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Afforable Business Security Services in Fort Lauderdale


Damon Delcoro


November 13, 2012


Afforable Business Security Services in Fort Lauderdale Many business and home owners find themselves concerned about the safety and security of their respective properties and possessions. Whether the property is located in a high crime area or one in which crime is on the rise, or a recent break-in or threat of burglary or invasion has one concerned, simple and affordable solutions exist for savvy shoppers willing to go the extra mile in researching and shopping for the best deals in security equipment, systems and services. The affordability of security equipment, systems and services has been growing by leaps and bounds yearly for quite some time now, and many consumers are happily amazed to discuss just how inexpensive and easy it can be to provide for seamless, wrap-around security coverage for any business or residential property. Taking the time to learn about security equipment, systems and services is a great first step towards discovering how affordable and effective security services in Fort Lauderdale can be.

Property Crime

Property crime is an ongoing concern for business and home owners. The ease with which thieves and burglars can make off with valuable goods or cause damage to valuable property is astounding, and there are no shortage of sad, sorrowful stories about how a business was ruined or damaged considerably by miscreants. Break-ins are plentiful, and many thieves and burglars are savvy and experienced enough to be able to case a prospective target very effectively, often in teams making repeated visits to the interior and exterior of a property to analyze its security flaws. Smart burglars can bypass any window or door if they are properly motivated and equipped, and many can leave after relieving a business of its valuables without a trace. It is almost impossible to find and seize stolen property once it has changed hands, and soon any property taken by thieves will find its way to a safe place, out of sight and ready to be sold. Finally, many thefts involve the senseless destruction of property in a business or residence, with the criminals acting to maim structures and items that they do not even intend to steal and sell. Such senseless violence and property crime can all be avoided by taking the first step towards security, and having consumers educated themselves about security equipment, systems and services available in their own communities. Shoppers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will find great deals and services available, and can move towards securing their business affordably and easily today. Prices are much lower than in years past, and when considering the huge costs of damage and loss to a burglarized business, represent a great value to any business or home owner.

When the economy slumps, property crimes go up. High unemployment and a struggling economy, poor jobs growth and consumer reticence have all contributed to many Americans failing to find work and secure a means of supporting themselves and their loved ones. Sometimes, these individuals mistakenly come to believe that the only opportunities available to them are criminal, and set out to earn income by committing criminal acts such as theft, burglary and the illicit sales of banned goods and services. The Fort Lauderdale metropolitan region has certainly not been immune to these effects, and has seen more than its fair share of Americans languishing without sustainable employment and a means to support themselves and their families. Some of these individuals have turned and will turn to crime and criminality, and providing for the long-term security of a business or residence should be of paramount concern to any responsible individual looking to protect their investments, and even their loved ones.

Educate Yourself About Security

The first step for concerned business owners to take is to begin to educate themselves about security, determining their needs and speaking to experienced professionals to gain knowledge. A cursory search online reveals a wealth of information about security, the effectiveness of various techniques and systems, and the costs and values of goods and services for sale. Armed with this knowledge, consumers can make smart, shrewd decisions about meeting their security needs, and avoid over-spending on unnecessary gadgetry and service contracts. For many small businesses, James Bond-esque pressure detection systems embedded in the rooftops of buildings will be a huge waste of money, completely unnecessary, and almost too tempting for any person who knows it is their to resist testing some night. Likewise, putting a single surveillance camera in a darkened corner of a massive building or business space will do little to deter, prevent or aid in the capture of any person seeking unlawful entry. Finding out exactly what a business’s security needs are and how best to go about preventing crime is first and foremost when it comes to finding affordable security services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Once business owners know their own needs, budget and the goods and services for sale, they may wish to begin to consider the value of employing a professional security company to provide monitoring as opposed to purchasing and Afforable Business Security Services in Fort Lauderdaleinstalling security equipment on one’s own. Each option has considerable benefits and deficits which are worth evaluating before ever committing to either purchase. On the one hand, a properly considered, installed and monitored security system can be very effective if maintained properly by private individuals. For many business owners, contracting with a professional security business may be unnecessarily troublesome when compared to simply installing door alarms, window alarms and a closed-circuit television camera and monitor. Larger businesses, or those with considerably more to lose in the event of a property crime find a great deal of comfort placing their business’s security in the hands of seasoned professionals, knowing they can relax and never worry about their place of business being burglarized or vandalized in their absence.

Professionals Handling Your Security

Many security service providers hire ex-law enforcement officers and military veterans to work as professional security advisors, installation and maintenance technicians, first-responders and business owners and managers. Businesses employing a security service can enjoy the benefit of a great many years of combined experience running the gamut of security provision and operations. The added service our law enforcement and veterans provide to the security industry is inestimable, and they proudly work today to provide seamless wrap-around security solutions to millions of homes and businesses. Security service businesses often have these trained and experienced professionals available to visit and evaluate properties and locations for their security needs, and to make well-informed suggestions to business owners interested in protecting their properties. Professional security advisors can spot flaws and weaknesses in security, identify the most likely points of unlawful entry, determine security needs and offer numerous and varied solutions to individual or large-scale security problems.

Many thieves and criminals are cunning, but few are skilled, experienced, determined or just plain stupid enough to attempt to bypass a determined security effort established and maintained by experienced professionals. There are always easier targets elsewhere, many of whom never consider their own security needs and solutions until after their first massive loss of property. It may be easy or simply take dumb animal courage to break and window and wriggle through the opening, but addressing motion detectors requires an entirely different skill-set. The simple fact of a cluster of harsh, bright lights suddenly illuminated a thief and his immediate area is a very effective deterrent to break-ins, and instantly alerts any other persons in the area that private property is being accessed, potentially by someone who does not belong there. Being able to capture images and video of crimes, either after-the-fact or as they are in-progress offers unprecedented identification of criminals, and aids hugely in their capture and standing trial. Many business owners enjoy being able to monitor surveillance equipment from their home, and many affordable security services can set up simple monitoring systems that send video to a computer, lap-top or even a smart phone for real-time video monitoring.

Benefits of Third Party Monitoring

The added benefit of third party monitoring inherent to many security service providers is the service that allows many business owners to rest easy. Rather than working with complicated equipment, making challenging installations and worrying about maintenance, many individuals prefer to pay an affordable monthly service fee and leave their security in the hands of the professionals. It is often far more affordable to purchase services from an established company that already employs security professionals and owns security and surveillance equipment. Purchasing the equipment, even hiring and training personnel can be very costly up-front, and many business owners today would rather not invest a great deal of capital in what is ultimately additional insurance against property crimes to their businesses. With security services being as affordable as they are today, on the other hand, the ability to have a third party monitor properties, provide first-responder or communications services in the event of an alert, and to capture documented evidence of property crimes can be a very considerable insurance policy for a very low cost.

Affordable business security services in Fort Lauderdale can help concerned business owners to identify their security needs, and can help meet those needs by offering affordable, on-going security service provision at unbelievably low costs. Saving money and passing off security responsibilities to experienced and professional security providers allows business owners to rest easy, knowing their investments are well-protected.