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Increase Safety With Gas Station Security Camera Installation in Boca Raton


Manny Fernandez


June 11, 2019


For decades, gas station security camera installation has been used to protect these properties from sometime violent criminals. Everyone has at some point seen footage of criminals robbing a gas station, sometimes at gunpoint.

Gas stations have an obligation to their employees and customers to take security very seriously. Modern advancements and technology have made it easier than ever for gas stations to adopt an effective security camera system.Gas Station Security Camera Installation Boca Raton

Modern security cameras can protect a gas station business from armed robbery, shoplifting, dishonest employees, and other crime. Understanding how modern security camera systems work, their powerful capabilities, and how to properly install them in a gas station setting are all important to getting the most out of each security camera.

The following article will highlight these important factors and will help you choose the best security cameras for your gas station. Before we go deeper into gas station security camera installation, it is important to examine the differences between modern IP security cameras and traditional analog CCTV systems. The differences between the two are night and day.

Analog Versus IP Security Cameras

Everyone is familiar with the grainy, black and white images of traditional security cameras from past decades. These cameras, better known as analog CCTV technology, are often remembered for their poor video quality and having to store more and more VHS tapes. Although the cameras would record crimes in progress, they were usually incapable of capturing clear details.

When a gas station robbery would occur, the security cameras were almost always unable to record useful details that could lead to the criminal’s capture and arrest. Analog CCTV security camera systems were also notoriously difficult to implement.

In an analog security camera system, each security camera is physically hard-wired to the entire security camera system. This drastically limits where security cameras can be installed in and outside of a gas station.

Storing recorded video was also a challenge for users. Poor image quality, reduced scalability, and video storage issues all made analog CCTV security camera systems only partially effective. Fortunately, technology has drastically improved in the last decade and completely revolutionizing the video surveillance industry.

IP security cameras are much smaller and are able to record high-resolution video feeds with crystal clear detail. Instead of being hardwired into a physical system like analog security cameras, IP security cameras transmit data over a network.

They transmit their video data through a network to a video storage unit, such as a network video recorder or NVR, or straight to online cloud storage. Perhaps even more impressive, each security camera can also be remotely accessed through an internet enabled device from anywhere.

These are just some of the major improvements IP security cameras have over their older analog counterparts. Although an individual IP security camera can be a bit more expensive than an analog one, the benefits and powerful capabilities they possess generally make them the best investment for gas station security camera installation applications.

Advantages Of Gas Station Security Camera Installation

The number of benefits that gas station security camera installation can provide is difficult to overstate. These benefits can help pay for the system itself and are an important investment in a business’ safety and security.

Understanding these benefits will help consumers better understand what to expect from their security camera system. One of the advantages we will examine happens before a crime ever occurs.

A Powerful Deterrent

Gas stations have characteristically been vulnerable to a number of crimes that can affect employees, customers, and the business as a whole. An armed robbery is the biggest concern for gas station owners and employees.

Beyond armed robbery, a gas station must also be vigilant for shoplifters and gas thieves. Gasoline robbery has become a more common issue as gas prices and the cost of living increase.

Gas station security camera installation can deter criminals from targeting the business altogether. This is because criminals will almost always target a business with minimal to no security system in place.

Security cameras can produce powerful evidence against criminals. This reality often deters criminals from targeting a gas station with a security camera system.

Keep Employees Accountable

Although gas stations are vulnerable from external threats, some of the most damaging crimes are done by employees of a business. Employees often have access to backroom areas that may contain gas station property and money.

Installing security cameras in the gas station employees-only areas can reduce employee theft. Furthermore, the presence of security cameras can keep employees honest and improve productivity.

Remote Video Monitoring

One of the most innovative features of modern security cameras is the ability for authorized users to access video feeds from any internet enabled device. This creates important opportunities for businesses like gas stations to further secure their property.

Professional companies have begun offering remote video monitoring services for businesses of all kinds. A remote video monitoring service employs a team of security professionals to monitor their clients’ security camera feeds twenty-four hours a day.

When suspicious activity is detected, the security specialist can quickly review the feed and act accordingly. This can drastically improve response times and is much more affordable than physical guards.

Security Camera Installation Locations Worth Considering

There are a number of locations a gas station should consider for gas station security camera installation. These locations can improve the safety and security of the gas station and can even improve business.

Security cameras should obviously be placed at the gas station entrances. These security cameras should be placed to reduce any backlight conditions. The gasoline pumps are another important location that requires video surveillance monitoring.

Security cameras placed by the pumps should have weather-proofing and be vandal resistance. Inside the gas station, the security cameras should be placed over cash registers and strategically placed in aisles.

A security camera installation expert can help a gas station determine the best locations for security cameras. If you’d like to speak with a professional security camera installation company in Boca Raton about installing gas station security cameras, be sure to contact TechPro Security for help!

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