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Improving Perimeter Gate Security in a Gated Community


Manny Fernandez


May 31, 2019


Gated communities understand the importance of perimeter security and how it can improve the peace of mind for residents and the HOA. Perimeter security and gate access control have always been a security challenge for gated communities.

The perimeter often spans a far distance and there are blind spots that can easily be exploited by intruders and criminals. Physical security guards are also limited in their ability to monitor every foot of a community perimeter.

This creates unique challenges for HOAs and security consultants. Fortunately, new surveillance technology and advanced security products can for the first time provide comprehensive perimeter and gate security.Perimeter Gate Security

TechPro Security Products combines the latest surveillance advancements with professional live monitoring services with remote security guards to create a proactive security plan. We have become South Florida’s best choice for security camera installation and perimeter security solutions.

The team of security experts at TechPro Security Products has years of experience in the surveillance industry and are dedicated to the peace of mind of our clients. Our reputation has continued to grow positively with every successful project we deliver.

Peace of mind is a priceless commodity in our uncertain world. With TechPro Security Products, a proactive perimeter gate security plan has never been more accessible or affordable.

Problems With Traditional Perimeter Gate Security Plans

Securing a small area like a residence or business can be relatively easy with a number of well-placed security cameras. Larger properties like car dealerships or gated communities have always had a greater challenge in securing their property and interests.

Criminals will almost always target the most vulnerable properties. A vulnerable perimeter can become a major target for criminals and cause untold financial and emotional damage.

In the case of a gated community, the residents expect a certain level of perimeter gate security and protection. In the past, consolidating the right surveillance technologies into a comprehensive security plan has been a challenge.

This is where the expert installation team at TechPro Security Products can help. We combine the latest and cutting edge surveillance products along with remote video monitoring services to create truly proactive perimeter security.

Consolidating Cutting Edge Perimeter Security Equipment

One of the major challenges of securing a large area such as a gated community or business park has been supplying enough power to the surveillance system. This has made traditional security cameras difficult to implement including features such as night vision.

TechPro Security Products solves these challenges by incorporating the latest surveillance technology including wireless IP network security camera systems, solar powered surveillance equipment, and wired CCTV setups to cover large distances like never before.

Our surveillance equipment requires a minimal power supply and even comes with military-grade thermal imaging technology. All of these products and services combined allows us to create a fully secured surveillance plan for large properties.

Monitoring Foot Traffic And Pedestrians

Successful perimeter gate security is able to completely eliminate the threat of vandalism while monitoring all foot traffic within the property. Vandalism is a very real threat to gated communities.

Without properly securing the property’s perimeter, intruders and vandals can end up costing a property thousands and thousands of dollars in damages and stolen property. The security cameras we install utilize advanced auto-tracking and long-range night vision that can keep criminals from attempting to trespass.

Monitoring pedestrian foot traffic is another important feature we can provide our clients. With pedestrian monitoring, a gated community can ensure all visitors adhere to the community rules and can make them feel safe while visiting.

Security cameras using license plate number recognition, facial recognition, and auto tracking can keep watch over anyone traveling through an area.

Live Video Monitoring And Threat Reduction

All of the advanced surveillance technologies used are useless without the proper security experts to take full advantage of them. TechPro Security Products has partnered with Digital Security Guard, an extremely successful and experienced live surveillance monitoring service.

Digital Security Guard is a private security company that offers clients twenty-four hours a day surveillance from remote security guards. Live video surveillance monitoring services are able to monitor every corner of a property, no matter how large.

Licensed security personnel are not limited by the challenges posed by physical security guards. They are also much more affordable. High-resolution video feeds using video analytics can quickly identify any suspicious activity the moment it is detected.

If an intruder is detected, the perimeter gate security guards can quickly notify security personnel and anyone else at the property. In a gated community, local residents can be notified immediately to be on alert.

Digital Security Guard has established a close working relationship with local law enforcement. This allows for reduced response times when an emergency occurs. The perpetrator can be identified with facial recognition software.

Identifying the perpetrators responsible can lead to recovering stolen property sooner and save clients thousands. Virtual guards are able to provide much more than surveillance services.

Added Convenience With Security

The technology TechPro Security Products implements can add convenience to a property’s perimeter gate security by improving access points. The entry gates of a large property like a gated community are one of the most important areas of a property to secure.

Controlling who is allowed in is vital to ensuring the peace of mind of everyone on the property. TechPro can implement an advanced identification system that can handle gate security.

Technology such as facial recognition, driver’s license identification, and license plate number recognition can all streamline the entry process while providing the first layer of security for a property. Anyone that is granted access into the property can then be auto-tracked and monitored during their visit.

Perimeter gate security can add a priceless level of security while added convenience for visitors and property owners alike. If you have any more questions about our services, be sure to contact TechPro Security Products today to speak to a friendly security expert.

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