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Computer Maintenance


Joe Shopsin


December 19, 2022


Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance

Running a business in today’s world means relying on computers, which in turn makes TechPro IT’s Computer Maintenance Service invaluable.

TechPro Security has been providing South Florida’s Business, residencies, and various organizations with professional tier security hardware installation, operations, management, and service for over a decade. In that time we have forged a reputation as secure as our services. Our projects range in size and scope from small plaza stores with just a few cameras to massive neighborhoods with hundreds of cameras and multiple systems and networks. We provide world class IT services in addition to our Security Hardware installation which can help take your business to the next level.

While it may be obvious how integral computers are to any business in today’s climate, it is often less directly obvious why continued, proper computer maintenance is such an integral part of IT services.

Like all machines, computers are subject to wear and tear. Computers generate heat, and pick up dust which causes them to lose their ability to deal with that very same heat production in an effective way. Over time components in these computers might fail- often due to overheating, poor conductivity, unprotected power surges, hardware design flaws, and simply lifespan vs effective use. TechPro can diagnose, clean, and repair any computer hardware you currently have on site previously, or that we have provided.  In the Computer world, repairing a machine usually means replacing a specific component of which we can make quality recommendations that won’t cost more than what is needed for the machines given workload.

Beyond this, your PC is going to need software updates to continue running at maximum effectives-or- at all. Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the world used for business and home computing alike. Windows updates often release each month which add functions, fix issues, or patch security flaws in the computer’s operating system. Sometimes these  updates are required in order to be able to run key business software.

Additionally we can provide updates to any IT managed software with us, such as security software and networking tools. Each PC also has its own specific components which need software called drivers to run properly. Over time, drivers get their own updates to allow the hardware to work in newer environments or to patch issues. TechPro ensures all your systems drivers stay up to date.

There also comes a time in any machines lifecycle when, even if it is still operating at its own peak performance, it no longer can keep up with more modern tasks. Technology aging out of usefulness and becoming fully or relatively obsolete is a part of the process of technological evolution. TechPro is here to provide hardware upgrades, expansions, complete overhauls, and new systems as well as recommendation’s when its time tp upgrade. We can install the new hardware as well as provide the same care and maintenance to it we have with your existing computers.

With TechPro IT our Computer Maintenance Service will keep your systems running quickly, your workstation bound employees will be less frustrated with out of date hardware. Plus, the job will get done quickly, effectively and securely!

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