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Nanny Cams


Damon Delcoro


May 25, 2010


A nanny cam can provide the assurance and peace of mind you desire in regard to the care of your child or children. The 21st century’s economy makes it almost mandatory for a double income household. This results in the need to seek professional childcare while both parents are at work. However, there is always a concern that your children are receiving the best care possible. While a nanny is watching your child or children, how can you monitor the nanny? A nanny cam can.

There are live in nannies, live out nannies, full time nannies, part-time nannies, mother’s helpers, and housekeepers available for hire in southern Florida. While background checks and references are beneficial, nothing can be more reassuring of the care your child receives than real-time live monitoring. Further, should any adverse events occur, a nanny cam can also record them for positive documentation.

A nanny cam system is a component system. Each component can be purchased separately with any special features or options that you may need to suit your situation. Although this allows for a variety of different configurations, nanny cams systems all have the same basic components: One or more cameras; a processor; a monitor, and a digital video recorder or DVR.

There are literally hundreds of different camera types available. Nanny cams can be indoor or outdoor cameras; they can produce video images in normal lighting conditions, when there is little light, or in total darkness. Nanny cams can be unconcealed, visibly mounted cameras or they can be hidden or disguised. Nanny cams can also record audio as well as video. A word of caution; it may be illegal to record from hidden video/audio devices even in your own home. Check with your local authorities or any local reputable security camera system dealer.

Local headlines document several southern Florida nanny related incidences or mishaps like this one for example, “Miami, February 13, 2007, ‘Miami Toddler Hospitalized after Near Drowning in Pool. The child wandered to the backyard pool while the nanny was feeding another child.’” Another headline from Broward County mentions the mistreatment of an infant by a nanny. Unfortunately, there are many episodes like these each year.

Using a reputable nanny service with good credentials or a nanny with excellent references and a background check are all helpful, but they still can’t alleviate any suspicions you may have. Perhaps the best toll you have to provide you with the assurance and peace of mind that your child is safe and your nanny is providing proper care is the nanny cam.