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Access Control and Security


Damon Delcoro


February 1, 2018



Access Control and Security

Thinking about how access control and security systems can benefit you? There really are countless answers to that question. That is true no matter what sort of building you are in or trying to secure. From theft prevention to limiting access to and from buildings on your property, both residential and commercial locations utilize access control and security systems. Continue reading to find out a few of the different ways private house owners and businesses alike benefit from these modern surveillance methods. You can also find out more about who we are and what we are all about by visiting our website. Visit our website yourself by following the link provided here: TechPro Security.  

Access Control and Security | Controlling Access To Your Property

The use of access control systems for security purposes has been around for centuries. By its definition alone, anyone using a guarded gate in history was using an access control security system. Obviously, the access control equipment we utilize in the modern era of our high-tech society has greatly improved since then. Let’s take a look at some of the ways people utilize access control for their private residence or business property:

  1. Limiting Access To Properties
    • This is used in most areas where there is a high likelihood of numerous visitors coming to or leaving properties. Some examples of this would be a gated complex or gated communities. Most gated complexes or gated communities now have a system at their entry and exit gates for residents and visitors. You can usually see a card reader or keypad at these entrances. This is obviously a cost-effective solution that has reduced the need for physical security teams to open these gates. By inputting a simple code or scanning a physical object, like a card, the gates open.
  2. Limiting Access to BuildingsAccess Control and Security
    • For anyone more concerned with limiting access to just a stand-alone building, access control is also very useful. Many apartment buildings or corporate offices now have key cards or fobs that you can scan that temporarily unlocks a door. Used along with an alarm system, this a useful option for buildings with many employees coming and going during specific hours of the day. Once the day is over, set the alarm and no one can enter until the alarm has been turned off the next day.
  3. Limiting Access to Rooms
    • Some buildings only need to limit access to highly protected rooms. Have one office or a network room that needs protection from most people in a building? Access control can help you secure that door with physical objects (cards, fobs), passwords (PIN, code), or even biometric information (fingerprints, retinal scan). Even residences can benefit from adding one of these options to their office door or bedroom if they have employees within the home throughout the day.

Access Control and Security | Benefits of Alarm Systems

Alarm systems for private residences and businesses are almost a necessity in today’s society, unfortunately. Fortunately, these systems are now more capable than ever and come at a lower price than previously available. With the help of a professional installation company that specializes in security and alarm systems, you can really get the most from this modern technology.

So What are some of the benefits that come with alarm systems and why should I seek out a professional installation team? Let’s take a look.

  1. Theft Prevention
    • It has been proven that something as simple as a sign can deter criminals. Unfortunately, this doesn’t usually deter seasoned thieves. But an active alarm system can notify you at the slightest sign of an attempted break-in. In fact, when working along with a quality surveillance system, most newer alarms are able to notify you even if someone comes onto your property at all. It can even send you alerts to your email, through text, or a phone call.
  2. Fire Warning
    • Most alarm systems now can work with smoke alarms and immediately notify your local fire department the moment smoke is detected. This could be the difference in saving inventory, precious items, your building, and lives. Moreover, there is usually very little, if any, additional costs to have this service added to newer alarm system setups.
  3. Installation Team Benefits
    • With a professional installation team, property owners can really get the most of their alarm systems. Such features as motion detection, entry sensors, and cellular monitoring can easily be installed. An installation team can also help set up your very own remote access to monitor your property or receive regular updates on what is going on at the location if you are absent. Lastly, they provide a quality technical support should you have any issues with your current surveillance or alarm system and can be reached to help amend or explain how to resolve any issues you have.

Access Control and Security | About Our Partners & Us

Access Control and Security

TechPro Security teams up with other leaders in the security industry to provide you with the best products and support available. Security Camera King is a distributor of high-quality wholesale security cameras and other associated surveillance equipment. USA Support Team is a completely US-based team that offers technical support for anyone that needs help with their equipment. Digital Security Guard is a monitoring service that watches over your property remotely and even has a 24/7 remote video monitoring option.

Tech Pro Security is a professional installation team that specializes in alarm systems and surveillance setups. We help our clients choose the best camera placement for their security cameras and help develop a system with all the features desired for your complete protection. Our goal is to make you feel safe and secure, whether you are at your home or protecting your business or other property. We are located in Boca Raton, FL and serve the entire South Florida community. For more information or to receive a free quote regarding our installation services please CONTACT US.

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Access Control and Security