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10 Reasons Why you Need a Home Security System


Damon Delcoro


July 24, 2012


Many people debate over whether they should install a security system in their home or not, but you are taking a big risk if you do not have one. Security systems vary, but you are better off if you purchase a security system that is monitored by a security company and that includes surveillance cameras, motion detectors and a burglar alarm. However, any level of security is better than none at all, and the effectiveness of any security system can be increased by taking simple steps toward a more secure home.

If you are unsure about spending money on a security system, you shouldn’t be. Although you will have to pay to purchase your equipment and to have it installed, there are countless reasons why having a security system is a good idea. Along with many other reasons, here are ten good reasons to have a home security system.

1. You will sleep easier. – Whether you are a laid-back person, a worrywart or if you fall somewhere in between, you certainly worry about the 10 Reasons Why you Need a Home Security Systemsafety of yourself, your family and your belongings at least some of the time. With a home security system in place, you do not have to worry any longer. You will be surprised by just how relaxed you feel once a home security system is in place, and you do not have to worry about restless nights or worry-filled vacations. A home security system provides peace of mind for your entire family and allows you to sleep easier at night without worrying about the safety of yourself, your family and your home.

2. You can scare burglars away before they ever attempt anything. – Although it is great to have a security system in place if a burglary does occur, it is even better to deter these crimes from happening in the first place. When a burglar is faced with a neighborhood full of houses with little or no protection and a home with a security system, he is sure to choose one of the homes with no security system as his target.

Once your security system is in place, make sure to advertise the fact that your home is protected. Posting signs in your yard warning burglars of burglar alarms and surveillance cameras works wonders in scaring these thieves away. If they are brave enough to approach a door or window, a small sticker or decal reminding him of your security system is often enough to send him scurrying in his tracks.

3. Light up the night in order to cut down on crime. – Although not all crimes happen at night, many thieves and other criminals do wait until it is dark outside before attempting to commit their crimes. A thief or other criminal feels much more comfortable in a dark environment where he feels that he won’t be seen, but taking proper security precautions will help to illuminate the night and to keep burglars at bay. Many security systems include lights that are turned on by motion detectors, and placing these carefully in selective spots of your lawn will help to cut down on hiding places for these criminals.

Since motion detector lights are affordable, ask your security system for extras if you need them, or purchase them from a retail store or online. Make sure that even the darkest and furthest corners of your lawn are protected by these lights, and take extra care to illuminate the areas near entrances to your home, in and around your garage or storage shed and in any other place that they might be necessary.

4. Send a burglar in his tracks. – If your signs and stickers are not enough to scare away a burglar, the loud siren of your alarm system probably will be. Some thieves might attempt to break into a home with these signs because they might think that you are bluffing, but once they attempt to break into a window or door and set off your alarm, they will probably quickly run away without taking the chance of grabbing anything. Between the motion lights and siren, the burglar will want to get away from your home as quickly as possible.

5. Nab the bad guy. – Although home security systems do cut down on theft and other crimes dramatically, there is always the chance that something can happen. However, having a security system in place will help to ensure that the criminal is caught and prosecuted for what he did. When your alarm sounds, your neighbors and nearby law enforcement officers will be alerted to the fact that something is amiss. This makes it more difficult for a burglar to get away without being seen, and he might be stopped immediately, even if he ran away without actually grabbing anything from your home. Along with your sirens, your alarm company will contact the local authorities right away if you have a monitoring service. Alerting the proper authorities without hesitation makes it much easier for them to find the burglar. Without a home security system, however, it could take hours or even days for you to realize that a crime or possible crime has been committed, and it will be that much more difficult for the police to find the person who has burglarized your home.

Security systems that incorporate security cameras are even more effective when it comes to catching a robber or other criminal. Your indoor or outdoor security cameras can pick up vivid footage of what the criminal did and what he looked like, and this evidence can be used to help law enforcement officers to find the culprit. Once he is found and arrested, your surveillance footage can help district attorneys and law enforcement to convict the criminal. This will help to protect you and your family as well as others in the community.

6. Don’t worry about going out of town. – Going on vacation is supposed to be relaxing and fun, but it can be stressful and unsettling to leave your home unattended. You do not want to worry about the safety and security of your home while you are away, but you will not have to if you have a home security system in place. Not only will your system protect your home while you are on vacation, but you will be able to find out what is going on from anywhere in the world. You can hook up your surveillance cameras to your smartphone so that you can watch footage from your home while you are away, and you can alert your security company that you are going out of town so that you will be contacted on your cell phone or other contact number if something goes wrong at your home.

There are other steps that you can take to protect your home while you are away. First of all, consider leaving a few lights on inside your home, and turn on a television or radio to create a bit of noise. Turn your home telephone’s ringer off or turn it down very low, and have a trusted friend or neighbor keep an eye on your home. This trusted person can look out for suspicious activity and can pick up your mail and newspapers so that it isn’t so obvious that you are away. By combining a powerful security system and these methods, you can be worry-free on your vacation, and you do not have to worry about coming home to a ransacked house.

7. Have an ally who is by your side. – Having your safety, security and privacy compromised by a robber or other criminal is never fun, and it 10 Reasons Why you Need a Home Security Systemis downright scary for most people. Although law enforcement officers can be a lot of help in catching burglars, they are not always supportive. However, your security monitoring company will stand by your side when you need it the most. Along with helping you to get the help that you need after a burglary or attempted burglary, your home security system monitoring company will understand what you are going through, and they will be sympathetic of your situation.

8. Monitor places that you never thought about before. – Of course you probably think about locking and dead bolting your doors before you go to bed or before you leave your house, but this is not always a fool-proof solution. Crafty thieves who have the right tools can often pick these locks, and there are other ways that they can gain entry to your home. Many homes have been burglarized because a burglar broke the glass section of a door in order to unlock the door, and burglars also often gain access through windows. A good security system will go off when it senses the motion from a window being broken, and your alarm will also go off if a window or door is opened. It is almost impossible to properly protect these areas of the home without the aid of a good security system.

Security cameras also help to monitor every inch of your property. It is impossible for you to see everything that is going on by yourself, but surveillance cameras will not miss anything if you have enough of them and if they are placed correctly. You can monitor these cameras from a monitor inside your home or via your smartphone. You can also ask your security company to monitor your surveillance cameras, which can be helpful if you are going to be away from home or if you sense that something is going on.

9. Think about other disasters that could happen. – Although the primary reason that most people have a home security system installed is in order to protect against burglars, there are other benefits to having one of these systems as well. Signing up for monitoring services can save your home and your life in more ways than one. For instance, fires can happen in even the newest and safest of homes, and they can destroy your property and even cause injury or death very quickly. However, a security monitoring company will contact your local fire department in the case of a fire, and your security company will call you to let you know what is going on. Since every second counts during a fire, your security company contacting the right authorities can help to save your home, and it can bring the help that you need to save your possessions, pets and even your family.

10. Save money in the long run. – Although many homeowners shy away from purchasing home security systems because they do not want to pay to have them installed, they are actually surprisingly cost-efficient and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Your security system only has to save you from one burglary in order to pay for itself, and there are other savings associated as well.

Once you have your home security system installed, you should contact your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company right away. You would be surprised by the discount that might be available for you after you have taken these security-related precautions. Depending on your insurance company and the discounts that are available, it might not take long for your insurance savings to cover the cost of your surveillance system.

These are certainly not the only reasons why you need a home security system, but they should be reason enough to make you think. Also, there are security systems out there to fit any budget, so there is really no excuse not to have one. If you do your research, you can find a home security system that will protect you and your family in a variety of ways, and you will certainly be glad that you did.

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