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Where to Buy Affordable Security Systems in South Florida


Damon Delcoro


October 3, 2012


Where to Buy Affordable Security Systems in South FloridaWalking into nearly any store, public place, or place of business you are likely to come across a number of security cameras mounted on walls and ceilings. Expanding and ever-improving technology has led to a vast utilization of security systems, as they are the most efficient and effective way to observe and protect a given area and the valuables within. Security cameras and accessories vary wildly in price and quality, but there are thousands of different products on the market, which ensures a perfect setup for your specific and individual needs.

Just like any other form of technology, security systems, cameras, and accessories can be purchased either brand new or used. Used cameras are much less expensive than new items, but are often mechanically or cosmetically flawed due to use. New cameras are usually very costly but often include a warranty or other form of insurance. When browsing selections of security cameras and accessories, you should have in mind some form of budget, as well as what purpose the system will serve.

Buying used

Affordable security systems can be easily found in southern Florida, especially when you’re buying used. Cameras can be purchased from a variety of outlets and retailers, both online and in physical stores. You should begin your search with an online query to Craigslist, the biggest website for virtual local classifieds. After choosing a city in which to browse, you can search for listings of any item or service and arrange a meeting with the seller via anonymized email.

Craigslist and local newspaper listings often offer extremely affordable items as owners are sometimes very eager to rid themselves of cumbersome security equipment when surveillance is no longer needed. Items that are for sale by owners are usually the most reasonably priced; dealers and retailers seek the best return possible, as opposed to individuals who simply want somewhat of their investment to be repaid.

Other physical locations and stores can occasionally prove fruitful, if not moderately more expensive. Used security cameras and accessories are available at many flea markets and pawn shops, though shop owners will usually charge a price that is above average. Garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, and other types of lot sales can sometimes yield decent camera equipment, but this is incredibly rare. The best deals on both used and new products are most often found on online outlets and auction-style websites.


Most people have heard of eBay, the biggest and most popular auction website on the Internet. Products of every genre are available on eBay, both new and used. Many retailers utilize this website to sell new items, while individuals list pre-owned equipment for a fraction of the usual price. Ebay is not the only auction site on the web; iOffer and others offer similar services but are not quite as popular.

Signing up for an account on eBay is fairly simple, requiring simple verification and an account with PayPal, through which monetary transactions are completed. Once you are able to make purchases, bids can be placed and some items can be bought immediately. Bidding becomes heated towards the end of the auction time, with prices escalating rapidly just before bidding concludes. Because of the nature of auction sites, decent deals can be found fairly often.Where to Buy Affordable Security Systems in South Florida

Used cameras and surveillance equipment are great for those working on a tight budget because of the decreased cost. It is not uncommon for used security cameras to boast like-new condition, especially if previous owners were punctual with service and maintenance. Others prefer to purchase only new equipment for a variety of reasons.

Buying new

Affordable surveillance cameras and security systems can be found even if you require new equipment. South Florida still has much to offer in terms of unused cameras and accessories, much of which can be found alongside used equipment in the aforementioned outlets. Although buying used can save quite a bit of money, this is not always a concern, and buying new products entails several distinct advantages to boot.

The benefits of buying new

Probably the most powerful incentive for purchasing new products is the warranty. Acting as a form of insurance, warranties ensure that a malfunctioning or broken item is replaced or fixed at no charge for the customer. New equipment is a hefty investment which must be protected with the cushion of peace of mind provided by a warranty. You also can purchase insurance via a third party if you want to protect used equipment or anything else not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Many choose to purchase only new camera equipment and accessories because of the untouched and flawless nature of these products. Unlike used security systems, new items have never before been operated or touched, ensuring that no harm has yet come to them. This is often outweighed, however, by the fact that most lightly used security cameras are in just as good shape as new, due to a camera’s lofty position.


Another option you have when considering whether to buy new or used is refurbished. Priced in between new and used items, refurbished equipment has been repaired by the manufacturer and is guaranteed to be operational. Refurbished equipment sometimes ceases to work intermittently, but usually works decently for a good while beforehand.

The only way to procure “new” refurbished surveillance equipment is through the manufacturer, as they perform the necessary repairs. These products can also be purchased, of course, secondhand from individuals both online and from physical locations. A positive aspect of refurbished equipment that often lures more buyers is the presence of a warranty. Comparable coverage is offered but refurbished warranties sometimes protect a smaller period of time.

Where to Buy Affordable Security Systems in South Florida Getting the most out of your money

For those who strive to save as much money as possible when creating a surveillance system, there are several tips that can be utilized to reduce unnecessary expenses. Purchasing, installing, and operating your security system can be done less expensively by ousting frivolous costs. Cutting costs throughout the entire process will leave you with a lessened bill at the conclusion of your endeavor.

To lessen financial burden while selecting camera equipment to buy, you should browse only selections of used products, extending to refurbished only if you believe a warranty will be worth the increased cost. Comb newspaper and online classifieds for great deals and be sure to check eBay and other auction sites as well. Checking at last once daily is imperative as new listings are added regularly, especially of more popular items.

Installing a security system is going to prove expensive regardless of how cheaply it’s performed. Depending upon how intricate and intrusive your surveillance system must be, you should be able to perform a percentage of the physical labor required for installation. If you are experienced with electronics and mounting equipment you can probably perform the entire operation with your own labor, but those with no knowledge of these areas will definitely need hired hands, especially when walls must be cut through to accommodate wiring.

Running a cost-efficient security system is not as daunting of a task as it may first seem. Simple energy conservation techniques will cut your electrical bill significantly. Power off equipment that is not currently being used and be sure to only run what is necessary, especially when recording and observing overnight. Many do not realize the amount of money that is wasted by leaving even simple appliances running overnight when it’s not necessary.

Providing physical protection for your cameras is also imperative, especially when no warranty or insurance is in effect. Anti-vandalism domes and other protective accessories ensure the longevity of your investments and prevent crime by warding off those who would attempt to disable a camera. For this reason you should also never leave wires or cables exposed as they can be easily cut in the event of a crime, disabling observation and the collection of evidence.

A great amount of money can also be saved by switching from VHS to digital technology. Many still use VHS tapes to record security footage because of how inexpensive the required equipment is. However, the vast amount of blank tapes required for this medium offset these savings; it is far less expensive to use digital recordings that can be simply reviewed using a computer. Digital equipment is, of course, more expensive than VHS-based surveillance systems, but the extra cost is well worth the money saved by eliminating the perpetual need for blank videotapes, especially for those who record footage on a daily basis.

Because of the wide availability of security cameras and other surveillance equipment, these items can be found from a variety of sources and outlets. Affordable security systems in south Florida are available from many physical stores and online outlets. A great amount of money can also be saved during installation and operation of these surveillance systems, especially once you become acquainted with the mechanics of this equipment.

Residents of south Florida will find it easier and cheaper to implement security systems as technology advances, leaving outdated cameras to be picked up for little cost and creating advanced systems for those who need them.