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Benefits of CCTV Systems in Discouraging Retail Shoplifting


Damon Delcoro


August 23, 2013


Benefits of CCTV Systems in Discouraging Retail ShopliftingCCTV systems can come in handy in practically any setting. They are particularly essential in certain types of environments, like retail stores. You have put a lot of your hard work and effort into your business, and you don’t want to lose any of your hard-earned money. Although you will have to shell out some of your business-related money in order to invest in a CCTV system, the benefits of CCTV systems in discouraging retail shoplifting are more than worth the cost.

The Vast Majority of Thieves Don’t Want to Get Caught

Most shoplifters, petty thieves and renegade employees set their sights on businesses they don’t think will catch them, businesses that don’t have CCTV systems in place.

With CCTV cameras placed in noticeable spots and proper signage informing everyone in the store that the premises is under surveillance, not every potential thief will be scared off by your surveillance cameras, many of them will.

In order to successfully confront someone about theft, you will need proof. CCTV can provide this proof.

Make Things Easier on Your Employees

Your employees have a pretty busy day when working at your retail store between handling customers, putting away stock, etc. , but you expect them to keep an eye out for shoplifters as well. You can make things both easier and safer on your employees if you install CCTV cameras. Your employees can simply watch your monitors instead of trying to follow every suspicious individual around your store. This can be a lot safer for employees, especially if they are dealing with a violent or highly upset individual. It can also help them catch any shoplifting that they might have otherwise missed.

Use Your CCTV System for Other Purposes As Well

There are many other benefits as well. With a CCTV surveillance camera system in place, however, you will have the opportunity to keep an eye on your employees and to spot out those who just aren’t doing their jobs.

You will also be able to see the goings and comings of your customers and can look for certain patterns that can help you conduct business in a more effective or efficient manner. You will also make them feel much safer and more secure , especially in potentially darker areas like your parking lot. You might even find that the company that offers you insurance for your business will be willing to give you a rate reduction for taking these precautions, saving you money in the long run.

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