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Benefits of Thermal Security Camera System Installation


Kyle Gorham


February 19, 2019


False alarms and nighttime surveillance are two common challenges faced in perimeter security. Thanks to thermal imaging surveillance technology, adopting a thermal security camera system helps to reduce the total number of false alarms while increasing night vision surveillance capabilities.

Gated communities and apartment complexes everywhere understand how important overcoming these challenges is. For one, false motion detection alarms in perimeter security create chaos through the system. If an alarm is tripped, security personnel has to check that area to verify its validity. Only after the alarm is indeed confirmed can the proper security protocols be put into action.Thermal Security Camera System Boca Raton

A thermal security camera system uses heat mapping technology to overcome the usual hindrances commonly attributed to popular motion detection technologies. Thermal security cameras can view all meaningful objects in both night and day without being hindered by things like foliage, darkness, fog, or even camouflaging.

Below we’ll examine why the choice by gated communities and apartment complexes to install a thermal imaging security camera system is growing in popularity. Continue reading to learn more about thermal imaging technology, the limitations of current motion detection technologies, and the benefits of thermal security cameras in perimeter security for gated communities.

An Introduction to Thermal Imaging Technology

Thermal imaging technology dates back to the late 1950s and was originally found namely in military use. Once an understanding of the reliability and far-reaching capabilities that heat mapping provided, military experts quickly began implementing thermal imaging for identifying enemy combatants in low-visibility scenarios.

One constant impediment to military soldiers in combat is the difficulty to see clearly through things like smoke and various environmental obstacles, like fog, rain, snow, and sand. Fortunately, thermal imaging technology now allowed them to easily view all meaningful shapes clearly, including soldiers and vehicles.

Around the mid-’60s, thermal mapping technology became commercially available. Instead of security applications, thermal imaging was actually commonly used by power companies to inspect power lines. However, shortly thereafter thermal security cameras were developed for commercial use.

Although a thermal imaging camera was then considered to be a breakthrough, they still presented numerous challenges to their users, heavily limiting their use. For instance, the infrared detector needed to be cooled off, usually with liquid nitrogen. Because of all the various components that were required to accomplish this, the initial thermal security cameras were quite bulky and burdensome.

Eventually, new thermal imaging technologies advanced and around 1997 the first practical thermal security camera system was introduced. Since then, thermal security cameras and thermal imaging technologies in surveillance software have become widely used across both military and non-military applications.

Disadvantages to Using Motion Detection Technologies

Motion detection has long been a practical function associated with modern security camera surveillance systems. Being able to monitor and record only when an object comes into view allows users to increase their storage capabilities while receiving alerts any time a potential threat might exist.

The benefits to motion detection technologies in security are numerous, but also limited. For instance, in nighttime surveillance situations, low-light cameras try to capture clear images with enough details to identify suspect vehicles or people. This can become tricky or even impossible to do depending on the light conditions, camera placement, and other mitigating factors.

When combined with motion detection technologies, the challenges become more problematic. Cameras with motion detection technology are simply not great for discerning one object from another. Heavy winds blowing tree branches or large animals can cause the camera to detect motion, which then has to be verified before action is taken.

On top of all that, very simply camouflage attempts are proven to be effective for avoiding surveillance systems with motion detection features. Simply put, motion detection is useful in video surveillance, but also restricted. Fortunately, a thermal security camera system can help to overcome those very same restrictions.

Advantages of Thermal Security Camera System Installation

The primary advantage of installing a thermal security camera system is to minimize the number of false alerts. Heat mapping technology in thermal security cameras reduces the likelihood of being triggered by non-threatening motion to a minimum and drastically improves security in situations with camouflaging concerns.

Another reason thermal security camera systems are being installed more often for perimeter surveillance is the different ways a current system can adopt the technology. Although thermal security cameras are available, newer software with advanced video analytics opens up the possibility for adding thermal imaging to present video surveillance systems.

A thermal security camera system can also easily monitor and identify objects in difficult environments and across vast distances. Gated communities surrounded by trees, for instance, are always vulnerable to being infiltrated along the treeline border. In such cases where woods or foliage come into play, thermal imaging cameras can detect and monitor threats from a safe distance, giving security personnel easy confirmation in order to enact proper reactions according to protocol.

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