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Best Surveillance Systems For Bars And Restaurants In Miami, FL


Damon Delcoro


May 15, 2013


Best Surveillance Systems For Bars And Restaurants In Miami, FLMiami, Florida is a great place to visit if you are looking for upbeat nightlife. Most of the restaurants and bars have surveillance security cameras installed for everyone’s protection. Some surveillance cameras are in plain sight and many are hidden. Video feeds help law enforcement agencies find perpetrators responsible for crimes such as robbery, theft and assault. The video feeds give the officers the proof they need to convict a criminal. Surveillance systems in bars and restaurants have helped many former criminal cases in courts. If you are looking for a new surveillance system for your bar and restaurant, the choices can get confusing fast.

There are a variety of security camera manufacturers on the market today. The first step is to determine how many cameras you need to record the areas in the bar where you want security coverage. You can contact a security company that will send an auditor to your restaurant and bar to make recommendations. Consider placing security cameras outside of your business to enhance security. A single camera can be purchased that will accommodate a total of 32 cameras. You also need to determine whether you want the system monitored by a professional alarm company. These companies can dedicate security guards to watch your live video feeds. You can also hire your own security department to handle these tasks.

Virtual surveillance companies are located throughout the nation. Popular bars and restaurants often use this type of security to monitor their systems. These systems are also helpful for detecting employee theft, reduce your liability risk and promote safety within the workplace. The costs of installing your surveillance equipment is offset by their benefits. Many commercial security companies will offer you a test pilot period where you can determine the advantages of installing high-tech security equipment. Miami is home to lots of crime and restaurants and bars are often the targets. People are drinking and having a good time. People who drink too much alcohol can cause problems for the restaurant and bar. Reduce your risk of crime by installing a high-quality security system in your business.

There are a variety of cameras to choose from including PTZ. These cameras stand for pan-tilt-zoom. This is one of the best cameras you can install. The camera does not just stay in one position. It will scan an area and zoom in for a better look at what is happening in the area. PTZ cameras are the most common type of camera for businesses. You should install bullet cameras on the outside of your business. These cameras can be focused on the front of the restaurant. This will ensure you have good video feeds of people entering the restaurant. You also want visitors to visibly see the cameras and understand they are being recorded. Install security signs inside your restaurant warning visitors of the presence of your security cameras. Many state laws require people to be warned before they are videotaped inside a private business. In most states, there is no law regarding videoing people in a public environment.

Many large cities that have a high crime rate install security cameras throughout the city. They are installed in high-crime areas such as downtown or other areas of the city. This has significantly reduced the number of incidents. Many criminals spread the word about the presence of these cameras. Law enforcement agencies must budget the addition of more cameras. It is believed by many security professionals that one day every part of large cities will be monitored. This is a significant improvement for safety while out having a good time. Many police departments have an entire department dedicated to watching their security cameras. This makes responding to criminal events much faster. The police are often overworked and understaffed. The installation of security cameras helps to resolve the problem.

Parking Lot Security

The parking lot of restaurants and bars is often the scene of crimes. If you are installing security surveillance cameras inside your restaurant and bar, you should include the parking lot too. People who have too much to drink can cause fights and other types of assaults. Consider hiring a security guard to monitor your parking areas. This can improve the number of visitors to your restaurant because they may feel safer. The parking lot is often a dark place where crimes can easily be committed. Make sure you have good lighting in your parking lots. If you have to hire a security guard, consider charging a small fee for parking. This can offset your costs of hiring a security guard. Safe parking areas can be achieved with a little planning and organization.

Types Of Commercial Security Cameras

There are a variety of commercial security cameras available for a wide range of uses. There are cameras that record in low-light conditions, detect movement or when there is no light available. The storage capabilities of the camera is another important consideration. Many wireless surveillance systems feature IP cameras that are monitored through electronic devices that are connected to the Internet. The resolution of the camera is another consideration. A camera with high-resolution will produce a clearer image. If you need a camera to zoom in on the details of a person’s face, then choose a camera system with those capabilities. The choices are confusing so it’s best to speak with a security consultant about your personal business security needs.

Outdoor security surveillance systems must be made out of materials that protect it from the weather conditions. It must be able to withstand high winds and torrential rains. Choose an outdoor security system for your parking areas. The indoor cameras don’t have to withstand outdoor elements. Make sure your indoor cameras are located in areas that make it difficult to become damaged. You also don’t want them to be easy to destroy or tampered with. A well-built commercial surveillance system can be found at any home security retail or online store. If you buy your equipment online, make sure the company has been in business for a few years. Most online security companies offer knowledgeable professionals that can help you choose your surveillance equipment.

Theft In The WorkplaceBest Surveillance Systems For Bars And Restaurants In Miami, FL

Many restaurant and bar owners struggle with theft in the workplace. That’s because they deal with a large volume of cash and credit. Employees who handle cash may be tempted to steal. It is important that you have your surveillance cameras pointed at cash registers and other key areas of the restaurant and bar. Many restaurant owners lose hundreds of thousands of dollars due to employee theft. Consider running background checks on all of your employees before you hire them. This can significantly reduce your risks of theft. Develop a good accounting system that makes it easier for you to track your sales of food and liquor. Problems can arise with cash tips of alcohol and restaurant staff members. However, a good accounting system can keep your losses at a minimum.

Violence In The Workplace

Violence is a problem for many business owners of restaurant and bars. You should hire at least one security personnel member whose job is to remove patrons who are disorderly or otherwise disturbing others. Business owners have the right to serve whomever they choose. If someone repeatedly causes problems, you can ban them from your business. Prevention is the best way to keep violence incidents to a minimum. Establish a cutoff time when alcoholic beverages are no longer served. This can also release you from liability should someone become intoxicated at your bar and leave causing an accident. It is every restaurant and bar owner’s responsibility to serve people who are not drunk. If you notice a patron has had too much to drink, call on your security staff to call them a cab. This will prevent them from drinking and driving. Many restaurant owners take it upon themselves to protect drunk patrons. If the intoxicated person is not causing any problems, you may consider letting them stay in the restaurant until they are sober.

Security Camera Styles

There are a variety of security styles to choose from when it comes to buying new equipment. You can choose from bullet, dome or tilt and zoom. Bullet cameras are a popular style when you want your cameras to be seen by the public. They can be installed indoors or out. These cameras can be equipped with motion detecting sensors that are used for protecting the outdoor area of your business. Make sure you choose well-built outdoor bullet cameras that can stand up to inclement weather. Dome cameras are a convenient way to conceal the camera’s angle behind the dark glass. These are seen most often in convenience stores, shopping malls and retail stores. The dark glass prevents employees or customers from viewing the camera. This is a great way to improve security around the entry doors, stockrooms and cash registers. You may want to use a covert camera near the cash registers. Covert cameras are a popular way to prevent employee thefts. These cameras are almost impossible to detect. They can be placed almost anywhere without detection. Some businesses use these tiny cameras inside their cash registers. The tilt and zoom camera is a convenient camera for entryways into your business. If you need to view the video feeds later, then the clarity of the feed will help you identify someone. You will probably need a variety of camera styles for your restaurant and bar. The costs for installing a complete security system is minimal when you consider the security benefits.

Stockroom Security

One of the popular areas for employee theft is the stockroom. This is where business owners keep their equipment and supplies. Many employees consider the stockroom a great opportunity to steal under the cover of the stockroom. However, if you install security cameras in these areas, your employees will think twice before they steal items. It is important that you train your employees about detecting theft. Many times an employee will see someone else steal something but not say anything. Consider rewarding employees who report theft through anonymous outlets such as secured suggestion boxes. You can even establish a phone number where tips can be called in. Employee theft will make your costs rise higher and your profits lower. This can be a problem with any business owner. If you address the issues and train your employees, you can reduce the number of incidents in your restaurant and bar. The stockroom contains almost everything you need to run your business. Make sure it is secure by installing high-quality surveillance equipment.

Monitoring Your Surveillance Cameras

When choosing a new security system, you must decide how the video will be monitored. If you choose to hire a professional monitoring company, it will cost more. Compare the costs between hiring your own security employee versus the costs of your local security monitoring company. Choose the method that cost you less money. Some restaurant owners only review the video footage if there has been an incident. However, if you don’t monitor your video feeds, employees will eventually find out. This can create problems down the road with employee theft. Protecting your restaurant and bar requires a plan. The best security plans are carefully planned. The unexpected should always be included in your security plan. Make sure employees know what to do in case of a robbery. You may want to install a silent alarm near cash registers. A silent alarm will alert the local law enforcement agency and send the police. This can help the police apprehend the perpetrator quickly. When you hire a new employee, security should be a part of the training program. If you and all of your employees are well-prepared for potential crimes, then it will be easier for everyone to remain calm. Make sure everyone has a part in your security plan. You should also include fire alarm training for new employees. Every person should know where the evacuation routes are located in your restaurant and bar. Contact us today to learn more about custom security systems for your bar or restaurant.