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Security System Installation – Done Right


Joe Shopsin


November 12, 2020


Security System Installation – Done Right

Security System Installation is a service any property owner, or manager should consider having performed. This is regardless of whether or not the property is considered a business, residential, private, government, medical, or any combination of these. In fact, the more high profile the location, the more important it is to consider a quality security system installation. This poses an important question, however. What exactly constitutes a quality security system, and further, why hire an installer if you can save money doing it yourself? TechPro Security Products is the number one installer of CCTV, alarm, and access control hardware and services in South Florida, and we are going to explain the answer to this important question.

For a small home, with one or two cameras being installed only, you can likely figure out a way to install this yourself if you’re already familiar with CCTV, or networking technologies in other fields like computer networking for example. However, networking is not something most Sunday DIY consumers are familiar with enough to truly make these installations work, and do so efficiently. There are many facets to security, and networking is one of those layers. without a solid foundation of computer networking tech, your NVR system likely will not be configured properly. On larger jobs for major businesses with multiple networks, this becomes wholly impossible for the novice.

On top of the PC networking experience, there needs to be a solid construction and structure modification experience foundation. Alarm systems and access control hardware- some of the most important parts in a security system installation- require modifications to door frames and other architectural components that are not recommended to try alone.

Further, many of these systems are installed with a host of intricate features to take advantage of. This is especially true of our new lineup of Avigilon Camera tech as an Avigilon partner.  It is likely you will need some education on the use of the system. Additionally, before cameras are ven installed many assessments have to be made as to their placement, and the logistics of making sure both powers to the cameras, as well as audio/video data from the cameras, are able to reach their destinations correctly and without interference.

In short, security equipment and the locations you install the equipment at, are expensive investments that should be approached with care. The best way to do this is to hire TechPro Security products to perform a quality, professional, Security System Installation.  Don’t DIY or call just anyone…

…Let the Pros handle it- Techpro!

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