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Business Security Camera System


Damon Delcoro


June 4, 2010


A business security cameras system is a must for businesses in Southern Florida. It can protect a business from both external and internal adverse events.

According to an article in the April 5, 2005 Jacksonville Business Journal, the Florida Attorney General (at that time) Charlie Crist said, “Whether it’s a business unaware of an internal fraud problem or an employee afraid to walk to her car every night, crime takes a serious toll on Florida’s workplaces . . .Fortunately, much of this crime is preventable. . . . businesses need more information about their security risks and how to reduce them.”

Statistics have shown that the cost of workplace crime in Southern Florida exceeds the amount Southern Florida businesses spend on office space and commercial rentals. Can you afford NOT to own a business security camera system?

On November 6, 2009 a former Orlando business office worker opened fire killing one and wounding six workers. Workplace violence has become an important safety and health concern. Nearly 1 million workers are murdered and 1.5 million are assaulted in the work place each year. A business security camera can not only help prevent these cases but in the unfortunate event that they should occur, a business security camera can provide accurate documentation and identification if needed.

Do Southern Florida retail businesses really need something like a digital video security system? According to the FBI, Miami had over 20,700 cases of property crime and Orlando reported over 17,300 cases in calendar year 2009. What do you think?

A business security camera system may not be able to stop an event but it can:
1) Alert you to an event in progress so that action can be taken
2) Record and therefore document the actual event; and,
3) Be a VERY strong deterrent for criminal and/or improper activity

Okay, so what exactly is a business security camera system and what does it contain? Digital video security cameras systems have benefited in just the past few years from tremendous technological advancements. This technology not only makes these systems incredibly affordable, but unbelievably versatile in application as well.

Every business setting is different. However, there are so many different types of security cameras, that a system can be designed to adapt to your special needs. The best way to determine what works best for your business is to contact one of our experts and discuss your needs with them. They can recommend the exact business security system components that will suit your needs.

An average business security camera system consists of from one to several cameras, a processing unit that uses a CODEC application, a monitor, and a Digital Video Recorder or DVR.

Here’s how a system works. First the digital video cameras create video images of a target area and send them via transmission cables to the processing unit. The processing unit, much like a desktop computer, analyzes the signals sent to it from the digital video cameras and creates a digital video file. Once a digital video file is created, the captured video can be viewed on a monitor or saved on the DVR.

Digital video files are extremely large files; they are basically the equivalent of thousands of individual snapshots taken very quickly. Therefore the file size can become very large for just a few minutes of video recording. To compensate for this a COmpression/DECompression or CODEC utility in the form of software or hardwired circuitry reduces (compresses) the size of the file while maintaining a high quality display. This allows for greater storage capacity and easier management of the digital video file.

Perhaps the most versatile and important component of a business security camera system is the digital video camera. Here is a partial list of some of the features/options available for business security cameras:

• Indoor or outdoor models
• Night/day vision that work in low levels of light
• Night Vision Infrared that can work in total darkness
• Wireless models
• Cameras with pan, tilt, and/or zoom options
• Audio Recording
• Hidden or disguised models
• Network cameras that use the internet (IP or Internet Protocol)
• Models with motion detection and tracking features

As you can see, there are many options available for just the cameras and there are many options for other components as well. These extendable features yield an application versatility that makes a business security system applicable for just about any business in Southern Florida. Inquire about getting yours today.