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Best Quality Security Cameras For Fort Lauderdale Banks


Damon Delcoro


December 21, 2012


security cameras for banksTo find one of the best security cameras on the market, you will need to know what primary features to search for before making your final purchase. Not only is it an investment to enhance your security system, but it is something you should take care and precaution before jumping into any important decisions.

Infrared capabilities are one of the main features you should look for in a good quality security system. This feature is different from a traditional low lighting camera. It will be able to pick video feed up in complete darkness. Using a series of infrared lights, it helps to illuminate the area in front of your camera lens, which allows it to view everything around it, regardless of how dark it is at the time.

Getting a camera with infrared technology ensures you will never have to worry about an intruder using the darkness to help prevent being detected. This feature is worth the extra investment, and you will appreciate the added layer of protection you get with this feature. Another feature that is imperative to have inside of a bank is that of a vandal resistant camera. Even though there may not be a camera that is vandal proof, there are those that can deter the criminal for a decent amount of time.

The best thing you can do is make it to where the crook spends enough time trying to disable the camera that you are going to get an abundance of video, which can be used to prosecute them. If you have a camera that only takes a single hit of the bat to knock it out, you are wasting your money and not doing any good for your business. Giving the crooks something that slows them up will help aid in catching them later on down the road.

A quality camera will have a resolution of at least 380 lines. Getting as much information and detail about the crooks will help the police arrest the perpetrator in the shortest amount of time possible. It is imperative that you have a security camera with an exceptional resolution rate, since that will give you more detail in the picture.

When it comes to apprehending the criminal, an excellent picture of the individual’s tattoos, scars or other identifying markings could mean the difference between an arrest and someone getting away. Every time someone is arrested, law enforcement officials document the identifying marks. You don’t want to take the chance on missing important information just for the sake of saving a few dollars on the cost of equipment.

Another key consideration to account for is that of a color camera. When you have color security cameras working on your side, it provides you with pertinent information that otherwise would go security camera monitoring in colorunnoticed. For example, the color of clothing or other identifying features can help catch someone who may be out walking along the streets in an attempt to blend in with the public. Beyond the color of the suspects clothing, you will also be able to identify hair coloring and eye coloring. All of those little things can mean the world of difference in apprehending a criminal.

To find the perfect surveillance camera for your business, consider some of the following questions to help you along the way:

• Am I going to need a security camera that can handle both inside and outside situations?

• What type of lighting will be available in the area of which the camera is going to be located?

• Will it be necessary to have the camera see during the darkness?

• What methods am I going to use for mounting the individual cameras?

• What body style will look the best for my specific degree of installation?

• Does the color of the cameras outside make a difference for my particular location?

• How far away from the monitoring location am I from where I want the camera to be located?

• What type of lens is going to work the best for my specific purpose?

Given the fact that there are so many different options on the market today, people will often struggle to find the perfect surveillance camera for their needs. Depending upon your specific situation, only you will be able to determine the perfect security camera for your situation. The best thing you can do is take the time and speak with a professional who can help guide you through the entire process from start to finish and alleviate any fears or concerns you have about the camera choices. Good vendors will provide you with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision based on the equipment they have to offer. Always ask any questions about the equipment before you commit to purchasing the units. Contact us today.