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South Florida Security Contractor – TechPro


Joe Shopsin


May 13, 2021


Surveillance & Security Experts in Boca Raton

South Florida Security Contractor – TechPro

TechPro Security Products wants to be your go-to South Florida Security equipment contractor and services provider. Why use a South Florida Security Contractor though? Isn’t it just as easy nowadays to do a web search for a  how-to-video, buy the right stuff, and do it all myself? Not quite. While there may be some solutions out there geared towards your typical Sunday DIY, true and total security cannot be achieved with generic department store products the way it can with the technology provided by TechPro Security products and their partner Avigilon. In short none of the products you might find at a local retail outlet are going to compete with the features, and processing power of the equipment we have to offer.

With that said, what is total security, how can one obtain the complete picture, and why hire a South Florida security Contractor like Techpro?

Well, the first reason to hire a contractor, specifically TechPro is the product lines we carry. We have access to E series equipment and Avigilon equipment for many possible combinations of CCTV solutions. These feature-rich systems allow for remote camera viewing, Intelligent tripwire and AI power motion detection, facial capture and recognition database, licence plate capture and recognition, super-high resolutions like 4, 5, and even 8 Megapixels (also known as 4k) and quality of installation and service that’s unparalleled int he industry today.

We also carry access control and alarm system equipment. These technologies work proactively and reactively to provide building entry and exit control using pin-pads, keyfobs and card, readers, and a control system that manages all of this data to give the user dynamic control over who enters the premises, when, and where.

Working together, CCTV, Alarms, and Access control combine to create a total security solution providing you with safety and peace of mind. What’s important to understand, is that installing this equipment takes professional trade skills not usually possessed by the average consumer. Skills such as PC hardware installation, Computer networking, CCTV and camera concept, and placement understanding, Construction modification, electrical for low voltage, and many more skills including cable routing and wire termination as well.

In order to guarantee that not only you get the best equipment for the job, but that it’s installed salary, cleanly, and properly always hire a professional South Florida Security Contractor. This way you know your system is installed right looks clean and proper and is functioning 100% as it should.

There are multiple kinds of security systems available- and which one might be best for you depends on several factors. One is if your location has an existing security system installed. Upgrading can provide cost-effective ways to move into the newest technologies without spending as much as a totally new install. This is often done with COAX cameras and DVRs. For entirely new installations- consider IP cameras. Since new cable will have to run- this is a good opportunity to set up for IP cameras as they and their NVR recorders have way more advanced features, such as AI options, not fully available in their coax counterparts.

Always reach out to a professional to have low voltage electrical equipment or network-based systems installed for the best results.

Don’t call just anyone, Let the Pros handle it- TECHPRO!
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