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Perimeter Security Company Near Me


Skyler Libkie


October 18, 2022


Perimeter Security Company Near Me

Perimeter security companies are gaining popularity due to the availability of new, innovative technology every day. Adopting a perimeter security program has never been simpler or more affordable thanks to the latest advances in smart technology. If you are looking for the most trustworthy Perimeter Security Company Near Me look no further than TechPro!

Modern security cameras are the best security solution for gated communities. They feature high-resolution cameras, motion sensor technology, advanced low light imaging, remote monitoring and many other functions. New perimeter security systems provide an effective layer of protection against an uncertain world.

Recent years have seen HOA gated communities security plans that include the hiring of perimeter security companies to watch over every corner of a property 24 hours a days. Many property owners, especially those in gated communities, understand the importance of keeping an eye on the many gates that protect their property.

Criminals know the difficulties these communities face in keeping their gates open and are able to exploit these weaknesses. These vulnerabilities can be eliminated by perimeter security companies, which has been proven to deter criminals.

TechPro Security Solution

TechPro Security Products can provide a complete perimeter security solution for gated communities. We are South Florida’s number one-rated security installation team. We can integrate the most advanced surveillance technology to provide a proactive perimeter security system.

Our experts believe safety and well-being is our top priority. A proactive perimeter security plan that uses the most up-to-date technology and remote surveillance is not only possible but also affordable.

It is priceless to have the peace of mind that highly trained and experienced security professionals can offer. They can quickly and decisively respond to suspicious activity near the perimeter if they are alerted.

A comprehensive perimeter security system should be cost-effective and efficient, while also providing proactive and decisive protection for clients’ assets and property.

TechPro Security is a top South Florida perimeter security company. We understand the difficulties of protecting large communities. The limitations of surveillance technology in the past were power requirements, poor imaging equipment and lighting conditions. This allowed criminals to exploit these weaknesses.

TechPro Security Products only uses the most capable surveillance equipment. They also take advantage of intelligent technology and smart features. We can guarantee that perimeter security is more effective than ever, whether it’s using solar-powered technologies to solve power problems, wireless IP network surveillance systems or thermal imaging technology.

We are proud to partner with a respected South Florida leader in remote surveillance services that can give you peace-of-mind any time of the day or night.

Digital Security Guard monitors properties, gated communities and works closely with emergency services and local law enforcement to provide a prompt and decisive response. Remote monitoring via live video is a much more affordable option than on-site guards.

Setting the Example – The Oaks of Boca Raton

TechPro is different from other perimeter security firms in that we use the most advanced technologies to achieve our goals. Our work with The Oaks gated community, Boca Raton Florida is a testimony to our exceptional commitment to providing peace-of-mind regardless of the size or type of property.

Oaks is a custom-designed solution that provides security for the community at a hundred percent. We are humbled to be able to design the most advanced perimeter security system in any community.

This perimeter security solution utilizes long-range thermal cameras that are military-grade. This comprehensive security solution is unique in that it includes high-resolution 8MP IP cameras as well as cutting-edge analytic technologies.

We are proud to have developed a comprehensive perimeter security solution for The Oaks. It is a testimony to the high-tech nature of modern security surveillance equipment as well as TechPro’s dedication to providing innovative security solutions. The Oaks’ work is a testament to the future of perimeter security.

Here are some highlights of The Oak’s new system, which includes:

  • Our partnership with Digital Security Guard, which provides remote surveillance monitoring services, allows for comprehensive perimeter coverage. Working with local law enforcement allows for the Palm Beach Sheriff Department’s alert to be sent immediately after a perimeter intrusion is detected. The Oaks security personnel are then notified.
  • Advanced software allows for the installation of license plate recognition systems and the capture of surveillance cameras at each exit and entrance. Each vehicle’s license plate image can be captured and analyzed for any discrepancies.
  • Facial recognition software and technology will be used to track guests entering and leaving the community.
  • The security guards on the site will be working in tandem with Digital Security Guard, which will monitor and report any foot traffic entering The Oaks. This monitoring service will be used by the on-site security guards to make sure that everyone is allowed to be there.
  • The security cameras installed at the community will employ ultra-high resolution Starlight 8 megapixel cameras. They will be installed along The Oaks’ main artery and can capture high definition imagery in low-light conditions.
  • Any gated community can be affected by hurricanes. TechPro provides disaster recovery power to all security cameras, gatehouses and gate power operators in the event that power is lost for a prolonged period of 24 hours.
  • Digital Security Guard will use our emergency remote gate operators that are custom-designed to enable their security specialists to remotely screen visitors and allow/deny entry, just like a physical security officer. This feature is used to prevent on-site security personnel being unable to report for duty in an emergency.
  • We can monitor each camera, recorder and hard drive using a Heartbeat Server and send a technician if necessary.
  • TechPro will set up backup monitoring stations in the event of a power outage. This will allow on-site security guards to monitor the perimeter.
  • TechPro Security will conduct monthly drills, unlike other perimeter security companies. This is to train and improve the reaction times of not only our local The Oaks security guards, but also our digital security guard partners.

Perimeter Security Company Near Me

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