Unfortunately, in today’s world, more and more parents are considering the installation of nanny cams systems to be just as vital as providing diapers and formula to their babies. Alarming statistics have recently come to light regarding child abuse. A Child Welfare Information Gateway study reveals that in 2006 nearly 15% of children’s fatalities were the result of abuse or neglect by their caregiver.

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Some detractors, mainly those who have been on the front side of a hidden camera, claim that using a nanny cam is an invasion of privacy. They would prefer that parents be upfront about their use of a surveillance device. However, this would severely minimize its effectiveness. When it comes down to the health and safety of your child, can you really afford to take a risk by not installing and using a nanny cam?

Advantages of Nanny Cam Systems

Today’s video cameras utilize the latest in technology to make them extremely small and lightweight. Wireless technology means they can be placed virtually anywhere. A popular option is putting the camera inside a stuffed animal, which looks right at home in a child’s room.

One type of nanny cam uses a network router or LAN router to transmit the signal from the camera to a personal computer. With an Internet browser, the parent can remotely view the video action easily from work, or even via a cell phone.

While many babysitters don’t appreciate parents spying on their activities with a child entrusted to their care, if they are not doing anything wrong then they will have nothing to worry about. Indeed, some caregivers feel that a nanny cam can be a constructive tool which provides proof positive of their abilities. It is up to each parent to decide whether they will use nanny cams systems covertly or whether they will be honest and upfront about its installation. A possible solution is to go ahead and let the babysitter know the camera, or cameras, are in place, knowing that if the nanny cam is moved or tampered with it will be evident and cause red flags to rise.

The law supports parents who are seeking to protect the safety and security of their child. It is legal in all fifty states to install a hidden camera and view the footage without knowledge of the person being watched. However, several states do not allow speech recordings to be made without a person’s consent, which could come into play should the footage be used as evidence in court.

Nanny cams systems are available in a variety of places, with several different options concerning the technology used. As with any purchase of a product which is vital to your peace of mind, you will want to get the best that you can afford. Do not go with the cheapest camera available. Also, ensure the company you deal with is reputable and offers only high quality equipment. A nanny cam is only as good as its hardware and if it should fail, it is worthless.

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