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Security Camera Installation Experts


Damon Delcoro


April 18, 2024


Security Camera Installation Experts

Techpro Security Products can protect your home, business, or property with a customized security system. We can install security cameras, alarm systems, or access controls in South Florida. If you are looking for the most trusted Security Camera Installation Experts in the Boca Raton area visit TechPro Security today!

Techpro Security Products Professional Security Installation Services vary depending on what you need. Our contractors can create a complete system, from alarm systems and access control systems to security cameras and video surveillance systems. Installing a home security camera team can be done by a single person (up to two-story single-family homes). We recommend a site and floor plan survey for Commercial/Business CCTV Installation Services. Techpro Security Products can provide a wide range of standard equipment during an installation. This includes but is not restricted to a security recorder, CCTV Security cameras, and access control panels. On the initial walk-through, we can cover all security needs from access control and surveillance to alarm systems. Our installers will design and estimate the best system for your budget and security needs during our consultation and walk-through.


Our Installation Process

1 – Free Consultation

Free on-site assessment of your property. We will then recommend the best security equipment and layout for your building based on our assessment. Our security surveys also include a free project estimate and the placement of security cameras.

2 – Install Schedule

A date for installation will be set after a quotation has been agreed.

3 – Execution

The TechPro team will start the installation on the scheduled date. The typical installation process will look something like this (it can vary depending on your project requirements)

  • Run cable and power
  • Installing and mounting security cameras
  • Configuration of system and network
  • Setting up a recording device (DVR or NVR).
  • Configuration of video recording (Motion Detection & Notification Setup)

4 – Customer Survey

Here you can confirm the camera location and recording schedules are in line with your needs.

5 – Training

This is the final step of installation. You will be taught how to operate the system and search for and backup footage. We can also remotely access your security cameras.

Security Camera Installation Experts

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