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Top 5 School Security Products to Keep Our Children Safe


Damon Delcoro


April 2, 2013


Top 5 School Security Products to Keep Our Children SafeKeeping children in our communities safe should be of the utmost importance, but a lot of schools still take risks every day by not using the right type of security products in order to keep kids safe while they are at school. Although it can sometimes be difficult for school systems to purchase security-related products and equipment when they operate on tight budgets, it is important that no school system cuts corners when it comes to keeping kids safe.

Although there is always the possibility that violence could occur on school grounds, there are precautions that can be taken in order to keep kids — as well as faculty members and guests of the school — much safer during the school day. Some equipment that needs to be purchased can seem a little costly, but it is well worth it in order to keep schools safe. Other items can be purchased for much less than many people think but can still make a difference.

If you are concerned that the schools in your community aren’t taking school violence and safety as seriously as they should, you should consider addressing the issue at a school board meeting, community meeting or other situation when you can share your views, opinions and information. By working with other parents, people from the community and people from the school board, you can really make a difference. When talking about school security, make sure to mention these top five school security products that can be used to keep children safe.

Visitor Tags

Although visitor tags are the single most affordable security products that can be purchased for a school, they are also one of the most important. Whether a school is large or small, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone who is supposed to be at the school that day and those who shouldn’t be. By utilizing visitor tags, however, school systems can make it easier for staff members to identify who should and should not be on school grounds.

If you are wondering how visitor tags can truly be used most effectively, the process is actually surprisingly simple. Schools keep front entrances to the building locked during the day, making it impossible for people to gain entry to the school without being allowed in. Those who are allowed into the school are monitored, then they are asked to sign in and turn over their identification information, such as a driver’s license.

This information is documented, and a visitor’s tag is given to the visitor to wear. When these are used correctly, it can be easy for educators and other school staff members to recognize individuals who have not gone through the proper procedure that is necessary in order to enter the school.

Indoor Surveillance Cameras

Indoor surveillance cameras can be used in many locations within the school in order to keep students, staff members and others who are inside safe. For instance, they can be used to monitor those who enter the door of the building, which makes it easier for people to identify those who enter the building and holds those who have entered the school during the day responsible for their actions.

Cameras can also be used in classrooms, hallways, gymnasiums and elsewhere in the school building in order to keep everyone safe. These cameras can be used to monitor for everything from school shootings to minor bullying between students, making it easier for educators and other staff members at the school to do something about violence and other issues that occur on campus.

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras shouldn’t just be placed inside the school. The outside perimeter of the property, such as the parking lot, playgrounds and other exterior areas of the school campus should also be watched. Outdoor surveillance cameras that are designed to withstand rain and weather are essential, and cameras that are designed to pick up footage at night or in low-light conditions can be useful as well.

These cameras can be used to watch for violence on the playground, in dark corners on the outside of the school and elsewhere on the property, and they can also be used to watch for theft, vandalism and other crimes that may occur. They can also help educators find out which students are causing bullying problems and other issues on the playground and elsewhere on school property.

Metal Detectors

When you think of metal detectors, you probably think about airports, not schools. However, metal detectors truly have their place in today’s educational settings, and they can be used in order to save lives. Although metal detectors can be a little costly and require additional manpower in order to be used properly, they can be more than worth their while because they can prevent students, parents and others from bringing weapons into the school building.

There are a few different types of metal detectors that can be used in a school setting. For instance, large metal detectors that people have to walk through before entering the building can be used by people of all ages who are entering the school. Metal detectors that are operated by handheld wands can be used by school resource officers or faculty members. They can be used for everyone who enters the school or simply those who enter the school during the school day.

Metal detectors can also be used at afterschool events where a lot of people will be attending, such as football games, graduation ceremonies and other similar types of activities.

School Resource Officers

Although security-related equipment like metal detectors and surveillance cameras can certainly be used to help keep schools safe, they shouldn’t be the only types of equipment that should be used. It can be difficult to replace a real, living person who is dedicated to security, so every school should have at least a couple of school resource officers. These officers should have one job, and one job only: To help keep the school safe and secure.

School resource officers can help keep schools safe in a number of ways. Children who are thinking about misbehaving or getting violent and adults who might consider committing a crime on school property might be deterred if they see a school resource officer patrolling the grounds. Along with providing basic prevention, a well-trained school resource officer who knows how to do his or her job well will also have the training that is necessary in order to handle a bad situation correctly.

This means that there will be a professional around who knows how to handle violence, threats and other crimes in a more professional manner than a lot of educators and children would. School resource officers can also work with local law enforcement agencies, making it easier to call in backup in the event that something bad happens at the school.

Although it might be difficult to convince your local schools to incorporate all of these security products right away, you should never give up on trying to keep area schools safe. If you can band together with people from your community and push for at least a couple of these additions, you can help make a difference and help keep the children and those who teach them in your community much safer. Over time, you may even be able to bring forth even more changes. Contact us today to receive further information on way to protect your children from unnecessary harms.