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Remote Surveillance Camera Monitoring


Kyle Gorham


November 15, 2019


The advantages of remote surveillance camera monitoring have made it a popular security solution across a wide range of different applications. Whether it’s to keep a vigilant eye on a commercial property, secure assets in a warehouse, monitor employee productivity, or secure a residential community, remote video monitoring can help.

With the increasing technological advancements found in modern video surveillance equipment, remote accessibility has become widely available as a common feature. Network connected security camera systems are more affordable than ever, making it possible to achieve security goals that were once incredibly difficult, costly, or outright impossible.Remote Surveillance Camera Monitoring

Read on to learn more about the advantages of remote surveillance camera monitoring and how it can provide an effective level of security for your property. To discuss remote video monitoring with the premier security camera installation company in Florida, contact TechPro Security Products for assistance.

How Does Remote Surveillance Camera Monitoring Work?

Remote surveillance camera monitoring can be accomplished using a few different ways. For average users and homeowners that want to be able to remotely access their security camera feeds, they will need to buy devices that are equipped with this feature.

IP network security camera systems are highly popular today because they make remote monitoring possible for anyone with access to the system’s interface. Once the IP camera system and network video recorder are set up, users can open and use an application to view the camera feeds from a smartphone, tablet, or computer from wherever they are at.

For more complex security needs, remote surveillance monitoring services are recommended. A remote video monitoring service is performed by trained security guards that have the expertise, resources, and know-how to watch over your property in a proactive manner.

The technologies remote security guards use include highly advanced intelligent video analytics that are able to detect suspicious activities many people might miss. Using intelligent video analytics, remote guards are able to be notified via an alert using features that include motion detection, night vision, missing object, intrusion, thermal tracking, and plenty more.

Once the remote security guard is alerted to a suspicious activity, the guard can pull up the camera feed to check what is going on. In most cases when something suspicious is happening, such as a break-in attempt or trespasser intruding on a property, the remote guard will use the two-way microphone on cameras to notify the suspect that they are being watched.

In addition, virtual security guards work closely with on-site security personnel, local law enforcement agencies, and emergency response teams. Having a close professional relationship with these teams helps to improve emergency response times greatly since the response teams can be notified of exactly what is going on and be assured that it is not a false alert.

Where is Remote Video Monitoring Used?

The diverse variety of applications that can benefit from remote surveillance camera monitoring is vast. Some of the most popular applications for remote camera monitoring include:

  • Airport Video Monitoring
  • Apartment Video Monitoring
  • Auto Dealership Monitoring
  • Bank / Financial Institution Monitoring
  • Cannabis Video Monitoring
  • Commercial Video Monitoring
  • Construction Video Monitoring
  • Gated Community Monitoring
  • Government Complex Security
  • Healthcare / Hospital Monitoring
  • Hotel and Hospitality Monitoring
  • Parking Lot Monitoring
  • Restaurant Vide Monitoring
  • Retail Video Monitoring
  • School Security Monitoring

Homeowners enjoy remote video monitoring both by themselves and through a remote camera monitoring service. These residential users take advantage of remote camera access to do things like keep an eye on their children, monitor home workers, record package deliveries, view visitors, check on their pets, and much more.

Another common residential application known to take advantage of remote security camera monitoring is in gated communities and apartment complexes. Also known as a virtual gate guard, remote guards are able to view visitors and verify whether or not to give them access to the property. 

In addition to remote gate guarding, professional security guards are also often hired for remote monitoring to protect their perimeter. Perimeter security is a vital aspect to gated communities since it is the first layer of defense preventing unwanted visitors from coming on the property. With remote surveillance camera monitoring, it is possible to achieve a high level of perimeter security using a proactive surveillance plan instead of a reactive one.

Commercial applications for remote video monitoring are even more popular and increasingly diverse. Whether it is for securing financial institutions, government facilities, schools, college campuses, airport terminals, train and bus stations, parking garages, or something else, remote monitoring is a cost-effective solution.

Remote Surveillance Monitoring in Florida

If you’re looking for remote video monitoring in Florida, there’s no better choice than the security experts available at TechPro Security Products. TechPro effectively monitors a diverse variety of clients that range from residential communities or small businesses to large corporate franchises.

Our remote guards can help to develop an effective proactive surveillance solution and give you the peace of mind you deserve. We also provide professional security camera installation services for anyone in need of a personalized system that meets and achieves their unique security needs.

Contact TechPro Security at 561-922-8416 to get a free quote for remote monitoring or to learn more about how we can help you!

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Remote Surveillance Camera Monitoring