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Retail Security Solutions In Fort Lauderdale


Damon Delcoro


November 30, 2012


cctv for storesIf you own a retail store, one thing that you need to take seriously is security. Retail security solutions in Fort Lauderdale aren’t expensive, but they can work to your advantage in a number of ways. Although a lot of business owners do not take security seriously until something has already happened and a crime has already been committed, it is far better to act now in order to prevent crime from occurring at your place of business in the future.

Should all Business Owners Seek Retail Security Solutions in Fort Lauderdale?

Many small business owners feel as if they don’t have the funds that they need in order to purchase retail security systems for their businesses. However, smaller retail stores require security just as much as larger ones do, so make sure that you fit a security system into your budget.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in order to secure your business and cut down on crime, however. Although large businesses typically require a larger number of security cameras, smaller businesses can typically get away with smaller systems. This can help you to cut down on crime without going over your budget.

If you can’t afford a full-scale security system right now, do not put off security entirely. You can typically purchase bits and pieces of your security system at a time, and this will allow you to begin working toward safety and security without having to shell out a lot of money at one time. If you do decide to install your security system piece-by-piece, however, make sure that the most important bases are covered first: For instance, consider installing security cameras over your cash registers and at your entrances and exits first, and then add in more security cameras over time. You should also consider the benefits of purchasing a burglar alarm system for your business; these units are typically very cost-effective, and they can help to alert both you and the authorities in the event that someone attempts to burglarize your business or commit another crime.

Why are Retail Security Solutions in Fort Lauderdale so Important?

There are countless reasons why business owners in Fort Lauderdale should take retail security solutions seriously. First of all, you have to look at all of the crimes that have been committed across the country in recent years. As people have fallen on hard economic times, it seems as if crime is more rampant in recent years than it ever was before. Burglary can cost you a lot of money; not only can you lose money and valuable merchandise and supplies, but the damage that can be done to your business can be very costly as well. You also have to think about the safety and security of your customers and employees; if an armed robber attempts to rob your business, for instance, you want to make sure that you have security in place so that no one will be harmed.

Although these types of crimes are very frightening, they aren’t the only things that can go on in and around your business. Crime can occur in your parking lot as well, and everything from carjacking to rape and kidnapping has occurred in parking lots across the country in the past. Not only do you want to protect yourself, your staff and your customers, but you want to make sure that people feel safe when they patronize your business. By implementing various security techniques, you can make your parking lot and the rest of your business a safer place for everyone.

These major crimes can have serious consequences, but pettier crimes should be watched out for as well. Even minor theft can cost you a lot of money in the long run, so it is imperative that you keep an eye out for shoplifters. It can be difficult to keep an eye on everyone who walks into your business, and people often get offended if they feel as if store owners and retail store staff are following them around and watching for stealing. The risk of offending someone shouldn’t prevent you from keeping an eye out for shoplifting, however. Fortunately, security cameras that are carefully placed throughout your retail store and that are carefully monitored can help you to keep an eye out for this type of crime, and it also provides you with the evidence that you need to confront and press charges against someone who has stolen from your business.

Another issue that a lot of retail store owners do not think about is employee theft, but it is important not to ignore this issue. Even though you probably feel as if you can trust those who work for you, employee theft is a major issue for all retail store owners. Not only can your staff attempt to steal money from your cash register by using various methods, but merchandise and even general office supplies could also turn up missing. In order to cut down on employee theft and to provide yourself with the evidence that you need to confront a dishonest employee, you should consider installing security cameras in all of the areas of your retail store where employee theft could occur.

Not only can your security system help you to cut down on theft, but it can also help you to raise productivity and confront employees who are not pulling their share of the work. Although it is normal for employees to have off days every now and then, it is important for you to know if any of your employees are attempting to skate around their responsibilities. By having security cameras in place, you can determine which employees are doing their jobs and which ones aren’t, and you can take disciplinary measures against those who aren’t pulling their load or who get caught breaking company rules.

These are only a few of the reasons why retail security solutions in Fort Lauderdale are so important; there are countless other reasons why you should take retail security seriously. Therefore, you should begin taking steps to protect your business as quickly as possible; your initial investment of purchasing a security system is sure to pay for itself in the long run, and you can have the peace of mind that goes along with knowing that your business is as safe as possible for you, your employees and those who patronize your business.

What are the Components of a Successful Retail Security System?retail security cameras

When purchasing your retail security system, you will need to purchase all of the necessary components in order to get the maximum security out of your purchase. There are multiple components to an effective retail security system. First of all, you will need to purchase a digital video recorder that will record and store your security camera footage and that will allow you to watch this footage at your convenience. There are a lot of digital video recorders out there, so make sure that you purchase one that can accommodate the number of cameras that you need. Also, consider comparing features in order to get a system that will work well for you.

You will obviously also need security cameras. When purchasing your security cameras, make sure to take a generous count of how many cameras you will need. Consider where you will be placing them, and look for a camera that will suit your business best. Dome-shaped cameras that mount on the ceiling are often a great option for retail store owners, but there are other cameras out there that might work well in your business as well.

Along with your camera system, you will want to consider purchasing a burglar alarm. Burglar alarms can help to alert you if someone breaks into your business. For best results, search for an alarm that will notify a security company in the event of a robbery. Your security company will then alert both you and the proper authorities at the time of the crime, which can help you to catch the person who is responsible.

How Do You Purchase Retail Security Solutions in Fort Lauderdale?

Although purchasing a retail security system might seem overwhelming, it isn’t as difficult as you might think. However, make sure that you make your purchase from a retailer that you can trust. Instead of going with a mass market retail store that will only have a small selection of security systems, consider purchasing from a company that specializes in selling these systems.

By working with one of these companies, you can benefit from the experience of those who have been in the security system industry for a long time. This means that you can get the help and advice that you need in order to make a smart purchase, and you will have a larger selection of high-quality security systems to choose from. You can also typically get a better deal on these systems by purchasing from a security system retailer instead of a more general retail store.

Are There Other Ways to Keep Retail Stores Secure?

Searching for retail security solutions, such as security cameras and burglar alarms, can be a great way to keep your business safe. These aren’t the only precautions you should take when it comes to retail security, however. By implementing a few other security-related techniques, you can amp up your level of security and fight crime at a deeper level as well.

For instance, make sure that your parking lot is well-lit. Many people do not realize just how much of a difference a few lights can make when it comes to safety and security, but criminals typically do not like to commit their crimes when they can be easily seen. Therefore, implementing a few extra lights into your parking lot can make a drastic difference in the crimes that would otherwise be committed there. Fortunately, installing additional lighting in your parking lot isn’t typically a large expense, and it is certainly well worth the money. Not only can you cut down on places where criminals can hide and opportunities for these individuals to commit crimes, but you can also make your customers feel much safer; in fact, making your customers feel safe and secure at your business can even help to boost your bottom line, and your employees will feel better about you and your business as well.

Another simple, inexpensive and highly effective way to maintain security at your business is to post signs alerting others that your business is protected by a security system and is under constant video surveillance. Many people take these signs seriously and are not willing to take the risk of committing a crime and getting caught. Another great idea is to supplement your existing surveillance camera system with realistic-looking dummy cameras; if you make sure that these cameras look real, you can enjoy the benefits of added security without having to shell out a lot of extra money.

Remaining diligent and keeping tabs on crime at all times can let criminals know that you are serious about keeping your business safe and secure, and it can help to drastically reduce crime. If you have ever seen businesses with worn-out security cameras and faded signs about video surveillance, you have probably gotten the impression that the business owner did not take security as seriously as he or she probably should have. You certainly don’t want people to think the same thing about your business, so make sure to keep all of your surveillance equipment clean and up-to-date, and report any crime or suspicious activity as soon as you become aware of it. By working hard to cut down on crime, you can get the message out to others that you don’t put up with vandalism, robbery or other crimes at your place of business. This can cause criminals to simply choose another establishment when they are looking for a place to commit their crimes.

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