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Finding the Best Security Equipment Retailer in Fort Lauderdale


Damon Delcoro


November 9, 2012


Finding the Best Security Equipment Retailer in Fort LauderdaleSmart shoppers take the time and effort to look in to and compare the various shopping outlets available to them. Choosing between different brick and mortar retailers, shopping online from web-based retail outlets, ordering directly from manufacturers or even perusing the used equipment market can yield considerable results when it comes to quality, longevity and being suited to a consumer’s needs. Each seller has its relative pros and cons, and deciding on which depends upon a number of variables on both the buyer’s and seller’s part. Exploring options and taking advantage of great opportunities is the name of the game, and we will briefly explore each of these considerations.

Security Needs

First and foremost, consumers should consider their own particular security needs. Securing the entrances to a storage shed or remote building may require substantially less in the way of equipment and monitoring than it takes to secure a residential home, business or office space. Often times, shoppers purchase security equipment systems that provide abundant features and functions that are simply unnecessary. Familiarizing oneself with the needs of the space being secured and the products and services on the market is the first step towards purchasing just the right security system for the needs at hand.

Once a shopper has determined what their exact security needs are and the goals they want to accomplish with their new equipment, consideration turns to the many different sellers of security equipment. The most traditional and long-standing of options is the brick and mortar retailer. The advantages of shopping at a standard retailer are that shoppers can handle and view security equipment in-person, and have access to customer service staff to handle questions and concerns. Many retail outlets offer repair and installation services, with trained technicians on-staff and available to assist with setting up and installing security equipment, as well as providing maintenance and repairs. In the case of mom-and-pop style brick and mortar retailers, shoppers are likely to find management highly knowledgeable and engaged in the day-to-day operations of the business, providing further resources when shopping for security equipment.

Downsides to Brick and Mortar Retailers

On the downside, shoppers purchasing from brick and mortar retailers are often paying a premium price for their goods and services. Physical retail outlets have to make enough to cover expensive overhead like leasing a space, licensing and paying employees. To counter this concern, many traditional retailers can offset their costs by enjoying factory discounts from manufacturers that smaller retailers do not enjoy. Often, this can lead to small traditional retailers being able to compete price-wise with other sellers, as well as continue to offer great customer service and technical assistance with security equipment.
Finding the Best Security Equipment Retailer in Fort Lauderdale
Many shoppers turn to the internet before ever setting foot in a traditional retail outlet these days, and many times the research that goes in to learning about security equipment and determining one’s needs overlaps with online retailers and sellers. Shopping online has a number of advantages over visiting retail outlets, such as lower prices, free shipping or even online technical assistance to help purchase the right equipment at the right price.

First, not having to maintain an actual storefront, and often working as a single-person, owner-operator business, online retailers have much lower overhead costs than do traditional businesses in storefronts. Many online retail businesses can be and are run from the comforts of home or home office, and simply do not have to figure rent and other bills in to their pricing. From larger online retailers, the quantity of orders shipped allows them to offset shipping costs and in many instances offer free delivery to the buyer’s home or business within a few days. Finally, many online retail businesses selling security equipment are owned, run-by and staffed with knowledgeable experts and technicians who are available to discuss a consumer’s individual security needs, offer advice as to products and services and help guide shoppers towards making the right purchase at the right price for their finances.

Downsides to Online Retailers

There are some downsides when it comes to buying from online retailers. First, many photographs and product descriptions found online communicate poorly to consumers. Many shoppers are shocked or dismayed upon receipt of items purchased online which looked larger, better, more colorful or like the pants would totally fit. Photographs may not reveal as much information about quality and dimensions of products for sale online, and some online retail businesses are of poor repute. Sales may be final in all cases, with many shoppers left holding damaged or ruined goods and having no likely legal recourse that will result in the replacement of their purchase or the return of their funds. Shopping with well-regarded and long-standing retailers can yield considerable results when it comes to needing to make a return, ask questions, and determine that the items purchased are as-advertised and meet the needs for which they are intended.

Sometimes shoppers choose to go straight to the source for their security equipment needs, and either contact or visit manufacturers directly. This can provide some interesting results, ranging from enhanced product information by speaking to the folks who actually make security equipment to being able to purchase directly from the security equipment manufacturer. Many manufacturing businesses sell their products directly, and in some cases this can result in incredible savings to the buyer. On the other hand, most manufacturers are not interested in selling single items, and prefer selling to dealers and retailers who make larger order and purchases regularly. Also, most manufacturers are simply not set up to sell directly to consumers, or to provide the customer service that private shoppers enjoy with retailers. Another disadvantage is the likely absence of service and installation contracts and technicians. Manufacturers are usually solely in the business of making things, and tend to leave the individual unit sales, installation, maintenance and repairs to other businesses either online or in the shopper’s respective community.

Shopping through the classifieds is a final option for individuals looking to purchase security equipment. Many print and online outlets exist for sellers to advertise their services and used goods, and many great deals and values can be found Finding the Best Security Equipment Retailer in Fort Lauderdalebuying used from a private seller. Sometimes, gifts or ill-considered purchases sit unused in their original packaging, only to be resold later at a huge discount when compared to buying the goods brand new. In these instances, buyers may feel more secure about their purchases, as the item being sold is literally in as good a condition as if it were brand new. Other sellers, though, seek to sell their existing goods without the benefit of like-new quality. Many used goods sold through the classifieds and by private sellers are worn, subject to deficiency and poor performance, in need of repairs and maintenance, or even just broken or about to break permanently. In these cases, buyers rarely if ever have an option to return the items purchased and found unsatisfactory, as many private sellers do not have to be concerned with the reputation of a business, or are as subject to litigation in the event of a dissatisfied customer. Determining if someone is trustworthy or not is a difficult and inexact science and concerned shoppers may wish to look elsewhere when it comes time to purchase high-quality and long-lasting consumer electronics like security equipment and systems.

Quality in Security Equipment

Quality and longevity are two areas that consume shoppers a great deal. It is no use spending hard-earned money on a new, high-tech security system only to discover that motion detectors do not extend to the areas they are meant to cover, surveillance images and video shows up grainy or too dark to be of much use, or residential alarm systems need repair every six months or after any heavy rainstorm. When it comes to purchasing equipment for establishing or upgrading such an important concern as security, buyers are wise to inquire about warranties, service contracts, regular maintenance and as to what the lifespan of the system in question typically is. A security system that is broken or needs frequent repair is often about as useful as having no security system at all, driving many shoppers to hearken back to the days of our ancestors, and to invite large dogs to share their space instead. While dogs certainly have their place in securing a home or business, security systems and equipment rarely need walks, and never wake anyone up for anything but serious concerns.

Finding the best security equipment retailer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a challenge that should involve all of the steps and considerations listed above. By focusing first on answering the question “What are my individual security needs, and how are they met by security equipment?” shoppers can begin their search well-informed and prepared to find the system that is just right for them. Next, investigating the differences in pricing, customer service, delivery, installation and maintenance on offer from the different types of retailers will begin to steer buyers in the direction that will result in their needs being met best. Finally, taking care to purchase high-quality, long-lasting security equipment will reduce the possibility of expensive repairs or replacement, or even worse, having a security system fail when home and business owners need it the most.