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Best Surveillance System


Damon Delcoro


June 10, 2010


Customers from Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Pompano Beach and many other places in Southern Florida have asked, “What is your best surveillance system?”

Every customer has a different need. A customer in Pompano Beach may only need two cameras while another customer in Miami may need 14 cameras. A customer in Fort Lauderdale may want a baby monitoring system that only requires one camera but needs that camera to record in total darkness (a night vision infrared camera). Yet another customer in West Palm Beach may need only one camera but it must be an outdoor camera that is waterproof and can record audio. Each of these systems is truly the best surveillance system for that customer.

On the other hand, if you wanted to know what the best performance surveillance system that we offer for sale is, the best answer for that question is, “Our Complete 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Ultimate Security Camera Package with Bulk Cable and BNC’s.” This has got to be the best, or as one of our customers has called it, “the Cadillac,” of surveillance systems.

This package comes with 16 indoor/outdoor weatherproof high resolution infrared vandal dome security cameras, a 16 channel H.264 Ultimate Series DVR with DVD burner and 1 TB hard drive, a 16 channel power distribution box, 3 boxes of RG-59-18/2 Siamese Cable, 32 twist-on BNC connectors, 16 flying power leads, a 3 year warranty on the DVR, and a 1 year warranty on the cameras and accessories. In addition, this package system can record up to 704 x 480 pixels at 30 fps on all 16 channels simultaneously.

The 520 TVL Indoor/outdoor vandal resistant dome camera is an all-around A-1 performer. It can be used indoors or outdoors and in almost any lighting situation. It combines a 1/3 inch color Sony Super HAD CCD with a 3.6 mm lens to give you 520 lines of resolution. In addition, it is also an infrared (IR) camera, able to produce high quality video in total darkness with an IR range of about 50 feet. If you need even more detail, upgrade to the 550 TVL varifocal dome for only $30.00. If pan-tilt-zoom options are needed, upgrade to the 550 TVL 3x PTZ for $110.00.This camera is great for use in Southern Florida parking lots, retail stores, and other large areas.

Power Distribution Box
The 16 channel power distribution box provides for 12 VDC for each of the 16 cameras allowing you to eliminate the bulky and somewhat unsightly AC power adaptors. Use the included 16 power leads to connect each camera with power.

The 16 channel H.264 Ultimate series DVR with DVD Burner and 1 TB of hard drive storage capacity is the true performance powerhouse behind this system. This a standalone unit designed specifically for the purpose of providing high quality video surveillance and audio recording on all channels. In addition, the DVR uses the H.264 CODEC. A CODEC is a COmpression/DECompression utility used to reduce the enormous size of digital video files to make them easier to handle, view, and store. H.264 is on of the newest and most efficient CODEC available today.

This is the highest quality performance standalone DVR that we know of. It can record video and audio at resolutions up to 704 x 480 for each camera. Make no mistake; it can record 704 x 480 resolution video at 30 fps and audio for each camera simultaneously! This is ideal for casino use and other applications that require high resolution simultaneous multiple camera capture.

In addition, the Ultimate Series DVR has a built in web server. That means that anywhere there is accessibility to the internet, you can perform almost every function of the DVR remotely just by using Internet Explorer. If that’s not enough, this DVR can be set up to send you updates via e-mail to your cell phone! Plus two-way audio over the network is standard so you not only hear but can be heard. And as far as networking goes, this DVR supports up to 10 simultaneous network users.

Finally storage is accomplished with a 1 TB hard drive. If 1 TB isn’t enough, you can upgrade to up to 6 TB. In addition, this unit comes with a DVD burner for making copies and archiving stored files.

That’s why we believe that this is our best standalone surveillance system available. Try to get your PC to do that!