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How To Find The Best Places For A Concealed Security Camera


Damon Delcoro


December 28, 2012


concealed cameraNot only will a security camera act as a deterrent, but they will also provide you with a solution to the crime that occurred. Criminals are less likely to cause a large amount of damage or break into your home if you have a security camera around your property. In the event a burglary occurs, you will have a better chance of catching the perpetrator with all of your protective measures in place. Placing your security cameras into the proper positions will help to increase the level of effectiveness you have in your system.

Year after year, security cameras are gaining in popularity. As the level of crime rises, people feel they need to increase the security inside of their home to help protect their property and families. Many of those who implore the use of a security camera will use a hidden one. Numerous homeowners search for creative locations in which they can position their cameras. When it comes to finding the perfect location for your security camera, use some of the following tips to help you succeed:

• Determine the places where you are going to need your security cameras positioned. Try to locate somewhere that will provide you with the level of coverage you need, while still remain inconspicuous. The less people know you have a security system in place, the more apt they will be to do something stupid and get themselves caught in the act.

• Create a small hole inside of the wall. You can stuff the camera into the wall where it will remain out of sight. Stuffed animals are an excellent place in which you can hide your security cameras. Many people never assume to look for security cameras inside of a toy, which is what makes them such a great avenue. If you plan to use the camera inside of the child’s bedroom, you can always place the camera behind a picture with a small hole cut out of it. Make sure the hole is small enough where no one is going to be able to see the difference in the picture.

• For those who want to place the camera in a playroom, you can always use a mural or toy sitting atop a high shelf that is never used. Underneath the table your child uses for a tea party is another great addition to your existing room. The key is placing the camera out of the sight of the children, while still being able to record them during the day.

• If you want somewhere to hide the camera inside of your kitchen, you can always use a normal houseplant and place your camera inside of it. How many people are going to look in a plant for a security camera? Plants are one of the perfect places to hide a camera inside of your kitchen area. Beyond a plant, you can always use a small hole in your ceiling, wall or other hidden location. Plenty of places exist in which you can locate a camera inside of your kitchen environment.

• For a living room setting, you can place a camera next to your television set, inside of a plant or in one of your pillows or couch cushions. Placing a camera inside of a location that seems the last place to look is often the best move for your security system. You want to ensure the camera is able to catch the person in the act, while remaining inconspicuous.

• Garages are an area that many people will often overlook, but they are just as prone to attack as any other area of your home. For this type of location, you can place the camera next to your toolbox on top of a shelf. The key is to getting the camera far enough out of sight, while still having enough vision to catch the criminal in the act. Since most garages have an extremely tall ceiling, you can always place the cameras in the ceiling and out of sight.

Since your home has a number of hiding places, it is up to you to determine where you need to place the camera to protect your home. The last thing you want is to have a camera in a location that is easily identifiable and can be knocked out by any perpetrator entering into your residence. Try to hide the cameras in an object that many would not dream of looking in around your home. Even the strangest of locations can serve as a hiding spot, so you will want to think about where you are going to place the items before making the final decision. Contact us for more information.