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How many DVRs do you need?


Damon Delcoro


August 9, 2012


Home surveillance systems are a great way to add security to your home or business. A thief will be concerned when they see the cameras on your property. This can add an additional layer of security to your home. If someone breaks into your home or business, you will have the video evidence. This is helpful when you file a police report or for insurance purposes. You can buy home surveillance systems that can be viewed from an iPad, various smart phones and computers. The software for these systems allow for real-time viewing.

How many DVRs do I needA CCTV digital video recorder works by saving images to its hard drive. The DVR converts the analog signals to digital signals where it is compressed. This allows you to view the images. The amount of DVRs you need depends on the amount of camera inputs are on the DVR. Most DVRs come with a range of inputs that are between four and 32. The answer will depend on how many cameras you want installed on your property. For example, if you want four cameras installed then you would choose the DVR that has four camera inputs. Most homeowners install cameras in the front, back and sides of the home. You can buy a camera that has more if you want to cover other areas of your home.

A professional surveillance company can install your home security equipment and show you how they work. Technological advances have improved home security systems. You can monitor your home from anywhere and at any time. A home security system is not very expensive when you consider the potential loss of your valuables found in your home. You can expect to pay between $299 to over $3000 for a DVR. Most surveillance equipment is sold as a package that includes the cameras, cables and DVR.

Real-time recording used to be expensive. Technology advances has brought the price down to a reasonable amount. Real-time is better because you can monitor your home as it is happening now. If you see suspicious behavior, then you can call the police immediately. The size of the hard drive is an important consideration. You need enough space on the hard drive that will meet your security needs. A home surveillance technician can help you decide on which DVR is the best for your home security.

If you’re looking for a surveillance system for your business, then the first step is to decide where you want the cameras. Consider the points of entry into your business. The outer perimeter of your business needs to be covered as well. It’s a matter of choosing a DVR that supports however many cameras you need. Some companies use surveillance equipment to check on employees. Employers can lose a lot of money by theft from employees. The practice has long been used for large corporations and retail stores.

Business security surveillance also protects the employees from being wrongly accused. If a theft occurs, security need only check the video footage. The evidence is clear and the employee is fired, or put on probation depending on the circumstance. If your business involves cash transactions and expensive equipment, then it would be worth the cost to install business surveillance equipment.

Some companies use Internet spyware to check on employee’s email and computer activities. Much of the day can be wasted by employees exchanging personal emails, checking social media sites and surfing the Internet. Security cameras can also be placed to record these activities. When employees know they are being monitored, the problem is reduced. With the invention of sophisticated surveillance equipment, the workplace is improved.

Home and business surveillance equipment can be combined with other security practices to improve overall security issues. Some businesses hire security guards to monitor the traffic in and out of their building. Security guards can be armed or unarmed depending on the type of business. Security guards are helpful because they can monitor the computer screens on a continuous basis. Consulting with a security company will give you information about cost and services.

Home surveillance can be improved upon by installing motion detectors. Motion detectors will turn the lights on if it senses motion. This is helpful in protecting the outside of your home at night. A potential thief doesn’t like to work where there are lights. They will likely go to another home to commit their crime. Another home security tip is to place a beware of dog sign on your fence. Even if you don’t have a dog, then can deter a criminal. Get to know your neighbors in your community, and join a crime watch group. Crime watch groups can go a long way in preventing criminal activity.

Common types of home surveillance systems are wireless or wired systems. When you choose a wireless system, the video is monitored remotely from your computer or other electronic device. A wired system consist of cables that are run under landscaping or around the outside of the property. Most systems have an alarm that will sound if a burglar tries to cut the cables. The advantage of wireless systems is the ease of installation techniques involved. The system can be attached to a motion sensor in order to conserve energy.

Electronic surveillance systems are mandated by federal and state governments. They have created laws that protect a person’s privacy. The methods of electronic surveillance include videotaping, audio recording and photography. In the United States this method is used for monitoring highways, shopping malls and recording illegal activities. They are also convenient for transportation departments to record the license plates of vehicles who go through tollbooths without paying. They can monitor high-traffic areas where vehicle accidents are a problem. The police and rescue departments are notified promptly.

There are different types of surveillance cameras used for the home or business. The most common camera shape is the domed. Domed cameras Indoor Dome Security Camerascan be seen on the outside of many businesses. There are different types of domed cameras such as the armor dome that is well-constructed to resist damage or theft. Infrared domed cameras are useful because they can record clearly at night. You can also choose a dummy camera if you aren’t ready to spend a lot of money. Dummy cameras look like a real security camera only they don’t record anything.

Keep in mind that your surveillance camera needs to be working 24 hours a day. Choose a camera that is waterproof and will resist damage during bad weather. Be sure you purchase enough cameras to cover the entire area to be monitored. If you’re not sure about what kind of security equipment to buy, then you can call a professional surveillance company. They will come to your home and complete a security evaluation. The security technician will be looking for potential problem areas where a thief might be able to gain entry.

Affordable security measures that you can take as extra precautions are replacing the doors in the entry areas of your home. If your doors are hollow, they will be easier for a thief to gain entry. Doors that are made from durable wood, metal and fiberglass will give you more protection. Use security hinges on doors to reinforce them. If your doors have windows, it is easier for a thief to break the glass and reach in to unlock the door.

Install deadbolt locks and use them with the locks on the doorknob. If you have sliding glass doors in your home, be sure they are secured with a security bar. You can purchase sliding glass door security hardware at your local home improvement store. Thieves target sliding glass doors because they are easy to pull off the tracks. They are easy to pry the latch open to gain entry into your home. The windows are usually the last resort for a burglar. The sound of glass breaking isn’t what the burglar wants. However, this is a popular method for gaining entry into your home. Keep the windows locked at all times, and consider installing window safety bars.

The garage door is a popular way for thieves to enter your home. Many people pull out of the garage, hit the button for the door to close, and drive away without waiting to see if the garage door closed. Some remote controls are sensitive and if you accidentally touch the remote, the garage door will open without your knowledge. Don’t leave the remote in your vehicle. If you park by the curb and your remote is in your vehicle, it will be easy for the burglar to break into your vehicle and open your garage door.

You can buy a timer for your garage door that is mounted inside the garage. The timer will close the garage door when a certain amount of time has passed. You can program the time to fit your needs. This will give you some protection if the garage accidentally opens. If you’re going on vacation, it is a good idea to disable the overhead door until you return. You can also padlock the latch if you don’t have an automatic garage door opener. This will give you an added layer of security while your away.

When you move into a new home, change all of the locks. You don’t know how many people possibly have keys to your home. It’s always safer to just change the locks. People often don’t lock their balcony doors because they assume it is safe. The fact is a burglar can easily climb up to the balcony and gain entry into your home. Purchase timers for your lights to give the illusion that someone is home. Leave the television and stereo on to discourage a burglar.

Another way you can deter a burglar from entering your home is to get a dog. Almost all burglars are afraid of dogs. Even a small dog can deter a thief because they often bark a lot. The barking alone can scare off a thief. The best thing about dogs is their keen hearing. When they hear something, they immediately go to the area of the sound and bark. Alerting you to the fact that something is wrong. Be careful choosing a guard dog. You don’t want an overly aggressive dog that bites.

Owning an aggressive dog could be a problem for you, if your dog gets out of your yard. The problem with aggressive breeds is they often will bite How many DVRs do you needand not let go unless the owner commands them to stop. Another area of concern is the small doors made for dogs to go outside. If you have a large enough door, it can be an entry point into your home. You can buy dog doors that allow your dog to come and go but keeps intruders out. Your dog wears a special collar that transmits a signal to the door.

The dog door recognizes the signal and allows your dog to come and go. The door automatically locks when the dog leaves the area. If you don’t use special dog doors that lock, you may also have uninvited animals as guest. Another way to deter crime, is to keep shrubs trimmed that are located by doors and windows. Overgrown landscaping can hide a burglar. Be sure your security cameras are focused on all areas of the home.

Consider hiring a security monitor service to watch the cameras. You can also install a security system that is monitored 24 hours a day. The loud sound of the alarm can make a burglar leave. You must depend on the monitoring company’s speed at verifying whether or not a burglary is in progress. They also depend on the speed of the responding law enforcement agency.

The alarm is triggered when entry is gained into the home through the doors or windows. There are many things you can do to improve the security of your home. Video surveillance cameras are a good choice for security and combined with other security steps will make your home as safe as possible.

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