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Hidden Cameras In The Workplace


Damon Delcoro


July 3, 2013


Hidden Cameras In The Workplace Hidden Cameras in the Workplace

In today’s society, more and more companies are beginning to use surveillance systems in their place of business for protecting the security and integrity of their organization. You can choose to utilize a hidden system or one that is out in the open for all to see. Using surveillance systems in the workplace has caused others to questions the privacy of employees, but the number of benefits is tremendous.

Reducing the Amount of Property Damage

Sustained Security cameras work as a means of deterring any damage and vandalism to the property of the company. Employers have a great chance for being able to collect money for any damages based upon the proof provided by the camera. You will have a clear view of who destroyed the property and exactly how they went about destroying it in the first place. When you have security footage guarded by a company or person, the individual who is damaging the property of the company will be caught quickly and efficiently. Instead of having to worry about any potential losses, you will have the recourse desired to handle the situation with professionalism.

Preventing Theft

More and more thefts are happening from employees in today’s society. A security camera that is placed in the proper location can help to identify any employee who is pilfering from your establishment. Just like in a situation where property damage occurs, you can increase the chance of capturing anyone who attempts to steal property from your company. It works wonders to help discourage theft in future incidents, which is why a number of business owners love being able to utilize the services provided by a security camera.

Personal Safety

It seems as if violence is taking place more and more in the workplace. Thanks to the implementation of security cameras, it can help eliminate violence and provide the employees with a safe working environment, especially when the footage has someone monitoring it around the clock. Preventing violence is imperative to the safety of employees. To make this happen, you will need to place security cameras into locations where there is not a lot of activity by employees. Areas where a suspected attack might occur are the most crucial to monitoring by cameras. Since violence can also happen from someone who is not an employee, it is helpful to monitor the entrances into your building.

Increased Level of Security

Since you have a continual monitoring system in place, you will be able to rest assured that your personal property will be well taken care of throughout the day. The last thing you want is someone trying to take your property or cash from the registers, but with a security system in place, you will have recourse to go after the individual. Many people tend to think twice about robbing somewhere that has security cameras in place. They want to get in and out under the radar, without having to worry about someone being able to come after them later on down the road. Put your mind to rest with a new security system inside of your business.

Evaluating Your Employees

When management decides to use the security footage for evaluating the performance of an employee, they are going to base their review on nothing more than the performance caught on tape. Management will present the employee with their actions that were captured on tape, as well as any complaints and criticisms that need to be improved upon in the future. Employees will be able to view their performance on a specific date and have the opportunity to see where the problem areas are that need to be corrected. This provides the employee with the opportunity to see exactly where there are problems and what they need to do to correct them in a timely fashion.

Training Tools for the Employees

Many managers will tend to use security footage as a means of training employees. You will be able to show them exactly where they went wrong and what they need to do to correct their actions. When employees are able to see what problems need to be corrected, it helps to put things into perspective for them. In the same instance where an employee has a positive review, you will be able to share that praise with them and explain exactly what they did using the surveillance footage.

Utilize the Cameras as a Deterrent for Bad Employee Behavior

For those who have employees that they are unsure of, a security camera can help to deter potential bad behaviors in the workplace. When employees know they are continually being monitored, they will tend to work their hardest to do the best they can for their job. They are going to do everything they can to please the customer, so it promotes a win-win situation for everyone involved. Cameras are a great motivator for encouraging the employees to of their best each and every time. You will also have the opportunity to recognize those who do a good job in the workplace.

Cameras need to be placed throughout the entire company and not just focused on one specific space in the business. By implementing your security system throughout the business, employees will feel as if this is a fair situation for all those working in the business. Focusing on one employee or another will leave them feeling as if they are being singled out and monitored. When you hire new employees, you will want to point the cameras out and let them know that they will be under supervision while on the clock. If they are uncomfortable with this arrangement, they can simply walk away from the position. Most of the time, employees who are planning to work hard and do the best they can will not care about cameras being placed around the business.

Even though some employees may feel nervous being on camera all the time, you just need to explain to them that it is for their safety and security first and foremost. It will help to prevent any potential incidences that could otherwise go unnoticed. Since you cannot predict what is going through the minds of others, you can only do everything in your power to protect them as much as possible. Not only are you going to protect the assets of your business, but you are also going to be protecting the employees that work for you as well. It really is a benefit to all those involved having security cameras installed.

Make sure you have a comprehensive plan in place for securing your business investment. You are the one in complete control over anything that goes on in your business, so make sure you are doing everything you can for the safety and security of your business employees and property. For some employees, they feel as if there is no trust between them and their employer when a security system is put into place to monitor them. The bad thing is that numerous people will take from their employer on a regular basis. If not for the security systems put into place, these businesses would have lost more than what they already did. Being able to go after the individual who does the act will help eliminate the potential threat of wrongful accusations. You want to protect everyone in the location and not just your bottom line, which is why security cameras are beneficial to everyone in the business setting.

Take the time to explore all of the different options you have from which to choose. From hidden surveillance systems to bullet cameras, dome cameras, wireless cameras and much more, the choice is up to you on which ones are going to work the best for your specific wants and needs. Survey your surroundings and see which cameras are going to provide you with the most functionality and ease of use. Since you are investing your hard-earned money, it is imperative that you get everything you desire in a security system. For many business owners, they choose to go with a combination of a couple different camera types. The end choice is yours, so make sure you are developing a system that you feel confident in for quite some time. Depending on the style and system you choose, you may be able to add cameras to your package later on down the line. As your business grows and flourishes, so can your security system.

Take your time in choosing the perfect combination of security tools to help compliment your business layout and strategies. Regardless of what it is that you are looking to do, you are sure to find what you need in a security system. Explore the various options to see how you can maximize your security and help protect your investment. It is imperative that you are doing everything you can to ensure the safety and well-being of everything around you for years to come.