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Top 5 CCTV Systems for Gas Stations


Damon Delcoro


October 4, 2013


Top 5 CCTV Systems for Gas StationsWe’ve all seen the portrayal in movies of small town gas stations with attendants pumping your gas and checking your vehicles fluids. Some of you may even have lived to see this first hand as a standard. We’ve even seen it on television shows like Andy Griffith, where you could grab a bottle of pop, gas up and update on the latest town news. A lot of them also serving as a mechanic shop for vehicle repairs. This depiction is a far cry to what it is now. A cluttered bullet proof glass separates the attendant from the consumer. Security surveillance adorns the interior and exterior of the building. Consumers busily travel back and forth as if they were always late to be nowhere. Unfortunately, the world we live in today demands these precautions and procedures. The most prominent aspect on a public premise is having an adequate CCTV security system to protect and document the events that take place.

Anyone remember the days music videos were actually played on MTV? If so, do you remember Total Request Live, the top music video countdown show, filled with special guests, topics and of course, the hottest videos of the week counting down to number one. Well, we’ve compiled our own top 5 CCTV systems for our beloved fueling spots. Submitted for your convenience, here’s the countdown on the top 5 surveillance systems for Gas stations.

Top 5 CCTV Systems for Gas Stations#5) Federal Issued

Analog you’ve done it again. Surpassing the standards limited by the technology of (NTSC and PAL) encoding/decoding compression standards. Starting our countdown at number 5 is the federal series line up: The federal DVR takes advantage of a remarkable technology known as 960h. This new sensor chipset found in a camera contains resolution capabilities of 976h x 494v pixels. To successfully capture and reproduce this resolution, the DVR also needs to be fitted with a 960h capture card. The final size outcome from this is a 928×480 picture. This capture size is 35% larger than D1/4CIF resolutions, providing a bigger and more defined detailed quality. Equipping yourself with cameras that have 960h chipsets provide the ultimate resolution experience from this format.

Top 5 CCTV Systems for Gas Stations#4) Hybrid Born

Geronimo! There’s no leap of faith needed with this recorder genre. Garnishing at our No. 4 spot is the Hybrid series: A hybrid DVR provides the ability to include your current analog cameras (if you have any) along with transitioning yourself to an IP Mega Pixel solution. As you delve into the world of an IP based high-def resolution, you can confidently record in a more familiar, traditional style with your analog cameras.
Suggestions: If you want to incorporate high definition cameras without scrapping your existing investment on your analog cameras, this is the ideal route for you.

Top 5 CCTV Systems for Gas Stations#3) Federal/Hybrid Collaboration

Infusing the capabilities of a federal series DVR with the hybrid concept, makes this unit a force to be reckoned with. Positioning itself at No. 3 on the countdown is: The federal hybrid unit possess all the same great features of the federal allowing you to capture footage of 928×480. Along with the ability to incorporate IP Mega Pixel cameras as well.
Suggestions: This is a great product for budget seekers looking to obtain the highest resolutions possible. You can place the Mega Pixel cameras in the most crucial places on the property and place the high resolution analog cameras in the more common areas.

Top 5 CCTV Systems for Gas Stations#2) HD-SDI Genre

This is a unique technology allowing you to obtain and reproduce mega pixel resolution quality over coaxial cable. When replacing an already existing analog system, this product is as simple as taking out the old equipment (cameras and DVR) and replacing them with HD-SDI cameras and DVR.
Suggestions: If coaxial cable is already pre-existing, a LAN network is not conducive or you would like to obtain HD resolutions up to 1080P (2MP); this is the best choice for you.

Top 5 CCTV Systems for Gas Stations#1) IP Mega Pixel Dawning

Where have you’ve been all our life!!! Topping at Number 1 on our countdown is the IP based Mega Pixel products: This series is filled with high definition resolutions and robust detail. Our exclusive line features a reliable operating system, feature rich options, centralized & decentralized models, and PoE compliable. Supporting an ONVIF protocol making the cameras/NVR easily compatible with other brands across the countdown. With the exception of the IP PTZs, create a scheme of wireless cameras via a Nano station (WAP).
Suggestion: If you’re starting new, I suggest going with IP mega pixel series. This is an investment of security surveillance consistent with today’s market.

That wraps up our countdown for the top 5 surveillance systems for gas stations. If you’d like to learn more on any of the artists (systems) on our countdown you can visit it them from the links below:

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