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Security Camera Installation Company Near Me


Skyler Libkie


September 28, 2023


Security Camera Installation Company Near Me

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your home or business, choosing the right security solutions is crucial. One common search query is “Security Camera Installation Company Near Me,” but it’s imperative to select a service that not only meets your immediate needs but also offers long-term reliability. That’s where TechPro Security steps in, providing comprehensive security solutions for both commercial and residential settings.

Extensive Experience and Expertise

TechPro Security Products has garnered a reputation for being a reliable Security Camera Installation Company Near Me, thanks to its extensive experience and expertise. Serving South Florida since 2007, TechPro tailors its security systems to fit your specific requirements, whether you need security cameras, access control, or an alarm system.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

When you hire TechPro Security, you’re investing in peace of mind. We are a fully:

  • Licensed (Electrical Contractor License – EC13003850)
  • Bonded
  • Insured installation company

This ensures that all installations are compliant with industry regulations, adding an extra layer of trust and reliability.

Direct-from-Supplier and Lifetime Support

When you choose TechPro, you’re buying directly from the security supplier. What’s more, we offer:

  • Lifetime free technical support, open from 9am – 8pm EST
  • Free loaner program for warranty issues, ensuring no downtime
  • Free phone apps for Android and Apple devices to monitor your security system

Tailored Security Services

TechPro Security offers a diverse range of services to meet all your safety needs:

  • Security Camera and Access Control Systems
  • Burglar Alarm Systems
  • Networking / IT Services
  • Complete Security Consultation and Design
  • Home Automation
  • Low Voltage Wiring

Personalized Installation Services

Our professional contractors are skilled in crafting complete security systems, from alarm systems to video surveillance. The type of installation depends on the job:

  • Residential: A typical installation for home security can usually be undertaken by a single-man install team, ideal for a single family home up to two stories.
  • Commercial: For businesses, we recommend a floorplan overview and/or site survey. Standard equipment used can include a security recorder (DVR/NVR), CCTV Security cameras, access control panels, and more.

During our initial walkthrough, we address all security requests, providing a comprehensive consultation and estimate to meet your budget and security requirements.

Your Next Step for Complete Security

By now, it should be clear that TechPro Security is the go-to Security Camera Installation Company Near Me that offers comprehensive, reliable, and tailor-made security solutions. Don’t hesitate—secure your peace of mind today.

Call us directly to discuss your security needs and set up a personalized consultation. We’re committed to offering the very best to safeguard your home or business.

With TechPro, you’re not just installing a security system; you’re investing in a safer future.

Security Camera Installation Company Near Me

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