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Damon Delcoro


June 27, 2014


Pros and Cons of CCTV Camera Installations

CCTV camera installationFinding the right security system for your home and business is a hard choice. Video monitoring is a common choice for many businesses and some homeowners. The idea that you can actually see what is happening at any time is comforting for property owners and is often a deterrent to criminals, but there can be a few drawbacks to CCTV cameras as well. This article will help you decide whether utilizing CCTV camera installation companies in West Palm Beach, Florida is the best option for your property.

Pro: CCTV cameras are affordable

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to secure your business or home, a CCTV system can be quite affordable. With flexible options in regards to type of camera, number of cameras and recording options, you can easily find affordable CCTV camera installation companies in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Digital options are even more affordable than they were a few years ago. CCTV cameras are becoming much more sophisticated with night-vision and HD options that are still easy to afford for most homeowners and businesses.

Con: Cameras aren’t tamper proof

If your camera is tampered with, you don’t have a security system. If you only rely on CCTV cameras for security and the power is cut to your cameras, you could have problems. If you do opt for a CCTV camera system, you may want to consider a DVR option with an Uninterrupted Power Source. The uninterrupted power source would act like a generator for DVR and allow for up to 8 hours of recording during an outage.

Pro: Deter thieves

The presence of a camera is often enough to deter criminal behavior. The idea that someone could be recorded committing a criminal act typically sends vandals and thieves looking elsewhere for any easier score. For thieves that aren’t deterred by cameras or if you need to catch someone vandalizing your property, you can choose subtle CCTV cameras and tamper proof cameras. CCTV camera installation companies in West Palm Beach, Florida can help you install your new cameras.

Con: Hard to test effectiveness

Some studies have argued that it’s actually difficult to determine how effective CCTV camera security systems are because they do deter crime. It’s difficult to gather data from a product that deters crime and reduces the need for the product itself.

Pro: You can monitor from a distance

CCTV camera products are advancing quickly. There are now cameras and applications that allow you to monitor you to keep tabs on your property wherever you are. If you need to leave town, you can simply log into your account and pull up recordings from your security feed. This is a great tool for homeowners who leave town for vacation, mom’s leaving their children with babysitters and business owners who can’t monitor all of their business property in person.

Additionally your CCTV camera can store recordings for use at a later date if you need to use the video in a court case or to file a report with the police.

Con:  Recordings can take up a lot of space

Video takes up a lot of space whether you use a digital or analog system. The higher quality and more detailed monitoring required, the more storage space you’ll need for your video storage. There are options, such as motion-detection, that allows you to reduce the amount of data stored by only taking photos or recording when the camera senses movement.

Additionally, if you don’t have a data backup of your recordings offsite, you could risk losing video footage in a fire or flood. Digital backups make it much easier to store recordings elsewhere without much extra legwork or cost for yourself.

Pro: Looks good for insurance

You can reduce the cost of homeowner or other property insurance costs by installing CCTV camera security systems. Homeowner policies look favorably on security measures because it provides an additional layer of protection for the company having to pay out money for property loss or damage. Once the system is installed you can contact your insurance company and have them add the security system to your policy. To increase your chances of getting a discount on your insurance policy choose from the best West Palm Beach CCTV camera installation companies to install the security system for you. This will ensure that the system functions properly as soon as possible.

Con: Privacy concerns

CCTV camera installation companies West Palm BeachSome people simply aren’t comfortable with the idea of being on camera. If you own a business property, being recorded for security purposes has become mostly acceptable. However, as a homeowner you may face complaints from your neighbors who don’t want to be filmed. You can resolve these concerns by making sure your cameras are directed at your property only. Hiring affordable CCTV camera installation companies West Palm Beach can help ensure that the cameras are installed at the right angle to ensure privacy for your neighbors while keeping your property safe.

Protecting your property from thieves and vandals is understandably important for homeowners and business owners. Using cameras can reduce criminal activity in your neighborhood and deter would-be robbers and vandals from entering your property. With the help of professional installation services from TechPro Security Products, you can ensure that your family and business property is as safe as possible.

For more information on how we can help you keep your home and office safe using CCTV camera installation services, contact our technicians at 866-573-8878.

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