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Joe Shopsin


April 27, 2021


CCTV for HOA Security

TechPro Advanced Security Tech and Solutions

Techpro security products is a South Florida-based contractor that carries and installed advanced security technologies and solutions. We are highly regarded in the south Florida area for providing not only these advanced security technologies but also for our ongoing product support service and quality of installation. security is incredibly important to any business or residence. not only is the value of your home, place of work, safety, and property important- but even the peace of mind from simply knowing you’re protected. Everyone deserves to feel and know they are safe at home, at work, or even as guests in someone else’s place of business or home. That’s why TechPro Security is here to ensure you not only get the best, most advanced security tech, but that it is properly installed, set up, and you know how to use it. So what kinds of technologies are currently available, and how can they help to secure your home or workplace?

Closed Circuit Television, also known as security or surveillance camera systems, is an integral part of ensuring the safety of any given location. firstly cameras themselves are placed strategically to cover important locations and key critical access points across the property. This has two effects. The first is coverage and visual recording of these important places criminals, vandals, or other issues are more likely to arise. Additionally having visible cameras in these key areas acts as a deterrent. Knowing there being filmed tends to make potential crimiansl think twice about committing a crime.  We also carry the newest most powerful CCTV tech from our distribution partner- Avigilon.

Access Control-
Card readers, pin pads, keypads, thumbprint readers, magnetic locks, and strikes, all sound like something out of a government facility- but in reality, these are all very real accessible, and everyday used access control products. TechPro can help take the entry/exist security of your building to a whole new level. First, we install a central access control station on-site and connect it to every other AC device at the location. This includes all the locks and readers mention above, as well as your local computer network. From a central PC, running the appropriate software, users can be added, deleted, schedules can be set, and each door access credentials dynamically and automatically controlled by the administrator.

None of these techs should be installed by a DIY enthusiast, but rather trained security contractors and professionals like TechPro. this is due to the amount of knowledge in construction modification, electrical, pc networking, alarm, and CCTV tech is needed to properly, safely, and cleanly install and set up this type of equipment.

The above are just some of many examples. This kind of hardware always requires some kind of construction modification and we never recommend you try to set up a system like this without hiring an access control installer. For more info on how you can achieve total security, call TechPro today!

Don’t DIY or call just anyone…

…Let the Pros handle it- Techpro!

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