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Joe Shopsin


November 2, 2020


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South Florida CCTV Installer

Techpro Security Products is proud to be the number one South Florida CCTV Installer. It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a business such as a fancy hotel, a retail store, a warehouse, the administrator for a school, or just an everyday homeowner- CCTV is important for your safety and the integrity of your property and belongings. First though, What is CCTV, and why is it so important to consider an installer instead of a DIY? CCTV is short for Closed Circuit Television. Though that exact terminology may be a bit out of date, it still is the term used to describe any system of cameras that are used to display and/or record video and audio data within a private and secure location. CCTV systems are almost always installed for the purpose of safety and security.

What does a CCTV system Consist of?
As a South Florida CCTV Installer, Techpro first begins by installing Several Cameras. You are able to choose between a Coax, IP, or hybrid installation. With COAX, the cameras connect via a BNC cable and require a DC power source as well. This power source is usually a low-voltage distribution box that has several outputs for DC power to multiple cameras. They could also be IP or Network cameras that connected to a Power-Over-Ethernet (or POE) Source via Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet/networking cable. The COAX style cameras always connect directly to a recorder- called a Digital Video Recorder (or DVR). Network cameras can connect either to a POE network switch, and then be added to a hybrid DVR- or a network video recorder (NVR). Some NVRs feature an internal, on-board POE setup. In these cases, many types of IP cameras can be connected directly to the POE-NVR.

Why an Installer, instead of DIY?
So now we’ve gone over most of the major components of a CCTV system, so why should you hire a South Florida CCTV Installer instead of trying to Do it yourself? Well, that has a few key Major points. Firstly is your own safety. If you have little to no experience with electrical equipment you can seriously hurt yourself or somebody else attempting to install something like a distribution box, and then provide power to several cameras. There is almost always some kind of cabling to run, and this means modifications to existing land or construction. If you are inexperienced taking measurements, cutting and compressing cable, and working with construction tools you can seriously damage your own property in a way that will result in costly repairs. Lastly, there are networking components to much of the hardware involved, especially when it comes to IP cameras or remote viewing over the web. Without the networking and computer knowledge needed to set these things up properly, you can easily botch an install and make the situation far more complex. For the safety of you, others, and your property- make sure to get a professional installer.

Let the Pros handle it!
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