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Top 5 CCTV Systems for Gas Stations

We’ve all seen the portrayal in movies of small town gas stations with attendants pumping your gas and checking your vehicles fluids. Some of you may even have lived to see this first hand as a standard. We’ve even seen it on television shows like Andy Griffith, where you could grab a bottle of pop, gas up and update on the latest town news. A lot of them also serving as a mechanic shop for vehicle repairs. This depiction is a far cry to what it is now. A cluttered bullet proof glass separates the attendant from the consumer. Security surveillance adorns the interior and exterior of the building. Consumers busily travel back and forth as if they were always late to be nowhere. Unfortunately, the world we live in today demands these precautions and procedures. The most prominent aspect on a public premise is having an adequate CCTV security system to protect and document the events that take place.

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