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PIR Sensors For Sale In South Florida


Damon Delcoro


July 3, 2013


PIR Sensors For Sale In South FloridaPIR Sensors For Sale In South Florida

Passive Infrared Sensors detect motion by measuring the amount of light that radiates from objects. These sensors are also called motion detectors. You can find PIR sensors for sale in South Florida by searching online. The best part about motion detecting surveillance equipment is the fact that you save space on your digital recorder. There is also no need to view images that have no subject. The PIR sensors detect heat and only record when this is sensed by the cameras. Surveillance cameras that feature this technology are available at home security retail stores. Home surveillance cameras are a great way to keep an eye on the exterior of your home.

Why You Need Home Surveillance Equipment

Home surveillance cameras give you peace of mind. These high-tech cameras can record in complete darkness. They also provide a hard copy of video footage that can be given to your local law enforcement office if needed. They are inexpensive, but should be installed by a professional. They are complicated high-tech devices that requires a high level of skill to install. Most home security stores will have experienced professionals on hand to install your new surveillance system. Ask the professionals for advice on which system is right for your home. Would-be thieves will think twice about robbing your home if they see your cameras in plain sight. Motion detecting sensors save you valuable recording space. Since they only record when they sense heat, you will save time viewing your images.

Home Security Alarm Systems

Purchasing a home security alarm system will work well with your surveillance cameras to establish a high level of security. The decision you must make is whether you want to monitor your alarm system on your own or hire a professional alarm company. There are pros and cons for each. The pros for monitoring your own security system is that you will save money on monthly fees. The downside is the fact that you can’t monitor your home at all times. The pros for hiring a professional alarm company is the fact that they will monitor your home at all hours and every single day. You must pay monthly fees but they don’t charge much. Another benefit of hiring a professional company is the fact that you can rent their equipment. However, buying your own security equipment will be more cost-effective in the long run.

Determine which method you are going to use before shopping for security alarms. A distinct advantage to having a security alarm is the fact that they are loud enough for your neighbors to hear. If you are out of town and your alarm goes off, you can trust that your neighbors will call the police even before you get the notification. Consider having an additional siren installed on your rooftop. This will ensure everyone in the neighborhood hears your alarm. Of course, you should take care not to cause false alarms. Most law enforcement agencies have fees and strict policies regarding false alarms. These can take away valuable resources needed in other areas of the community.

Home Security Gates

If your home’s driveway has a gate, consider installing a security gate. This will prevent anyone from gaining access into the back or side of your home. You can order security gates that use your fingerprints for entry verification. This is also a great way to limit access into your garage or backyard. A potential thief could still break into the front of your home, but this reduces your risks. Security gates are used in a variety of condos, apartments and custom home neighborhoods. These gates are often used in very expensive housing additions. You can also gain entrance into your gates with the use of a remote control. Choose the method of entry that suits your needs. Security gates are not the perfect solution but they do help.

More Ways To Stay Safe

Did you know that almost all burglaries occur during the daytime hours when people are at work? That’s because most burglars are not professional thieves. Home burglaries often are committed by people who need quick cash for drugs or other things. They are also likely to be unemployed and available during the day. Most burglars know that many homes are not secured by a security alarm or any other security device. If you add security devices such as outdoor surveillance cameras, you will send the message that you are prepared to combat a home intrusion.

Entry doors should be made out of solid wood or high-quality metal. Make sure the door frame fits tightly and is strong enough to prevent forced entry. The door hinges should always be on the inside. The windows in the doors should be made from shatter-resistant glass. This will prevent an intruder from reaching inside and unlocking your door. Make sure your windows are at least 40 feet from door locks. Install locking screens on your windows that are locked from the inside. This will slow an intruder down if they must cut through the screen to get to the window. The windows should have sensors that detect glass breakage.

Never leave ladders in a garden shed or in the backyard. This can help an intruder break into your home. The upper floors should not be accessible by climbing a tree or other sturdy landscapes. If you have a basement, be sure the windows are not accessible through the outside. Your basement windows should also have sensors installed to alert you of possible intrusion. Make sure items such as laptops, televisions and other electronics cannot be seen from the street through your windows. If a potential thief sees a lot of electronics, they may decide to target your home. Make sure your address is painted clearly on your curb with reflective paint.

It is important that emergency workers can find your address quickly if needed. The exterior of your home should have adequate lighting during the night. Keep your lights on throughout the night. If you are concerned about your utility bills, you can buy solar lights. You can also buy outdoor lights that have motion detector sensors. They will not come on unless it senses motion. Solar lights also make your home more attractive. They can also be used to highlight your landscaping as well as keep your exterior lit. Browse the large selection of solar lights found online. You will be surprised at how inexpensive they are. The best part is the fact that you won’t pay extra money on your energy bills.

If you have an automatic garage door, then don’t leave your opener in your car at night. This is one of the favorite ways burglars use to get inside your home. They will watch your home for a few days before they decide to strike. Keep expensive sports equipment out of your garage, and store them inside a closet. Thieves also look for expensive tools to sell on the open market. Any item they can sell will be on their list to steal. Jewelry, cash and electronics are their bread and butter. Don’t make it easy on an intruder by not securing your home. If you leave for an extended vacation, install a deadbolt lock on the inside of the garage door.

This will prevent a thief from prying open your garage door when you are gone. Thieves know that most garages contain a door that leads them into your home. Don’t advertise the fact that you are away by posting vacation photos on social media sites. This can send a message to the wrong person that the house is empty. Make it difficult to break into your home and a potential thief will look for another home that is an easier target. Videotape expensive jewelry, guns and other items so you have a record of your possessions for your insurance company. If someone breaks into your home, it will be hard to remember everything that was taken.

Consider swapping home sitting services with your neighbor. It is better that your home is occupied when you are away. At the very least, have someone check on your home from time to time. In some cities, you can request local law enforcement to increase their patrols in your area while you are gone. Call your local law enforcement’s non-emergency number and find out if they offer this service. Some neighborhoods organize a crime watch group that watches each others homes. This is a great way to reduce your risk of becoming a statistic of home burglary.

It is important to be aware of vehicles that should be in your neighborhood and those that don’t seem to belong. Trust your suspicion, and call the police if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Reducing the crime in your neighborhood is possible with a little extra work. If there is not a crime watch organization in your area, consider leading one. A safer community is the ultimate goal of every homeowner in the neighborhood.