company that specializes in installing surveillance and alarm systems. We are known for our expert advice in developing a well thought out plan to fully realize the type of surveillance, alarm, and security access control systems you desire.

We also partner with other major companies in the security industry. All of our products are back by USA Support Team for the entire lifespan of the product. USA Support Team provides 100% American-based tech support for anyone having issues operating their surveillance, alarm, and security access control systems. And Digital Security Guard is a security agency that provides a video monitoring service for around the clock protection.

CONTACT US if you have any questions or if you would like a free estimate on setting up or upgrading your surveillance, alarm, or security access control systems.

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Security Access Control Systems