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Cloud Backup Services


Joe Shopsin


November 27, 2022


Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup Services

TechPro Security is South Florida’s #1 Security hardware installer; We now Offer IT services, including Cloud Backup.

Security is our field, and physical security is important. That means protecting your location with CCTV cameras, as well as alarm systems and access control. But what about your digital data, all the important and critical or sensitive information your company keeps and uses? Security mattes there too, and Techpro’s Cloud Backup Services as part of our IT services can greatly assist in maintaining the quality, integrity, and of course the security of your Organization’s data.

The Cloud is a generic term for any system of data management, transfer, storage and handling that is accessible by specific  client software’s and devices non locally. That means that the data can be accessed by utilizing the internet by  the devices with the proper network information and credentials. Cloud backup and access allows for both redundancy, and conveniences of access while providing security from those without authorization.

The data of your company is important and TechPro can help you ensure its long-term integrity. This means backing up your data to a reputable and monitored source you have frequent access to. We can do this for you via NAS, network attached storage, and SAN-a storage area network. These are two of the most efficient ways to backup your data.

In cases where you need a regular backup but not necessarily one that must be regularly written to a NAS system, SAN systems are a better choice. Organizations that require continuous access to a global shared storage network for multiple users to regularly read and write to as well as backup should consider SAN systems. You can also schedule your backups to work within your schedule as often as you want!

With TechPro, you can always be sure of data security. In addition to NAS and SAN options, we also offer cloud backup solutions. Cloud backup allows you to consistently back up your organization’s critical data to a non-local server which houses the information. This process occurs over the internet. We can access this cloud server on any authorized device via the internet, which makes it possible to use it remotely. It is not possible to lose data if the organization changes the network. If organization needs remote access to the cloud, anyone on the local network can use it. The TechPro system never fails again!

If you’re looking to get your home or business fully protected, don’t try it alone, -let the Pros handle it!

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