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Best CCTV Remote Surveillance Systems for Retail Stores in West Palm Beach FL


Damon Delcoro


May 2, 2013

Share systems have been a staple of surveillance systems for countless years. The systems of today have numerous advantages to them when compared to the systems from years ago. As the technology continues to grow and improve, the capabilities provided in the CCTV systems do as well.

IP Security Systems

Today’s surveillance system use CCTV cameras featuring IP technology. An IP security system has a far better level of resolution than that of the traditional analog surveillance systems. They are also a lot easier to install and the features are simpler to operate and understand. Thanks to the ease of use and simplicity in operating these cameras, they are one of the most popular on the market today. Regardless of where you happen to be, all you need is Internet access to see exactly what is going on around your home or business.

Combine Analog Technology and CCTV Technology

Replacing your entire analog security system with the newer IP ones can be quite costly, but the good thing is that you don’t have to take things to that extent. All you need to do is integrate the analog system with that of the IP technology through a hybrid platform. Doing so is going to provide you with a number of different benefits in the new technology. It is also a more cost effective option than trying to start from scratch with an entirely new set of equipment.

Advantages to CCTV Systems

Regardless of whether you decide to replace your entire analog system with a new IP system or integrate your old technology, you are going to reap a whole host of benefits.

Inexpensive, maintenance free and easy to set up

In today’s society, it is simple to buy and install the CCTV systems and all of their related components. Maintenance is a breeze, so you will never have to worry about stressing yourself out with what you need to do to ensure their functionality. All of the information that the cameras receive is stored easily. You won’t have to worry about corruption of all your data, which is crucial in catching an intruder in the act. Information will be recorded into your DVR using the CCTV system, instead of using a traditional tape that can be damaged over the course of time. You also have the option of downloading the information onto a computer. If you need to save the information for an extended period of time, you have the option of burning it onto a CD.

Even though the technology in an analog system is relatively higher in price and the equipment for recording is extensive and difficult to manage, the CCTV cameras of today have shrunk in price and size compared to what they once were. The capabilities these units provide users allow you to have what you need at an affordable price. Even though you may want the cameras in view for a number of security reasons, the CCTV cameras are not very large at all. You can place the cameras anywhere you desire without having to worry about compromising your coverage area.

Continual recording capabilities from all of the cameras

Since the older analog security systems that once taped only allowed time-lapse recordings, they quickly became replaced by the newer CCTV systems of today. Today’s CCTV systems are able to record information on a continual basis, thus allowing it to be saved and captured from every one of your cameras. Business owners are able to track and monitor the feed from all of the different sources. They can keep records that ensure efficiency in the workplace. Analog tapes often ended up being taped over, which would cause important information to be lost in the process.


Since the CCTV systems today can be purchased in a variety of different sizes, configurations and functions, you have the capability of choosing your system based entirely upon what it is that you need. As your business continues to grow and flourish, you will be able to expand your system and add additional cameras as you see fit. Thanks to the technology being relatively inexpensive, you will be able to grow and expand upon your system as you desire without having to worry about flexibility, expenses and storage space that a traditional system provides you with.

Benefits to a CCTV System

CCTV surveillance systems provide you with the best equipment in today’s society. The purpose of these systems is to help monitor businesses and homes to prevent shoplifting, theft and much more. These cameras are able to record the video on a continual basis and deter potential criminals from entering into your property. They work as a deterrent to send the criminals somewhere else where there are no security cameras present. The underlying purpose in these units is to keep the criminals away from your property and prevent theft. You will be able to identify the individual in the event something does occur, so you will always be protected even after the fact. Place these cameras in a location that will help to keep the criminals at bay.

Prevent Potential Shoplifting

Cameras are often placed inside of malls, stores and various other businesses to ensure continual monitoring of the property and everything inside of it. The cameras are a great deterrent for shoplifters. All of your cameras will be able to watch a single location in the store using zoom technology to provide you with an enhanced level of facial recognition.

Prevent Potential Vandalism in Stores, Malls and Shops

Cameras are often positioned on the outside of stores, malls and other shops to keep an eye on what occurs outside of your establishment. The main idea is to help detect any potential vandalism before it happens, so that way it can be prevented before it even occurs. When you have security cameras in place, the security personnel will be able to monitor whether someone is trying to act out in a manner that is dangerous to the store.

Homeowners Can Ensure the Protection of Their Homes

Security cameras will be able to record and monitor the exterior of the home to show you who it is that is coming to your door. It also provides you with the ability to monitor your home while you are way or when the kids are at home by themselves.

In today’s society, many areas have a level of theft that far exceeds that beyond the traditional areas. It is imperative that you take the proper steps to prevent any potential theft from occurring in the first place. In the event something does go awry, you will have the security footage to turn over to law enforcement officials to help in catching the criminal. When you have a security system in your home, it helps to discourage potential criminals from attempting to enter into your home. Thwarting criminals from your property will help provide you with a sense of security and the peace of mind you need when going on vacation.

Various types of security systems are on the market from which you can choose. You can start with something relatively cheap and work your way up to something that costs a few thousand dollars. The main thing is to look for something that is going to meet your specific requirements. A wireless system is one of the latest on the market today. They are able to go in any number of places without having to worry about wires and a complicated installation. Most of the time, you simply plug these items in and they start to broadcast the signals onto your DVR or computer.

If you are contemplating on whether you should invest in a security system, don’t hesitate to get one of these units installed quickly. The amount of money you spend will be well worth it in the end. When you get a great system installed in your home or business that meets your needs, it helps ensure you and everything you care about are safe and secure at all times.

Prosecution and Detection for Criminal Activity

CCTV surveillance cameras are at the forefront of security systems today. They have been viewed in a positive light for publicity sake over the years. Countless trends are emerging when it comes to the types of security systems that you can purchase on the market today. Numerous people are taking interest in these cameras, which are often referred to as the cameras inside of the light bulb. You can easily take these cameras and screw them into a light socket thanks to the inside of the CCTV camera. It is one of the most sophisticated cameras on the market for business owners today.

Most of the modern systems are extremely lightweight, simple to use and cheap enough to purchase that you can use them in your home or business setting. Plenty of new technology is available that can take images in 1600 x 1200 resolution. This allows you to record the footage in a time-lapse setting or motion sensitive setting. Numerous techniques are available for the camera such as that of low lighting, pan/tilt/zoom, license plate technology and infrared lighting.

The CCTV cameras work to observe everything that is going on inside of your business from a remote location. Industries are using these cameras more and more to protect those who work for their company. Not only do they help ensure the safety of your workers ad facilities, but they also work to ensure your bottom line is not affected from shoplifting or theft. Setting up a thermal imaging camera allows you to measure temperatures inside of your establishment and ensure everything is operating at optimal capacity.

A broad range of surveillance products is available on the market at a reasonable price. Thanks to the CCTV cameras, you will be able to provide your security personnel with the remote monitoring solutions they need to ensure no theft, vandalism or shoplifting occurs while you are away from the property.

Security cameras help to reduce the occurrence of criminal activity, misconduct from employees and theft. When you have security cameras in place, it helps provide you with the opportunity to monitor everything that occurs in your business. The transition to digital from analog is going to make a huge difference in the way that cameras operate today. Thanks to higher shutter speeds, increased memory capacity and enhanced resolution, you will be able to take photos by motion detection or on a rolling basis. Since these cameras are easy to install and set up, many people are using them in businesses today. You can store images on your computer with ease.

The CCTV system has been established in a number of different industries, commercial locations and offices to help supervise employees and anyone entering into the property. These systems have a whole host of uses around your establishment. They can be built into smoke alarms, clocks, radios and a number of other items around your property. Anything that is recorded on the camera will be useful in a court of law for bringing someone to justice. Manufacturers have introduced a number of different cameras including the dome camera, fixed camera, infrared camera, bullet camera, wireless camera, spy cameras and many more.

Even though the common usage of CCTV cameras is to deter criminal activity, they are great for bringing someone to justice in the courtroom. Countless cases have been solved thanks to the information contained on these cameras. They will automatically capture any images and store them to your computer or DVR through a wireless adapter or USB cable. The potential possibilities are endless with a security camera in place around your business. Don’t leave anything to chance when you have the opportunity to prevent potential loss around your business. Take the time to look through all of the various options and choose which one is right for you today. Contact us today for a risk free consultation.