All about the Closed Circuit Camera Security System

When you are planning your new security system there are a few things you should think about. The closed circuit camera security system (CCTV) is a reliable recording system that allows you to view recorded security footage. This type of system is ideal for companies and homes that simply want to monitor what is happening on your property. Companies may use this to monitor the inside or outside of an office space and homes can use this type of footage to monitor child care providers and provide additional protection to their private property.

Before you search for CCTV camera installation companies in West Palm Beach Florida, here are a few things you should know about your CCTV camera.


Digital vs. Analog

You have two options when considering the best CCTV camera installation companies in West Palm Beach, Florida. Analog records the video directly to a video tape recorder. When recording analog, the speed is much slower and can only record one frame every three to four seconds. This can result in blurry images. Analog may also be recorded in digital format on a computer.

Analog can also be recorded via DVR. This requires the least maintenance of the options. The DVR is relatively simple to set up and you can often broadcast recordings to another location (like your cell phone or mobile device.)

Digital recordings on a CCTV camera do not require any type of card. The signal from a digital CCTV allows the data to be directed straight to a computer. Digital CCTV camera installation services in Palm Beach County, Florida are a good option if you don’t want to mess with a lot of equipment. The biggest drawback for many people is that digital images often take up much more space, even compressed. For this reason businesses and individuals may opt for a motion-sensor initiated recording process. The camera only turns on when it senses movement in a room. The picture quality on digital CCTV recordings can be quite clear.


Network Cameras

A network camera is a digital or analogue camera with a video server. The camera has its own internet protocol address. These type of cameras can record video and sound. The image quality from these type of cameras can be very good. These type of cameras are used as a low-cost option for security. If you need assistance getting your network camera system up and running, TechPro Security Systems is one of the best affordable CCTV camera installation companies in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Digital Still Cameras

Another alternative for CCTV recordings are still cameras. Theses cameras take single shots. While you may not initially consider these as a security options, shutter speeds and high resolution photos make these security cameras a good choice. With the right camera, set at the right shutter speed you could take continuous shots and catch clear faces of people running or even driving past. When you choose from professional CCTV camera installation companies in West Palm Beach, Florida make sure you find a company that has experience installing this type of product. Techpro Securities has more than 10 years in the industry.



If you aren’t comfortable installing your own security system, installation technicians can assist you. Our full-time technicians are available to solve any tech issues you have. When you choose from West Palm Beach CCTV camera installation companies, remember to choose a company with fully licensed and bonded technicians. Techpro securities employs licensed and bonded technicians so you can be sure your security system will be up and running. If you have any problems with your security system our techs are available for emergency calls on short notice.

Choosing a CCTV camera for your security system is a good option if you are looking for a simple security system you can monitor onsite or offsite. Whether you want to monitor your business property when you away from the office, or give your home a little extra security, a CCTV security system is a reliable and affordable choice. With Techpro Security, your Palm Beach County CCTV camera installation services are guaranteed to be topnotch.

So whether you need help with your alarm system or camera security system, contact our customer service representatives.

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