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CCTV for HOA Security


Joe Shopsin


June 6, 2022


CCTV for HOA Security

CCTV for HOA Security

Techpro Security Products can provide your Neighborhood Crime watch Program with CCTV for HOA Community Security.

HOAs or, homeowners associations are utilizing on-site security solutions today more than ever. These systems are more affordable than ever and can provide your community with the full range of protection it needs. Neighborhood crimes such as vandalism, theft, or burglary can be prevented with a state-of-the-art security system installed and provided by TechPro. We provide hybrid security solutions utilizing the best in CCTV and security technologies. Our goal is to help you and your fellow neighbors feel safer and more secure than ever.

On-site security personnel is critical, but giving them the tools they need to keep your HOA and Community secure is also critical. Part of this toolset is varied, and customizable access levels to the surveillance and CCTV equipment we can install and program at the location. While they cannot be in more than one place at a time, with access to multiple cameras they can still keep a watchful, protective eye on the entire property.

Take a look at some of the incredible and powerful feature sets offered by our high tech cameras and recorders:

-License Plate Recognition
-Facial Recognition
-Virtual Guard for Gate Operations
-Emergency Generator Backup for Security Cameras and Access Control
-Radar Speed Cameras
-Thermal Cameras
-PTZ Cameras
-Smart Analytics
-Infrared Beams
-Live Video Monitoring via Licensed Security Guards
Of course, it’s important that any HOA board members who wish to have access to the hardware can also do so. Using our incredible remote viewing applications from both your computer and smartphone our system can be accessed anywhere in the world, at any time.
We understand that cost is always a factor in making these types of important choices. The overall cost of CCTV equipment and installation has drastically come down to more affordable levels in the last several years. This is because the technology and features which would make a successful system installation viable are mostly standardized now.  Now is an excellent time to consider CCTV for HOA Security installed by TechPro Security Products at your neighborhood.
If you’re looking for something more advanced, we also install cameras with Pan Tilt Zoom capability, as well as Smart analytics and we even offer live video monitoring services as well. Techpro offers an incredible array of Security products and services. We do an assessment, quote, and installation, and as an Avigilon Camera partner, we now carry the most advanced security cameras and security camera recorders available on the market today.
When looking for a Security Installer, don’t trust just anyone- let the Pros handle it! Techpro Security Products, now a proud partner of Aviligon Cameras- made in North America!

Call Techpro Security Products, an Avigilon Partner, today for more info, and to set up an appointment: 561.990.4168
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