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Do You Need a Camera Installation Service?


Damon Delcoro


November 17, 2017


TechPro Security is a professional CCTV and security camera installation service. We are located in Boca Raton, FL and are security experts that continue leading the surveillance industry. We partner with other security companies to offer our customers a thorough security camera installation service and provide personalized estimates and technical support for our customers. Our team of expert industry professionals is experienced in commercial and residential properties.

Camera Installation Service


Different Types of our Security Camera Installation Service:
Camera Installation Service

  • Security Cameras-
    • Our professional team of security professionals offers a complete CCTV and security camera installation service that addresses all of the different areas involved in surveillance systems. As a leading security camera installation service our obvious primary focus is the installation of CCTV security cameras for residential and commercial properties. We also perform repair and maintenance work for already existing surveillance systems and advise our customers on how to fully realize their security system.
    • Our security camera installation service extends to access control and alarm systems. We provide a variety of different deals for our security camera installation service, all dependent on the size of the surveillance system you need. Some of our options include the following:
      • 4 Camera Security System w/ Installation Included
      • 8 Camera Security System w/ Installation Included
      • 16 Camera Security System w/ Installation Included
    • Depending on the size of your property it can take as few as one of our industry professionals to complete our security camera installation service. We provide free estimates and quotes for our installation service and partner with leading wholesale security equipment distributors Security Camera King to get your new surveillance system at the lowest available price. This also includes all of the necessary accessories that round out a complete surveillance system such as Digital Video Records (DVR), Network Video Recorders (NVR), video cables, etc.
  • Access Control Systems-
    • Access control systems are a number lock that provides access to your property without you having to leave a door unlocked. The main advantage is to give any visitors to your home or business entry without a key. One of the most commonly seen uses for this are in gated communities or apartment complexes. This is done with a series of circuit boards within the access control panel and can be optimized to work with keypads, key cards, or stickers.
    • One of our other security partners uses the advancement in security technology to work as a virtual doorman through their remote monitoring service. Digital Security Guard is a security guard company that provides a remote monitoring service for any surveillance system with a network connection.
  • Security Alarm-
    • TechPro Security provides alarm installation and monitoring services for commercial or residential purposes. Alarm systems are seen as both criminal activity deterrents and effective ways to deliver quick responses in case of intrusions to your property. With our alarm installation services, we also provide technical support for the lifespan of your system. Our highly knowledgeable industry professionals can help show you the best way to get the most from installing a new alarm system. Alarm systems now can include motion detectors, door sensors, and window sensors which can alert a security monitoring company or send notifications directly to your mobile device. It also allows your surveillance system to notify the proper authorities and have them dispatched to your property.
  • Networking-Camera Installation Service
    • With the modern advancement of security cameras and surveillance equipment, the ability to connect over networks is one of the latest innovations in the security industry. This option comes with all new security cameras and surveillance equipment and is a necessary part of a modern surveillance system. TechPro Security employs a team of security professionals that brings a camera installation service to our South Florida community that includes implementing a new network design and connection. This means securing your network system to prevent hackers from accessing your security footage stored on your digital or network video recorders.
  • Audio / Video-
    • Another aspect of our installation services at TechPro Security is our ability to set up outdoor audio systems for commercial and residential properties. These installations need to be properly weatherproofed and positioned in a way that the sounds resonate evenly throughout your space. Our installation industry professionals know how to target specific zones for the most optimal position to ensure sound clarity. We even provide a home media installation service for our customers that includes an indoor audio system installation.
  • Smart Home-
    • With smartphone applications and AI systems like Google Home, our homes are more connected than ever. If you are having difficulty setting up your smart devices or can’t get them to connect properly then let our installation team help get everything operating as smoothly as it was designed to. We have the ability to demonstrate these Smart Home setups for you if you are still considering the option to change over and know the best way to centralize the overall control of your electronics, appliances, and other electronic systems.
  • Landscape Lighting-
    • The installation of landscape lighting can be an arduous process that deals with underground wires and proper placement. Our installation team has experience in setting these systems up for commercial and residential properties and are knowledgeable in landscape and architectural lighting. We have been performing this service for ten years in our Boca Raton and South Florida communities.

Who is TechPro Security?

TechPro Security is an installation company that is licensed with an electrical contractor license that has been operating for a decade. We are centrally located in Boca Raton, FL and provide a complete camera installation service for customers in need of a new surveillance system or overdue for regular maintenance or repairs. Visit our website at TechPro Security for more information about our services and Contact Us with any additional questions you have so that we can help you with your next installation.

Camera Installation Service