CCTV cameras refer to a security system which utilizes closed circuit television signals transmitted to a remote monitor. Because the circuit is closed, it is not transmitted as a public broadcast, such as a television show. Many large institutions, like banks, casinos, and airports, utilize CCTV technology to provide surveillance in their facilities.

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The Latest Version of CCTV Security Camera Systems in South Florida works in conjunction with a DVR recorder, which adds to the quality and performance of the system. These are popular as covert surveillance devices in locations where a human is unable to provide direct observation.

History of CCTV Cameras

The most common use of CCTV cameras is in business applications. Initially developed as a way for government entities to monitor possible problems during rocket launches, CCTV was next used in industrial factories to oversee mechanical processes which could cause a hazard to humans. These early systems were bulky, produced unreliable video quality, and were quite expensive.

Not so today. Used with a computer and DVR, performance is greatly increased, and the price has lowered substantially.

From banks and ATMs to convenience stores to casinos, the use of CCTV cameras have allowed businesses to capture detailed video footage of crime. More popular in the UK, such devices recorded important pieces of evidence in the cases of the July bombings on London and the kidnapping and subsequent killing of a small child from a British shopping center.

CCTV Cameras for Business Security

Due to these successes and the advancement of technology which allows the use of CCTV with DVRs, more and more United States companies are realizing the advantages of installing such a surveillance system. The cameras are small and inconspicuous and provide very high quality video footage. Features include the ability to zoom in on small details, or pan out to reveal a larger area. When connected to a computer, controlled remote operations such as tracking movement or locking onto a single object and following its progress are available.

Recordings captured via CCTV can easily be stored on a hard drive or to removable media, allowing for lengthy storage periods without loss of quality. This is important if your idea is to use the footage to capture criminal activity.

The key advantage of a CCTV security system to businesses is that they are a crime deterrent. Whether a CCTV camera is installed to watch over a parking lot at night or at the cash register of a retail store, it has been shown that the presence of such devices often prevents criminal acts, especially property crimes. The deterrence factor comes largely from the fact that most criminals realize a camera is capturing their image and can be used as evidence against them or as the means for police to track them down. Oftentimes, the overwhelming risk of being caught will deter criminals from committing a crime in the first place.

For many businesses, the use of CCTV cameras is an optimal solution to providing security and safety for its employees and premises. The system will pay itself back if just one crime is averted or captured.

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