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Software and Hardware Training


Joe Shopsin


January 10, 2023


Access Control Security Near Me

Software and Hardware Training

TechPro Security offers a wider range of IT services, along with that we make sure to provide the software and hardware training needed!

For over a decade we’ve been the South Florida leaders in providing the most cutting edge Security technologies such as CCTV and access control. The business and residences of south Florida place their trust in us because we not only provide an incredible product with amazing product support, but because our incredible installation team ensures a smooth an clean product setup! One important factor in maintaining security, especially if your using the newest IP based security cameras and NVRs, is a solid and secure network. With that in mind, TechPro now offers professional tier IT services to aid with business who both do and do not utilize our amazing security products. These IT services offer a range of benefits and included subservices which provide security, stability, and organized, efficient infrastructure to your business network or networks.

Depending on the type of business you own, you might utilize one , many, or even all of the various services we offer through our IT Plan.

One of these important services involves assessing your locations’ software and hardware. From this assessment we can determine if better software options exist, as well as if you have the best hardware to get the job done. While this certainly includes client workstations this also means your networking hardware. This includes routers, switches, access points, wireless bridges and of course on site network accessible storage, aka NAS.

All of these incredible technologies can be used to make things move faster, emails show up when and where they should, and productivity to be protected, secured, and increased. However, with all these new technological changes, your team is likely going to need software and hardware training.

TechPro Securities IT services don’t end at installation. We inspect the installation to ensure everything ins working as intended by running rigors tests. However, and just as importantly, we also provide the needed hardware and software training to teach your team to properly use the new technologies available to them. We run through example scenarios and educate all needed personnel on the proper and safe use and access of any on site equipment, software, procedures and implemented policies unique to your business.

We can integrate your existing technologies into any installations we perform, allowing you to keep and use what’s familiar so long as it makes sense to carry into the future. With TechPros IT services you know your always at the cutting edge!

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