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Surveillance System Installation in West Palm Beach


Damon Delcoro


May 18, 2012


Surveillance System Installation in West Palm BeachWhy the 9 Safest Neighborhoods in West Palm Beach Still Need Surveillance Systems

Residents of West Palm Beach have a much higher crime rate than the rest of Florida. If you are a resident of West Palm Beach you have a 1 in 125 chance of becoming a victim of a personal crime that includes murder, rape, robbery and assault. In fact, 95% of the cities of comparable size in the United States are safer than West Palm Beach. In the last year, 19 murders occurred in West Palm Beach. 49 rapes occurred in the last year in the city. 265 robberies occurred in West Palm Beach and 463 assaults occurred in West Palm Beach. While the government works to stop these problems, residents must take steps to protect themselves. One of those steps is the installation of security cameras.

Unfortunately, the crime in West Palm Beach does not stop with personal crimes. It continues with property crimes. It is these crimes that security cameras can do the most to stop. Your chance of being a victim of a property crime in West Palm Beach is 1 in 19. That compares to 1 in 28 for the rest of Florida. Last year there was an amazing 1,255 burglaries in West Palm Beach. Residents experienced 3,473 incidents of theft. They also had 393 vehicles stolen. Residents must take steps to protect their property.

The safest neighborhood in West Palm Beach is Lake Clarke Shores. This neighborhood, just west of Interstate 95, with Florida Mango Road forming the west boundary and Summit Boulevard forming the north boundary still saw 19 houses burglarized during 2011. What if one of those houses was yours? Imagine the horror of coming home to your house to discover that someone had gone through all your personal property, taking your personal property and perhaps, more importantly, your personal information. Imagine that no one saw the crime and you had no security system. It could take the police months to solve the crime and by then all your personal property would be gone forever. Or imagine that you came home to discover that your home was burglarized, but you had all the evidence the police needed recorded on your security system. This evidence could allow the police to solve the crime before the robbers could dispose of your goods and use your personal information. Is it not time to talk to a professional about installing a home security system today?

The second safest neighborhood in West Palm Beach is the area around 130th Avenue and 60th street. The median home value here is $268,792. Yet, many of those homes have no security system. Residents often leave their homes unprotected to play in Pineapple Park or at the Ibis Golf and Country Club. Imagine if some burglar was watching, carefully waiting for just the right opportunity to break into your house, while you were playing with your children or enjoying a game of golf. If this were to occur would you ever feel safe again? Burglars often do not leave any evidence behind. What price can be put on safety? Protect your property and your peace of mind today by having a home security system professionally installed.

The third safest neighborhood in West Palm Beach is the Haverhill and Cloud Lake area surrounding the Palm Beach International Airport. Residents of this neighborhood enjoy one of the shortest commutes to work when compared to any neighborhood in America. Most residents only spend about 20 minutes commuting to work. This is more than enough time for a burglar to break into your house. The most common way that burglars enter a house is through the front door. Make sure that you record the thieves in the act by having a security camera installed to capture the photo of all who enter your front home. Make sure to choose the correct security system for your personal system by consulting a professional.

The fourth safest neighborhood in West Palm Beach is the Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood. This is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. In fact, it is in the top 5% of wealth. Buglers know this fact. After all, why break into a home where there is little reward. Many top business executives live in the Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood. These executives must rely on help to keep their homes operating properly. Yet, it is often difficult to know what is going on in your home when you are not there. That problem is easily solved with the use of a home security system. Choose a professional security company that will help you explore all your options. Make sure that the company that you choose is able to work with your schedule.

The fifth safest neighborhood in West Palm Beach is the Lake Park neighborhood. Residents here have a harder time making ends meet than in our other four neighborhoods. When people get desperate they often do things that they would not do otherwise. That is often the case in Lake Park. While the residents of Lake Park will help each other, make sure that you are doing it willingly by protecting your property with a security system that is professionally installed. Consider installing a security system that will protect the outside of your home as well as protect the inside. The security system should turn itself on when it detects motion. It should send an alert to you when it is turned on. The faster that you know
that there is trouble, the faster you can alert the authorities.

The sixth safest neighborhood in West Palm Beach is the Lake Park neighborhood. Lake Park is truly a unique neighborhood with more residents speaking French than any other neighborhood in America. Walk the streets of this neighborhood and you will also hear Portuguese and Spanish spoken, along with English. Many of the residents of this neighborhood are young and single. They are still waiting to capitalize on the great American Dream. If that describes you, do not let that dream be taken away. Different security systems are designed to require different amounts of technology savvy. If you are a technology whiz, then consider having a point, tilt and zoom camera installed. This camera will allow you to determine what direction the camera is pointed and will allow you to move the camera up and down to see a better picture. The camera can also be zoomed in to see the action better. All this is possible from a remote computer.

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