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Security in Broward with TechPro


Joe Shopsin


April 24, 2022


Security for HOA Communities

Security in Broward with TechPro

The best way to achieve total security in Broward county at your location is through the installation services provided by TechPro Security Products!

We are a South Florida-based security hardware and maintenance installation company with a clear track record for excellence. We take pride in our quality of work, and the technological level of fidelity we are able to offer our clients, who want the best security products they can acquire. Thanks to our partnership with Avigilon Technologies, we can now provide a range of CCTV hardware from basic solutions to the most advanced  AI options out there. We also provide solutions for Access control, giving you the power to determine exactly who comes in and when. Read on to learn more about what we offer, and why you should always hire a contractor when seeking the best, most professionally installed security in Broward.

CCTV hardware is incredibly important for any location to have a quality security system in place. When we say security system, we’re not talking about one technology, but rather the series of technologies and people working together to ensure your location is secure. So as part of this system, CCTV plays a large role. CCTV is short for closed-circuit television, and that directly means that there is camera footage being captured and recorded that is only accessible to that at the location or with remote access credentials. Our CCTV systems can be remotely accessed via smartphone or PC  at any time by those with operational access so long as a reliable, strong internet connection is present at the location to use. Since much of this hardware and software requires knowledge of the field of CCTV, networking, and pc hardware, it’s best to leave this kind of setup work to trained professionals who know exactly what to do.

The same thought process applies even more so to Access control. Access control requires the installation of magnetic locks and/or strikes which require construction modification skills. In order to be installed safely, cleanly, with no damage to existing property you’ll need the services of someone who really knows what they’re doing. Liek CCTV there is also computer networking involved as well as managing and operations software, the initial system programming and database updating, and of course customer education on the use of the management software and various hardware installed.

There are multiple kinds of security systems available- and which one might be best for you depends on several factors. One is if your location has an existing security system installed. Upgrading can provide cost-effective ways to move into the newest technologies without spending as much as a totally new install. This is often done with COAX cameras and DVRs. For entirely new installations- consider IP cameras. Since new cable will have to run- this is a good opportunity to set up for IP cameras as they and their NVR recorders have way more advanced features, such as AI options, not fully available in their coax counterparts.

Always reach out to a professional to have low voltage electrical equipment or network-based systems installed for the best results.

Don’t call just anyone, Let the Pros handle it- TECHPRO!
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