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Best Security Cameras For Casinos In South Florida


Damon Delcoro


November 29, 2012


security cameras for casinos south floridaCasinos offer numerous opportunities for adults from a variety of backgrounds to enjoy restaurants, gambling and live shows. When you think about the large amounts of individuals coming into and out of the doors on a daily basis, it makes things quite difficult to determine whether there is a criminal on the property or not. In today’s society, modern technology proves to be quite beneficial to help assist security personnel and management to catch any potential thieves using an array of different surveillance systems. Many of these cases go to show you that the cameras work alongside of those who monitor them on closed-circuit televisions. It enables them to watch the crowds with a degree of accuracy in helping to keep the number of thefts at a minimum.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras
Based upon standards across the industry, this camera provides the operator with the ability to choose anything on the floor of the casino and zoom in tightly on the subject in question. These cameras provide users with the ability to zoom in on an ATM machine used by customers, which can provide staff members with information regarding how much money you withdrew or have access to utilize in their establishment. Another key function is the ability to observe all of your staff members and allows your security personnel to verify whether the dealers are cooperating with all of the guests or not. Ensuring there aren’t any unfair gambling practices underway is imperative to the operation of your business. Many casinos around the world have one of these cameras on the top of every one of their tables. This allows the user to garner an accurate and clear picture of all the actions by their dealers and patrons in their establishment.

High Mega Pixel Cameras
The casino industry has been taken by storm with the incorporation of high mega pixel cameras. They work to help provide the security industry with some amazing high-resolution imagery of the dice and cards on the tables. This helps to ensure whether there actually was a lucky roll to garner a substantial win for patrons of the casino. Dealers are prone to making mistakes that could be potentially dangerous for the casino industry, which is where these cameras come into play to provide you with a system to help perform a double check of everything at the tables. It helps ensure the odds are accurate and your tables remain profitable for you as the owner of a casino. These cameras are able to provide you with a wider picture than their counterparts, which allows one camera to watch over a single table. Costs will be lowered thanks to the amazing versatility these cameras have to offer your business. One of the standard models helps to solve the problems many casinos face with bandwidth and storage space in their security systems. This provides casinos with a viable option for implementing security cameras on a larger scale.

Analog Cameras
If you are the victim of a security breach, the criminal is added into a book of individuals who are not allowed to enter into the casinos again. The only problem with this is that many of these individuals will utilize an amazing disguise to help deceive the security systems and provide themselves with a means of gambling and stealing from the casinos yet again. Using analog cameras helps to provide you with the ability to record activity on the casino floors. Analog cameras use security systems to help run through a series of biometric software during the recording process at a rate of 30 frames per second. Thanks to this software, it implores a database of all known thefts in casinos. It works to continually run the software and ensure there are no potential perpetrators inside of your facility. If there is an individual who enters into the casino that are part of this database, the security personnel will be notified so they can take appropriate action. Actions of current guests and employees are also monitored to help prevent any potential crime from happening.

Benefits of Surveillance Footage for Casinos
Security systems play an important role in the gaming industry. In a casino, the threat of criminal activity is at a level just as high as the stakes on the tables. It is important that facilities be monitored properly. Since the flow of money and people in a casino is continual, the amount of risks associated with it is on the rise. When you have the proper surveillance system in place, your fears and worries will be quelled. Your patrons will be able to enjoy themselves while playing on the casino floor.

Ease of Installation
Since IP cameras are able to function using a network, they are extremely flexible and you can install them just about anywhere you can think of in your facility. You don’t have to worry about installing a bunch of coaxial cables to make the system work. All you need to do is mount the security cameras in the appropriate locations and establish your connection with the network and your recording system.

Controlling the Crowd
When it comes to a casino, you have thousands of people at any given time on your property. It is imperative that you have surveillance systems that are capable of watching for any suspicious activity or disruptions around your premises.

Monitor Those Who Look Suspicious
There is always the potential threat of gamblers who are searching for methods to beat the gambling system through hustling or cheating at the tables. When you place cameras in strategic locations around the facility, it helps to provide you with a clear view of everything going on at the gaming tables. It allows the security personnel to monitor all of the moves an individual player makes.

Prevention of Theft
Surveillance cameras work to help deter any potential criminal activity on the casino floor. Since criminals have it in their minds that they are being watched and could wind up being caught, they will often think twice before deciding to do something that could get them in trouble. If there is an incident that occurs on the casino floor, you can rest assured that the individual will be identified during the police investigation. One of the other big issues in casinos is that of employee theft. Proper security systems help eliminate the potential of any employee theft in your facility.

Lower Incidence of Violence and Fighting
When dealing with large amounts of people, gambling in a high stakes situation and alcoholic beverages, you could end up fighting of a difficult situation. If you have video surveillance systems in place, it allows employees to dispatch security personnel to the floor in a timely and efficient manner. As soon as a dispute appears, the security personnel will be able to handle it quickly without allowing it to escalate to a higher level.

Monitoring Your System Remotely
An IP system provides you with the surveillance technology your security department needs to help monitor all of the security footage and operate all of the surveillance cameras when you are away from the premises.

Risks Associated with Security Cameras in Casinos
Even though security cameras are acceptable in a public location, they are not allowed in certain areas of your casino. Putting a security camera inside of your bathrooms is often viewed as a violation of the individual’s privacy. It is perfectly acceptable to put cameras on the entrances, exits, gaming floor and at the bars.

Consider This When Installing a Surveillance System in Your Casino
Casinos need to have an extremely high level of security in place, which is why the appropriate surveillance system is imperative in a gaming facility. You will not only be working to protect your property, but you are also protecting your guests who come inside of your establishment. As you choose your surveillance system, consider some of the following factors:
• Do you know what the security risks are inside of your facility? Understanding what you are working with provides you with an idea of what type of system you need to protect your property and everyone inside of it.

• Do you currently have a security system on your property? If you have a system in place, you need to know what types of cameras you can incorporate with your existing system. It is imperative that all of your surveillance equipment works together to provide you with the level of protection you desire.

• Are there an ample amount of security personnel on your property? You need to make sure you have enough security officials to handle anything that may develop. Having the proper security system is essential, but if you don’t have the proper personnel to handle a situation, it won’t do you any good.

• Is there a prior history of individuals cheating at the tables? If you have had issues in the past with people trying to cheat at your gambling tables, you need to make sure you are protected with a security system. The last thing you want is to lose money to someone who is trying to play unfairly. Not only is that not fair to your business, but also to all of the other patrons as well.

• Do you have many situations involving fighting at your casino? If you have an incidence of fighting and violence on the floor, having a security system helps to eliminate any troubles in identifying the individuals responsible for the problem. They will have to face the consequences of their actions with the security personnel at your establishment.

• Do you have a large amount of people in your establishment on a regular basis? Are you constantly busy? If so, you can help manage the crowds with a security camera monitoring the floor. When it comes to large amounts of people in one location, anything can happen. It is important that you have a security system in place to help determine what is going on with your floor when you are unable to see all the areas at one time.

• Is there adequate monitoring at all of the cashier areas? You never know what may happen if your employees are not monitored. Employee theft can happen at any time, which is why it is imperative that you have a monitoring system in place to ensure your assets are protected. Beyond simple employee theft, there is also the chance of criminal activity occurring when the employee is by themselves with a customer.

• Do you have issues with theft inside of the casino? Theft is one of the main reasons why casinos suffer financially. When you have theft inside of your facility, it not only affects your bottom line, but it makes it that much more difficult to operate effectively.

• Do you have any high stakes tables that are in need of extra monitoring and specialized attention? When you have tables that are dealing with large amounts of money at a time, it is crucial that you have security systems monitoring everything that goes on at that table. Not only are you protecting the transactions that occur, but you are ensuring the safety and security of all those who choose to use the table.

• Do you have issues with employee theft inside of your facilities? When you are working with large amounts of cash at one time, it can often be tempting to many individuals working in your gambling facility. To protect your investment, it is crucial that you monitor everything that goes on inside of your facility. Monitoring your employees enables you to eliminate those who are stealing from your company.
Regardless of how you look at it, you need to ensure the safety and security of all those who enter into your casino. From employees to patrons, it is imperative that you have the best interest of everyone in mind. Contact us today for a free security quote.