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Camera Installation Company


Skyler Libkie


October 27, 2022


Camera Installation Company

TechPro Security has been in operation for over a decade and is licensed as an electrician. We are located in Boca Raton FL and offer a complete service to install a camera system for customers who need it. For more information on our services, visit TechPro SafetyContact us if you have any questions so we can assist you with your next installation. If you are looking for the most trustworthy Camera Installation Company in South Florida look no further than Techpro Security!

  • Security Cameras
    • Our team of security professionals provides a comprehensive CCTV and security camera installation service. We cover all aspects of surveillance systems. Our primary focus as a top security camera installation company is to install CCTV security cameras in residential and commercial properties. We can also repair or maintain existing surveillance systems, and we will advise customers on how to make their security system fully functional.
    • We also offer access control and alarm system installation. There are many deals available for our security camera installation service. Prices vary depending on how large your surveillance system is. These are some of the options we offer:
      • 4 Camera Security System with Installation
      • 8 Camera Security System with Installation
      • 16 Camera Security System with Installation
    • It can take up to one professional depending on how large your property is to install security cameras. For your security system, we offer free estimates and quotes. We also partner with top wholesale security equipment distributors Security Camera King. All accessories necessary to complete a surveillance system, such as digital video records (DVR), network video recorders (NVR), and video cables are included.
  • Access Control Systems
    • Access control systems allow you to gain access to your property by using a number lock. Access control systems are a way to allow anyone to enter your home or business without having to have a key. This is most often used in apartment complexes or gated communities. This is accomplished by a series circuit boards in the access control panel. These circuit boards can be optimized for use with keypads or key cards or stickers.
    • Our other security partner uses the latest security technology to act as a virtual doorman via their remote monitoring service. Digital Security Guard provides remote monitoring for any surveillance system that has a network connection.
  • Security Alarm
    • TechPro Security offers alarm monitoring and installation services for residential or commercial purposes. Alarm systems can be used to deter criminal activity and provide quick response in the event of an intrusion to your property. We offer technical support to prolong the life of your alarm system. Our industry experts can show you how to get the most out of your new alarm system. These alarm systems can now include motion detectors and door sensors. They can also send notifications to your mobile device or alert security monitoring companies. Your surveillance system can also notify the appropriate authorities and have them sent to your property.
  • Networking-
    • The ability to connect over network is a recent innovation in the security industry, thanks to the advancements made in surveillance equipment and security cameras. This feature is available with all new surveillance cameras and equipment. It is an essential part of modern surveillance systems. TechPro Security is a team made up of security professionals who offer a service that includes camera installation. This includes setting up a new network design. This involves securing your network to stop hackers accessing security footage on your digital or network recorders.
  • Audio / Video-
    • Our TechPro security installation services also include the ability to install outdoor audio systems in commercial and residential properties. This installation must be weatherproofed properly and placed in a way that allows the sound to resonate evenly throughout the space. The installation professionals in the industry know which areas to focus on to achieve sound clarity. Our customers can also get a home media service that includes an indoor sound system installation.
  • Smart Home
    • Our homes are connected with smartphone apps and AI systems such as Google Home. Our installation team can help you set up your smart devices and get them connected properly if you have any difficulties. If you’re still interested in the Smart Home option, we can show you how to control your appliances and electronics.
  • Landscape Lighting-
    • It can be difficult to install landscape lighting. This is because underground wires must be buried and the proper placement of these wires can prove complicated. The installation team is familiar with both residential and commercial properties, and has extensive experience in installing these systems. They are also knowledgeable in architectural and landscape lighting. This service has been provided in Boca Raton, South Florida for over ten years.

Camera Installation Company