Although crimes most often occur around large metropolitan centers, even in you live in a suburban area, you may have considered installing a burglar alarm system to protect your home and family. Particularly in Florida, property crimes and home invasions are on the rise. One of the only ways to feel safe when you are at home or away from it is purchase a burglar alarm system complete with monitoring service.

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You may feel safe if you have a large dog in the back yard but be aware that as a deterrent this is generally unreliable and ineffective. If a criminal truly wants to get into your house, there are many ways to get rid of a dog’s interference but only one way to ensure that he cannot broach the interior of your house without detection and that is by installing a home alarm system.

Types of Burger Alarms

Basic burglar alarms operate on a simple electric circuit which is built into a doorway, window sash, or even a pane of glass. An electrical switch detects motion, such as the opening of a window or door. Depending on whether it is a closed- or open-circuit system determines how the alarm is triggered. A closed-circuit alarm is harder to deactivate, making it the better choice of basic models. Sometimes instead of a switch, the alarm system uses a small button to change the circuit. Either way, a control box is used in conjunction with the alarm circuit to monitor the system and allow several locations to be operated and deactivated with one keypad. These burglar alarms all work reasonably well at maintaining the safety of your home along its perimeter.

For added security within the home, a motion detector is required. One type is a radar-based motion detector. This works on the principal of whether or not an object, such as a person, is detected via the inability of a burst of energy or sound waves to bounce back because of an obstruction. In other words, the reflection pattern is disturbed, signaling the presence of something in the way.

Another type of motion detection is photo sensitive. A beam of light is projected across an area in your home and when someone disturbs this beam by walking through it, an alarm is triggered via the control box.

Passive infrared is a newer type of motion detection system which senses energy created from by a person’s body heat. An increase in infrared energy from someone moving past the detector is the cue for an alarm to be sounded. Although you might think these systems would trigger the alarm for any fluctuations in heat, they are designed to work only when infrared energy levels show a rapid change.

No matter what type of burglar alarm system is being used, all of them cause an action which alerts of an intruder’s presence. This can be a loud noise, flashing lights, or an auto-dialer which connects with the security service and/or directly with the police department. Not only do sounds and lights alert neighbors or others of an intruder in your home, it helps police quickly identify where a disturbance has occurred.

The key to your peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of your home and family is to purchase a burglar alarm system which is offered by a reputable company and backed by their service and expertise. A closed-circuit alarm combined with passive infrared motion detection is the best solution for most homeowners. Call today to get a price quote which includes 24/7 monitoring and rest assured that you and your family will be safe at home.

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