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Professional CCTV Installation


Damon Delcoro


September 6, 2017


professional CCTV installation

Security Camera installation is an important part of maintaining security in your home or business. With crime rising and the population rising more and more, security is becoming more important every single day. Businesses that house large amounts of product or have large amounts daily foot traffic it is extremely important to have professional CCTV installation. Protecting your home is also extremely important. Unfortunately, burglary is a huge problem and one that is exponentially growing every day. Using professional CCTV installation to protect your home and your family is a great preventative measure to use.


Professional CCTV Installation

There are a variety of security camera options that you can choose from along with different technologies that you can use to protect yourself. From the most advanced to the more budget-friendly options. Thanks to today’s advance in technology even our most budget-friendly options are crystal clear. So what options do you have when choosing what to use.


Security Camera Technologies

HD over Coax

High Definition over coaxial cables is an older technology that delivers up to 4MP resolution. This technology is great for those that don’t trust the internet and are scared of hackers. This is actually a closed circuit security system. It’s also great if you have older security cameras that use COAX cables. You can actually use those cables and transmit an HD signal with them. So all you have to do is change the cameras. Making it easy and simple and better yet budget friendly. There are two different versions of HD over Coax. HD-TVI & HD-CVI. Be sure that you’re choosing the

IP Security Camera

The newest in security camera technology IP security cameras. Able to transmit as much as 12MP of resolution, these cameras are the best option for those that need advanced and extremely high resolutions. If you want to be able to use facial recognition software in your establishment then IP is the best option for you. There’s almost no comparison. IP cameras use an internet connection. This means that you can set up a single camera without a DVR. Plus IP cameras only need 1 wire, a CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable. This makes the professional CCTV installation easier.


Along with these technologies, you have the types of cameras. Each camera type has its application and its advantages.


Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet security cameras are the original style of security cameras. Great versatility either at close range or far range. Perfect for outdoor or even indoor use. There are both IP and HD over Coax versions of these cameras. You can choose models with variable zoom, some with super zoom lenses, and the largest majority of these cameras come with IR night vision allowing the camera to see even in the complete dark. This camera is the perfect option if you need to monitor a large outdoor area, such as a parking lot.


Dome Security Cameras

Dome security cameras are a great indoor option. These cameras can be placed low and not be displaced. With dome cameras, if they’re low enough you can simply change the position. Dome cameras are mostly vandal-proof. This is perfect so that you can closely monitor stores, cash registers, casinos, and place where there is lots of foot traffic.


What’s the advantage of Professional CCTV Installation

When you take advantage of professional CCTV installation provided by TechPro you get seasoned security professionals that have all the training and tools to make sure that you get the most out of your system. From correctly running cables to installing and pointing cameras to minimize blind spots. We custom build your system using the schematics of your home, decide what cameras and what technologies will help keep you as safe as possible.


Along with our professional CCTV Installation, we offer professional CCTV Monitoring. You can have someone monitoring your cameras 24/7.


professional CCTV installation