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How Gated Community Security Systems Provide Security and Safety


Manny Fernandez


September 4, 2019


In recent years, gated community security systems have become increasingly widespread with homeowners associations. One of the major reasons people and families choose to live in gated communities is because of the added safety and security that a closed neighborhood provides.

Although gates and walls may be helpful, there are still many security concerns that gated communities must consider. Walls can be climbed, gates can be opened, and security guards are limited in their abilities to monitor the entire neighborhood.

These are just some of the vulnerabilities that gated communities must address in order to improve the safety and security of the neighborhood. Fortunately, security systems have become much more effective, easy to use, and affordable thanks to new technology. Gated Community Security Systems

Gated community security systems offer new opportunities for homeowners associations to monitor every area of a neighborhood using a variety of surveillance products. Gated communities are large, open areas that were difficult to fully monitor in the past. With new functions and capabilities, the challenges of the past have been addressed. 

Continue reading to learn more about how gated community security systems can improve the safety and security of gated communities. If you have any more questions or would like to get a quote for security camera installation in South Florida, contact TechPro Security Products today.  

Gated Community Security Systems Deter Crime

A gated neighborhood can make a tempting target for burglars and intruders. Many criminals recognize that a large number of gated communities are nothing more than just that. As mentioned above, a wall and gate can only do so much to prevent unwanted individuals from trespassing.

A criminal can easily get inside the neighborhood and stake out potential targets. Many gated communities will hire an on-site security team to monitor the neighborhood. Physical security guards have a number of limitations, one of which is physical.

Security guards cannot keep watch on every area of the neighborhood. Shift changes, for example, offer a perfect opportunity for criminals to quickly act. A gated neighborhood surveillance system, by contrast, can stop crime before it happens. 

Studies by law enforcement organizations and academic institutes have shown that criminals will often completely avoid gated communities with a comprehensive surveillance system. This is primarily because criminals do not want the possibility for evidence of their crimes to be captured. As a deterrent, a security system for a gated community is a great investment. 

Security Systems Can Provide Convenience

New advancements in security cameras now allow for convenient functionality that your residents can enjoy. On top of continuous remote video monitoring, security cameras can be used to verify who is a resident of the neighborhood or a guest.

Security personnel on or off-site can verify drivers licenses all through security cameras placed at entrances. Throughout the time that a guest is inside the neighborhood, the security camera system can keep track of their vehicle. 

Neighborhood residents can also stay alert of any potential security concerns thanks to a fully integrated HOA community security system. The system can notify residents of potential situations to stay alert for, keeping them informed. 

Day and Night Security Cameras

One of the major advantages of gated community security systems is their ability to monitor the neighborhood day and night, twenty-four hours a day. Security cameras now use technology that can produce high-resolution video feeds that can clearly identify important details.

Some security cameras are even able to zoom in on a particular scene while retaining most of its video quality. Easy to use software that includes video analytics can also be used to track visitors and vehicle traffic throughout the day. 

Nighttime security is just as important (if not more so) as daytime monitoring. In the past, nighttime security was always a major challenge especially for large properties like gated neighborhoods.

Low light conditions can make it difficult to identify important details in an outdoor environment. Modern security cameras have a much easier time monitoring open properties at night. 

Most security cameras that use color video will also have a low light feature already installed in the device. Black and white video is commonly used for monitoring low light environments.

As it gets darker, the security cameras will switch automatically to black and white mode making them easy to use day or night. Other features like infrared and night vision are also available depending on the gated community’s needs. 

Remote Video Monitoring and a Gated Community

Remote video monitoring services are becoming increasingly popular with gated communities that employ security systems. A service of this kind can be thought of as digital security guards.

These companies employ a team of security surveillance experts that monitor the security camera video feeds throughout the gated community. Unlike physical security guards, the remote video monitoring service can monitor every corner of the neighborhood twenty-four hours a day. 

Services of this kind can truly improve the safety and security of a gated community when used in conjunction with effective gated community security systems. 

Reduce Response Times and False Alarms

The time it takes to respond to an incident can make an incredible difference. Many gated communities will maintain a working relationship with local law enforcement and emergency services.

By adopting a security system, a gated community can help local law enforcement keep a watch on the community and keep them notified of any recent, suspicious activity. 

If there is an incident in the community, local law enforcement can be quickly notified and kept aware of the ongoing situation. They can also review the video footage and use it in finding the perpetrators along with retrieving stolen property.

Along with reduced response times by security personnel and local law enforcement gated community security systems can also drastically reduce false alarms. False alarms can be extremely disruptive and can even cause a reduction in the safety and security of a gated community.

A comprehensive surveillance system will produce far less false alarms and improving the security response from the gated community. 

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