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Home Security Systems for Mansions West Palm Beach


Damon Delcoro


May 18, 2012


Home Security Systems for Mansions West Palm BeachBillionaires love Palm Beach. If you are one of them, then here are some properties that you might want to consider buying.

First up we have 1530 South Ocean Boulevard. This British Colonial-style home has an extremely high elevation giving the owner an outstanding view of the Intracoastal Waterway and the ocean beyond. The unusual elevation also allows the home to catch the ocean breezes allowing for natural cooling. The home’s neutral palette is simply waiting for the new owner to add the finishing touches. The first floor is decorated with crema marfil marble. The new owners will simply love the extra wide staircase with wrought iron and brass handrails that leads to the homes four bedrooms, each with a private balcony. The home was built in 1996 and most of the main rooms have 21 foot ceilings, while the bedrooms have 11 foot ceilings. Each bedroom also has expansive walk-in closets. This new home has a beautiful circular flow to the main floor making it perfect for entertaining guests. The new owners will certainly enjoy the large eat-in kitchen and the ultramodern exercise room. The home has 7,179 square feet of living space that is so well designed that the owner will enjoy each inch of it.

Almost next door to the property at 1530 South Ocean Boulevard, is another beautiful home for sale. This beautiful mansion is a French inspired chateau with beautiful European marble, oak flooring and antique stone decorations. The 4,000 square foot master suite is one of the highlights of this 27,355 square foot home. The home also features a The new owners will love the symmetry of this home that has one of the most stately fountain gardens to be found in Palm Beach. Parking on this estate is very easy with the home featuring more than 50 parking spaces. The home boasts 250 feet of exclusive waterfront access. The foyer to this exclusive home which has never been lived in is a art lover’s paradise. The home also features a 3,000 bottle bar. In the same neighborhood is the property at 1220 South Ocean Boulevard. This home has 2.5 acres that goes with the 20,129 square foot home. The home features nine bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. Outside the new owners will enjoy the sculpture garden, a
private dock and a fountain-bedecked pool.

Just down the street at 820 South Ocean Boulevard is another property of 1.92 acres for sale. The property includes both ocean front access and Intracoastal Waterway access. The new owner will enjoy stunning views of the water from the 17,454 square foot home. The house contains eight beautiful bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. This home is perfect for the athletic homeowner as the house offers a private dock along with a tennis court, pool, spa and loggia. The new owners also get a full access pass to the nearby Ritz Carlton Hotel’s private club. The property last sold in August 2008 for just over $22 million dollars. Currently, a guest house is being constructed. The three-story home was last remodeled in 2007. The new homeowners will enjoy the waterfall at this beautiful home. They will also enjoy the marble sundecks and walkways. Entertaining at this home is a breeze, thanks to the outdoor summer kitchen.

To the north lies the beautiful property at 911 North Ocean Boulevard. This property is listed for just over $49,000,000. This is one of the few remaining examples of the Great Houses of Palm Beach. This home, affectionately known as Louwana, was built in 1919. History lovers will adore this property with its 12 bedrooms and 13 and a half baths. The master bedroom of Louwana measures 30 feet by 24 feet. The owners can simply walk out of the master bedroom to be on their own secluded beach.

Not all mansions in lie on or near Billionaire’s Row. Take for example, the wonderful property located at 473 North County Road. This beautiful 10,546 square foot mansion was built in 1923 and has been very well taken care of. The home features tennis courts, a cabana, a pool-house, a swimming pool and spa. Imagine the fun that you can have entertaining overnight company in the 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms of this beautiful mansion. It can all be yours for $28,000,000.

Columbia University would love for you to buy the property which it owns at 89 Middle Road for $59,000,000. The four acre estate features two main houses and three guest houses. The Spanish style estate has ten bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The first buildings on this property were constructed in 1923. Enjoy taking the private staircase to the exclusive beach located just steps from this home.

When buying one of these mansions, you will need to be sure that you have a great home security system in place. While no mansion owner is going to give you all the secrets to mansion security, there are some elements that they all have in common.

Security to these mansions is a well thought out process that begins at the front gate. The gate is secured to a touch pad that the person has to have the code for the gate to open. In some mansions, the gate is only opened when the identity of the person is confirmed by a security guard at a remote location. These security guards often use a ptz camera to identify the person. The security guard can pan the camera, tilt the camera and zoom the camera to assure the person’s identity before they open the gate. This camera will often be an infrared camera requiring no light to operate. This camera will usually record the information on the camera as well as sending the information to the remote location. The camera will have enough megapixels so that the operator can even read the license plate of the car. These cameras will have a battery backup so the camera will continue to operate if the electricity fails.

Each area of the mansion in Palm Beach will be equipped with security cameras. Special attention will be given to areas where the mansion’s property meets the ocean front. Each of these areas will also be equipped with a ptz camera.

The parking area of the mansion is another area of great concern for the security team. The area will be covered with numerous security cameras that will often duplicate the same coverage area should one camera fail. Many mansions have nearly 50 security cameras on the outside of the property so that each area of the property can be clearly viewed. Of course, these security cameras will be discreetly hidden so that they will not be noticed by intruders.

The front door of the home will also be highly protected. From a remote location, anything left at the door can be clearly viewed on a security system. Any person wanting to enter the mansion will have to identify themselves before being allowed to enter.

The windows of the home will also be protected. Each window, particularly on the ground floor, will have an alarm that will sound should the glass be broken. If the home has balconies these areas will also be highly protected. Of course, the security system is only as good as the people monitoring the system. Rest assured if you buy a mansion in Palm Beach many companies are available with outstanding records to provide this monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week for you and your family.

Each area inside the home will be further protected by security cameras. You can expect to find some type of security camera within each room of the mansion in Palm Beach. Many mansions within Palm Beach will have 35 or more security cameras inside the home.

Hidden throughout the home will also be private spy cameras. These cameras will often be hidden in pens, clocks and in other common items. These very small cameras will be distributed around the home to assure that each occupant of the home remains well protected.

Anytime a party happens in one of these mansions, expect at least some of the party attendees to be security. These men and women will look like normal party attendees. Most of them, however, will be armed. If trouble arises, expect them to take care of the problem very quickly.

Children who live in the mansions of Palm Beach pose particular security risks. Expect that these children may very well be home-schooled. Their teachers and all other employees of the mansion will have to submit to extensive background checks. They will also have their fingerprints on file.

Mansion security must be very tight to protect the property and occupants. If you own or buy one of these mansions make sure to work with only the very best companies. The security that protects these mansions is also available to protect your own home, in the event you cannot afford one of these mansions for sale in Palm Beach. Home security is very important regardless of where you live.

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